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My journey into the blogging world started 7 years ago.

I have flair for youth entrepreneurship ever since I was a teenager which was as a result of being a successful serial entrepreneur. ,

During my National youth service, I published a book about student entrepreneurship.

The purpose is to encourage the student in higher institutions to imbibe the spirit and practice of entrepreneurship while in school.

The world we are now, especially in Nigeria, University can’t completely prepare the student for job responsibilities ahead in the market.

They have to develop their minds, understand what is currently selling in the market and build their academic career towards it.

Thus, they will be suitable to enter the market with a great advantage to keep developing and selling themselves.

So I started my business blogging sharing information about this book (Unleashing your entrepreneurial potential) and the general topic: youth entrepreneurship.

Dayo Adetiloye at a training

A few months later, an opportunity for business plan writing came and it ignites my journey into the world of business plan and management consulting.

That’s how I started and build an 8-figure monthly income business blogging.

Through this successful journey, I worked with an online marketing consultant and coach – Mr Adekunle Kazeem.

With Mr Kazeem, we will guide you on how to build a successful business blogging.

He is a digital marketing consultant, coach and mentor with over 10 years of experience, especially in business blogging.

To get started, download this short report: 7 Strategies Secrets of Successful Millionaire Bloggers.

This short report you are about to read is the manual for my business blogging success.

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