25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer is a versatile and eco-friendly agricultural product that offers a wide range of benefits for plants, soil, and the environment.

Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer which was developed to ensure the enhancement of your crops and agricultural productivity both in quality and quantity. It is a natural fertilizer that will increase your agricultural yield more than three times what you would get from synthetic or chemical fertilizer.

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

Super Gro’s special formula reduces the natural surface tension of water, Super Gro is a multi-purpose surfactant that makes water “wetter”. Ensures optimal soil penetration. Reduces run-off and evaporation. Enhances the benefits of plant foods and fertilisers mixed with the water. Results in the plants making better use of the water provided to them, supporting better growth. 


To oTo order Super Gro on phone, please call +2348059199043 or WhatsApp +2348130901334


How it Works: Acts as an emulsifier to disperse oils. As a wetting agent to reduce the surface tension of water. As a spreader for better plant coverage. As a sticker, which helps plant treatments stick to leaf surfaces. As a dispersing agent to ensure particles of plant treatments remain in solution longer and spread more easily.


Our Solution Versatile and economical. Optimises the use of water and enhances the performance of associated plant treatments (used as per the manufacturer’s recommendations) enabling Super Gro to perform a wide variety of functions. Concentrated. A little goes a long way. Effective. Super Gro maximises the benefits achieved from any watering efforts. Easy to use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Tolerates temperature variations. Long shelf-life. Non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.



How to use Super Gro Mix in a ratio of 1:1,000. 1ml of Super Gro per litre (1,000ml) of water; 5ml of Super Gro per 5 litres (5,000ml) of water; 20ml of Super Gro per 20 litres (20,000ml) of water. Manual watering: Fill a container with water, add Super Gro and agitate gently. Automated watering. (Irrigation system): Add Super Gro to the water reservoir in the appropriate ratio.


Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human and plants. Super Gro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it is 100% safe to use on any vegetables or crop. Super Gro can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable and even grass that require fertilization.


Super Gro was started about fifteen years ago on the West Coast of South Africa. Its main ingredient being seabird guano gets collected from eight different sites along the West Coast under supervision of the South African Nature Conservation, to ensure that all of the birds and their nesting sites stay protected and minimal disturbance takes place.

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

To order Super Gro on phone, please call +2348059199043 or WhatsApp +2348130901334


Here are 25 key advantages of using Super Gro in your gardening or farming endeavors:

  1. Improved Plant Growth: Super Gro enhances plant growth, leading to healthier and more vigorous plants.
  2. Increased Crop Yield: The use of Super Gro often results in higher crop yields, making it a valuable choice for farmers.
  3. Organic and Environmentally Friendly: It is 100% organic, making it safe for the environment and free from harmful chemicals.
  4. Soil Health: Super Gro improves soil structure and fertility, promoting long-term soil health.
  5. Nutrient Enrichment: It enriches the soil with essential nutrients, ensuring that plants have access to the nutrition they need.
  6. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Super Gro facilitates better absorption of nutrients by plants, leading to optimal growth.
  7. pH Balance: Helps to maintain the ideal pH levels in the soil for various types of plants.
  8. Water Retention: Super Gro helps the soil retain water, reducing the need for frequent irrigation.
  9. Reduced Water Usage: Using Super Gro allows you to save water while keeping your plants well-hydrated.
  10. Improved Root Development: Stronger and healthier root systems result from using Super Gro.
  11. Pest and Disease Resistance: Healthier plants are more resilient to pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemical treatments.
  12. Accelerated Seed Germination: Super Gro can speed up the germination process, leading to quicker plant establishment.
  13. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and ornamental plants.
  14. Compatible with Other Inputs: Super Gro can be used alongside other fertilizers or pesticides, enhancing their effectiveness.
  15. Reduced Chemical Dependency: By promoting organic farming practices, Super Gro reduces the reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  16. Environmentally Sustainable: Super Gro contributes to sustainable agriculture by minimizing the negative impact on ecosystems.
  17. Increased Farm Profitability: Higher crop yields and reduced input costs can lead to greater profitability for farmers.
  18. Improved Plant Quality: It enhances the overall quality of harvested crops, making them more marketable.


To order Super Gro on phone, please call +2348059199043 or WhatsApp +2348130901334


  1. Reduced Runoff Pollution: Super Gro helps prevent nutrient runoff into water bodies, reducing water pollution.
  2. Enhanced Flower and Fruit Production: Gardeners will notice increased flower and fruit production in ornamental and fruit-bearing plants.
  3. Extended Plant Lifespan: Super Gro can prolong the lifespan of plants, including perennials and trees.
  4. Cost-Effective: Over time, Super Gro can save you money by reducing the need for additional fertilizers and water.
  5. Easy Application: It’s easy to mix and apply, making it accessible for both small-scale gardeners and large-scale farmers.
  6. Sustainable Agriculture: Super Gro aligns with sustainable farming practices, promoting long-term agricultural viability.
  7. Global Food Security: By increasing crop yields and improving soil health, Super Gro contributes to global food security by helping meet the growing demand for food.
25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

25 Benefits of Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer and how to buy it in Nigeria

To order Super Gro on phone, please call +2348059199043 or WhatsApp +2348130901334

Incorporating Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer into your gardening or farming practices can lead to numerous benefits, from healthier plants to environmental sustainability. Its versatility and ability to promote organic and sustainable agriculture make it a valuable tool for growers of all scales.

How to Use Super Gro Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Now that you’re aware of the incredible benefits Super Gro offers, let’s discuss how to use it effectively in your garden:

  1. Dilution: Super Gro should be diluted before application. Mix 1 ml of Super Gro with 1 liter of water for general use. For more specific guidelines, consult the product’s instructions.
  2. Application: Apply the diluted Super Gro to the base of your plants, ensuring the roots can absorb the nutrients. Avoid direct contact with leaves or stems to prevent any potential damage.
  3. Frequency: The frequency of application depends on your specific plants and their growth stage. Generally, apply Super Gro every 2-4 weeks during the growing season for best results.
  4. Compatibility: Super Gro can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers or pesticides. However, always test compatibility on a small scale before applying widely.

To order Super Gro on phone, please call +2348059199043 or WhatsApp +2348130901334



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