How to Start a Career from Scratch to Finish in Nigeria.

How to Start a Career from Scratch to Finish in Nigeria. 

Starting a career from scratch

Have you been wondering how you could get your life started? Perhaps it’s high time you started your career! Today I am going to show you how to start your career from scratch to finish in Nigeria.

More than a million Nigerians find it difficult to actually achieve their long awaiting dream!

The issue of startup capital is just part of the caveat.

There also comes a variety of challenges, such as, making plans and successfully carrying it out.

Starting your life career from scratch (day 1) and seeing it grow is one big problem that everyone encounters.

It’s always easier said than done.

But who says you can’t?

Today I am going to give you a surefire near-perfect formula to start your business career from the very scratch to the finishing line.

I will need you to hang around with me for a couple of minutes because I will be giving you every detail there is about starting your life/business career in Nigeria.

Who is this guide for?

This Article you’re about reading is for someone who has failed intermittently in Life and will want to start again from scratch.

This guide is also for someone (Probably a young adult) who is just about to start his/her life career.

What age group you fall in does not matter, as long as you’re above 18, then you’re qualified to start your life career. So, sit down right relaxed, cross your leg but don’t cross your mind and enjoy this session with me.

But listen, If you are not yet sure whether you’re ready to start a career, you may want to consult Dayo Adetiloye ( Nigerian Business, and Career Coach)

This would Help: Guidelines to Choose a career in Nigeria

If you are cocksure that you’re ready to start your life career then why don’t we get this career coaching session started! Shall we?

Remember this:

” A career is what you do as a person to earn a living, it’s an occupation undertaken for a significant period of life”

 And with that, I should let you know that a career is not a start and stop kind of stuff, its something you must live on for a long period, perhaps your career is your entire life purpose.

It’s quite important that we had to raise this subject here at “Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub” because we have seen countless youths failing over and over in life.

Career is not all about picking one job you meet on your way and that is it, you think your life is on point.

Nah! Career is something more than that, let’s just say that we are talking about that point of life where you are the most respected in your field.

The Boss, the best, and the most superior.

That stuff where your whole essence of life seems to be more involved in.

Day and Night, that is where you Belong.

That is exactly where you become the popular person you want to be, make money have your own family, and just live a cool life.

That is the perfect definition of a career.

So don’t tell me, whatever job you pick around is a career, its more in-depth than you can conceptualize.

All things being equal, I think it’s high time to start the life you have been dreaming of, it may be the life you never imagined.

But I believe it will eventually make you be who you want.

So, below is a step by step approach to starting your career from day one to finish.

1. Start with A Dream:

From a mental image of concept, a career is actualized.

Whatever did not come as a result of dreaming deep is not fit to be called a career.

It’s a business.

Excuse me, a career is not a business. Confused right!

Alright, Keep reading.

The fact that a career cannot come to existence without a dream is not a suggestion, it is a fact.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t have a career unless you imagine it first.”

Food for thought:

How Possible can you build a house without a Plan and structure first laid down?

Impossible, that is why one needs an architect

Without a plan, a building cannot stand.

Without a Dream, a Career cannot start.

So, it’s safe to say that your career is the life you dream off every night and day.

Hey, don’t get me wrong!

In a lay man’s language career is a job you do for a living.

That is what everyone sees it as.

But do you know that over one billion business fails in yearly bases?

Yes, a business fails.

Do you know people who have a Job lose it? Or maybe get sacked?

You know why?

Very simple, there is no logic behind it, it’s clear and from my point of rationalism, any Job where you’re being controlled by others is not a career, instead; you are supporting others career.

Yes, think over it.

Assuming you get fired, what do you have left? Zero.

So a Job is not a career, that is a big misconception in among Nigerians and the world at large.

Your career is yours, you can’t get fired, and no one controls you.

Before you can start your own career, the following must be met.

(a) It must be well planned

(b) It must be a long-term goal

(b) It must be able to stand the test of time

(b) It must not die in the long run.

Yea, for all these to fall in place you have to Dream first.

Dreaming career

Get it right before you start your career in Nigeria, remember, it must be well dreamed and must be from your subconscious mind.

How to Dream Your Career.

In order to dream your career, all you need to do is feel the pain around your heart.

What makes you feel like the best person in the world?

What makes you feel like a King in your own dream!

Look me in the eyes and tell me!

 Your dream doesn’t have to make sense. Because out of every nonsense, there is a sense.

No dream is worthless, but if you have a problem dreaming a good life you will really have a hard time starting the perfect career.

So start dreaming.

2. Map your dream:

Planning your career from scratch

Look at what Angelina Jolie said to herself;

 ” Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.”

A map path finds a dream! It’s like a guiding spirit.

If you venture into life without a map, you will get lost and get mixed with the wrong people.

But with a map, even if you get lost, you can find your way back.

Look at Men who have made it today.

Bishop David Oyedepo – The man who started a church with just five people which is now one of the most popular churches in Nigeria. ( A dream built out of nothing)

Career building in Nigeria

Aliko Dangote – One of the most successful Entrepreneurs in Nigeria whose service in Nigeria cannot be lived without (A dream built out of nothing)

Aliko dangote career expert

Neil Patel: An American based entrepreneur and one of the most highly respected Digital Marketer in the world.

Neil career success

They are too numerous to mention,  think about, Mike Adenuga, Theophilus Danjuma, and many others.

All these great men could have missed their dreams if they had no map.

Take time and read their success stories.

Once again, ask yourself why most great people fail!

In a nutshell, for you to become that person you dream off, then you must draw your life map.

A map is a written plan or strategic structure of how you will achieve your dream.

How to Draw a Map for your Dream.

Think about your dream again.

The next thing to do is to get a writable piece and write it down.

Write it as it flows from you. 

What do you want to be?

Write it out.

Why do you want to be what you want to be?

Write it out.

How long would it take to be what you want to be?

Write it out.

After that, move to the most major part.

Now that you have written what you want to achieve, and you know how long it will take you. Write the exact steps you will take from day one to the finishing line.

How do you intend to start?

Plan it all out with intelligence.


3. Get a Mentor;

Now you have a dream, and you have drawn a map (plan) for the dream.

What next?

It is not time to start your career.

No! No! Your career startup must not be rushed.

You need to ensure your foundation is solid enough before you start pursuing your life career.

The next thing to do is to find a mentor.

I do not know how much I can emphasize on this, but this is where I see many Nigerians deteriorate.

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Obviously, no one cares about the guidance of others.

You believe everything will be perfect in your own way.

Life doesn’t work that way.

I wouldn’t have been where I am today if I had no mentor.

For crying out loud; “Experience” is the best teacher, get that in your head.

You don’t know everything, people have passed through that road you’re about to pass.

You can save yourself from mistakes by learning from them.

My dad was my best friend he was my greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband, and friend.

Each time I made mistakes or sailed on the wrong path, he would call me and caution me.

A mentor is someone who truly cares for you and who will look after your interests, it maybe someone you have never met though.

Whichever way, get someone to light your path, it’s the most crucial stage in starting a career from scratch.

4. Run a Practical Test:

When a new Automobile or a machine is built, it cannot enter the market until it’s perfectly tested.

The same thing applies to your career.

This is another big reason people fail in their career.

Never start your career in full scale without an initial test to assure you, you’re on track.

I reiterate, Never start your career, without testing to see if it can stand the test of time.

How do you test your career!

What I mean by to test your career, is to try something out just on a small scale.

For example, you are planning to start a Blogging Career.

You can test if it is meant for you by stating with a Facebook page or a group, run it as good as you can and see how people interact with you.

Next, you can start with the free platform like blogger, do the basic things and start blogging on the free platform.

Check how things go, after two to three months, and you see that it would be great for you.

After that, then you can risk whatever it takes to get your career started.

People who fail to this will encounter challenges and when things they did not expect start showing up they will give up.

“A pilot always Check weather conditions before flying a plane” 

” A sailor/captain always check weather conditions before sailing a boat/ship”

If he doesn’t, he may get stuck in the middle of the sea.

Always check the weather conditions by running a practical test before you kick start your career.

5. Learn About all you need:

If you’re fully assured that you’re in the right place, the next step is to learn.

Mentorship alone won’t do!

To suffice your dream, you need to acquire more knowledge.

The more knowledgeable you are about what you want to be, the more successful you will be.

Most times, you will have tough times even at the very beginning where you are trying to start your career.

You will have no one to turn to or seek advice from.

All you need is knowledge and everything would be perfect.

Every successful person, most especially the successful entrepreneurs you see in different aspect of life, they had all put in their best to learn as much as they can, and they are using that knowledge to guide themselves.

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You can’t survive in your career if what you know about it is too shallow.

If Blogging is your career! Learn everything under the sun about blogging.

6. Pray for success:

Life is very tough.

Things will be complicated in most levels.

No matter what situation here is the key; WORK AND PRAY!

Before your dream can be fully actualized, you must commit it in prayer.

Thousands of people don’t give a damn about this.

But always remember this. 

“God qualifies the unqualified and unqualifies the qualified ( that don’t believe in him).

You need God in your career journey and it’s a fact that I cannot cover.

There is a distinction between every single person in the business industry today.

Look at it this way:

Do you know a bird can fly without flapping its wings even higher than the one flapping its wings?

Yes, most people have to flap their wings (work hard) before they achieve success.

But you can be different, even without flapping your wings, Prayer will lift you high and make you different.

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7. Seek Peoples advice;

God can use anyone to help you start your career from scratch until you finish.

Oh yes! You need people’s opinion about the dream you’re having.

Sensible people, not dream killers.

As much as it wise to seek peoples advice, remember to always take advice with a pinch of salt.

Not everything they say must be done, the best advice should come from your instinct, but you can always learn one or two from others.

8. Raise Capital:

This is the most challenging stage of starting a career in Nigeria.

Especially for those who were not born with a silver spoon.

But look here, it doesn’t matter if you have enough capital or not.

Most people started from nothing, that is what we mean by starting a career from scratch (out of nothing ) to finish ( into something )

I have seen so many instances of people starting their life as a nobody to become a somebody too.

If Dayo Adetiloye did it, you can do it.

If Neil Patel did it, you can do it.

If David Oyedepo did it, you can do it.

Finance has killed many dreams, it has kept many people behind the bar.

It has limited careers.

It has stopped a lot of people from becoming who they wanted to be.

I know, but it doesn’t matter, you can be different.

If you have the capital good for you. If you don’t, you can still do it.

Use what you have to get what you want.

That is it, start on a small scale, and you will surely grow and out of nothing you will become a somebody.


Remember to subscribe to our blog, we have more tips for you on how to build your career.

Remember that a career is not a business nor a job, it’s your life purpose and more like your lifestyle.

Ensure you don’t live anyone’s dream.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

You can succeed even if you don’t have enough capital to start your career in Nigeria.

You will encounter so many challenges but remember God is your strength.

Somehow down the line, the competition around will lay you down in your chosen career, be bold and face it.

I love to compete and that is my life essence.

Also, Remember that Education is quite important if you want to build a solid career.

See ” How to Gain Admission no matter what“,  For complete steps to get a degree in Nigeria to support your career.

Ensure you choose a good course to study at the University that relates to your chosen career.

Nevertheless, Success is not limited to education all you need is to dream and you will go far.

Article by Osas Divine

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