8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria


8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

When it comes to the writing business plans in Nigeria, there are many things people do not consider. Sometimes, folks think that just anybody can go ahead to write one. They think that the writing of a business plan is something which should be taken lightly and that anything is permissible when such documents are prepared. However, the reverse is the case and the truth is writing a business plan should be, both as a matter of principle and practice, left in the hands of professional consultants.


Professional business plan consultants are the ones who understand the technical rudiments of writing such a document and will be able to deliver excellence as at when due on both quantity and quality. We, Dayo Adetiloye Business Bub, offer the best services in business plan and feasibility study writing which you can take advantage of today!


A business plan for a business is what a Holy Book is to your personal religion. This is the singular most important document that you should prepare when starting a business. And if you happen to be raising funds, you definitely cannot do without having a business plan.


So who qualifies to write a business plan for you? The obvious answer is a consultant! The business plan consultant must be an expert who is able to be able to evaluate the various indices and put them together in order for a would-be financier to make decisions as regards how much you should get or otherwise.

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

So today, you will permit me to blow our horns a little. I started Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub in 2012 as a university student with the intention of sharing my Book, Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential For African Students  with a wider audience. But today, we have grown to become one of the best business blogs in the world with readership from over 15 countries including the US, UK, Australia and several African countries (You can read a free review of the “Unleashing” book here). In a subsequent article, I will be writing about our success story but permit me to share on the principles that have helped us till date.


So here are the characteristics you should look out for as you make a decision as regards who should write a business plan for you.

  1. Friendliness: Is the business plan consultant friendly? How does he or she relate with people? This is not because you are searching for a practical joker rather it is have an indication of how you will be made to feel during the entire business plan writing period. The attitude of the said consultants will tell you how best he or she is able to work with others to be able to deliver the results that you need. When the writing of a business plan is concerned, you will have several reasons to communicate with the consultant, so you must ensure that person is someone you are very cool with.


  1. Professionalism: The level of professionalism of the business plan consultant should be high enough for him/her to know what s/he is writing. Business plan consultants in Nigeria are meant to know exactly what they are talking about. They should have a good command of terms used in the business world. If you write the business plan by yourself as a layman, you may not be able to get the required feel for the project even though you may have the passion for it. A good business plan consultants should have such. They know what financiers are looking for and they ultimately give it to them in a way and manner that is appealing enough for such financiers to be able to take a decision which would be in the favor of the client.


  1. Technical expertise: When considering hiring the services of a business plan consultant in Nigeria, technical expertise is something which must be sought out for. From technical expertise in the field of finance, marketing and HR to the required entrepreneurial abilities, a business plan consultants must be vast and sufficiently skilled. He must be able to show proficiency in managing businesses. Technical expertise in a business plan consultant in Nigeria shows that even you as a client can indeed hire the best to get the best.


  1. Acceptance: Is the business plan consultant in Nigeria well accepted? Doe he or she have the required pull which will span across cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds? The ability of a business plan consultant in Nigeria to be accepted by all and sundry especially within his or her circle of friends and associates can depict to some extent the quality of work that would emanate from such a person. This acceptance that is being considered depicts the persons’ adaptability and flexibility to different kinds of settings and situations. Of course, acceptance from diverse people cannot be equated to expertise when it comes to writing professional business plans. But it is quite indicative of the consultants’ ability to be flexible and interact with people different from him, if need be, for complex projects of which yours may be one.


  1. Previous successes: Does the business plan consultant in Nigeria have any previous successes he or she can refer you to? Are there people whose experience of working with him or her was on a positive note? This is important because you do not want to pay a consultant who does not know his or her onions. That would be literally throwing away money which could have had better uses elsewhere. Hiring a business plan consultant who has a track record of success is especially important for those who are starting new businesses. This will give you the necessary confidence boost which you may require as lack of confidence is usually one of the fundamental problems why startups and their founders are denied funding. Previous successes also give value to whatsoever work the business plan consultant may be doing for you. Besides, the business pan consultant which you are hiring may have contacts which would prove to be critical to your success later on.
8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

  1. Insight: One way to find out if the business plan consultant is insightful is to note if he or she is known to ask questions. The reason is because consultants usually ask questions in order for them to be able to solve the problems of their clients. When choosing a business plan consultant in Nigeria, you must be able to observe if he or she asks questions and if those questions lead to insight. During your initial conversations with him or her, you will be able to find out as you’re the one who will be asked the required questions. Another test of insight is the choice of words which the business plan consultant speaks. Are they consistent with your industry? Does the consultant possess the required insider information which would give him or her the ability to interpret your dream on paper? These are the questions which only you can answer when meeting with such a consultant.


  1. Ability to learn: Any business plan consultant in Nigeria worth his or her salt must as a matter of fact be willing to learn quickly and effectively. This will aid the process of writing business plans which such a person may not be familiar with at first but can work with further down the line. Learning is an indication that such an individual is ready to work with anyone to achieve the ultimate goal of the setting up of the business.


  1. Continuous Support: The ability of the business plan consultant in Nigeria to offer continuous support to his or her clients should be taken as the hallmark in excellence as regards consulting. After the business plan has been written and credit has been successfully granted to the client, will the business plan consultant give the client further information after launch? This question is the singular most important question to ask when choosing a business plan consultant in Nigeria.


There are many people who claim to be business plan consultants in Nigeria but it is only few who are the cream of the crop and who may pass the acid test of the points outlined above. Few people realize that business plan writing is a critically important skill and that not everyone possesses this skill set.

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

8 Features to look out For in Business Plan Consultants in Nigeria

We, Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub, take our time to ensure we deliver the best in the mechanics and intricacies of business plan writing services in Nigeria. We presently have over 600 business plan summaries and more than 100 business plan templates that you can download immediately. Find our business plan here at our shop. Our business plan writing services cover almost every area of entrepreneurship which you can take distinct advantage of if you take action today!

If you want to make an order for a custom-made business plan, you can call any of our consultants on 08105636015 or 08076359735 or send an email to dayohub@gmail.com . You sure will find our services appropriate for your need.




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