Animal Feeds Companies in Nigeria

Animal Feeds Companies in Nigeria

Animal Feeds Companies in Nigeria

Just like human well-being depends on food (balanced diet), animal well-being is highly dependent on feed that reflects well-balanced nutrition. Animal feeds are food grown or developed for livestock and poultry. Animals, in general, require the same nutrients as humans.


Some feeds, such as pasture grasses, hay and silage crops, and certain cereal grains, are grown specifically for animals. The basic nutrients that animals require for maintenance, growth, reproduction, and good health include carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and water.


With a large variety of livestock, there must also be a large variety of feed to accommodate their individual needs. There are three major types of feed used by farmers, each with its uses and benefits.


  • Feedstuffs

One of the most common feeds used by commercial farmers is Feedstuffs. Also known as compound feeds, they are blends of various additives and raw materials formulated to suit the intended animal specifically. They are often produced as crumbles. Like modern vitamins with humans, they can be used to either satisfy the complete nutritional requirements of their target animals or as a supplement to other staples of the animals’ diets. They are often complemented with extra vitamins and minerals.

  • Fodder

Fodder, another type of animal feed, is used primarily to feed domesticated livestock such as goats, sheep, cattle, horses, and pigs. Fodder refers particularly to foods or forages given to the animals (including plants cut and carried to them), rather than what they look for themselves. It is typically composed of plant matter like hay, straw, and grains. The term is used to describe plants given to the animals after harvest, which contrasts with forage, as will be explained below.

  • Forage

Forage is plant matter grown in a confined area to graze upon by various livestock. It can be composed of legumes, grasses, corn, oats, alfalfa, and other edible plants. Eating or grazing upon the plant matter is known as foraging. Historically, forage means plants eaten by the animals directly as pasture, crop residue, or immature cereal crops.


Animal Feed Companies in Nigeria

Animal feed companies in Nigeria believe that the balanced feeding of animals promotes the well-being of the livestock, improves the economics of animal production, and makes the use of nutrients more efficient so that the environmental effects of production are reduced. Below are some of the animal feed companies in Nigeria.


1. Livestock Feeds Plc

Livestock Feeds produces and distributes animal feeds; feed concentrates and full-fat soya. More recently, the company expanded its offering to include vaccines. Livestock Feeds geographic strength is in southwest Nigeria.


2. Grand Cereals Limited

Grand Cereals is a leading producer of cereals, edible oils, poultry feed and fish feed. The company has production and distribution facilities in Nigeria’s North and South East parts. Grand Cereals owns a portfolio of strong brands, including Grand and Vital.


3. Konet Mills Limited

Konet Mills Limited is an agricultural company and a manufacturer of Floursal Plantain flour and stellar feeds, natural-based poultry and will soon start producing fish feed used by poultry and fish. It is located at Plot 205 chokota road, off Igbo-etche Road, Igbo-etche, Rivers State.


4. T J Top Feed Limited

TJ Farm is located at No 9, Omachi Street, Rumu Odomaya, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. They deal with a day chicks point of lay, or three weeks boiler and other types.


5. Proscar Company Nigeria LTD

It is located at No 370, Benin Abraka road b/c, Benin City, Edo State. Proscar company Nigeria limited is into the sales and production of Agricultural products such as animal feeds, raw materials, suppliers of Day Old Chicks, Turkey Poult, Veterinary Drug, Eggs Trays, and so on.


6. Rico Gado Nutrition

It is located at Km 36 Yola Numan Road, Yola, Adamawa. It was founded more than forty years ago. Rico Gado is now a leading brand in the livestock feed production sector.

Animal Feeds Companies in Nigeria

7. Vital Feed

The company is located at Km 17, Zawan Roundabout, P.O.Box 13462, Jos, Plateau State. The Vital Feed brand is essential to all farmers who wish to increase their yield and productivity.


8. Fundara foods and fisheries farms

The company is located at No 7, olasoji Street oko oba agege, Lagos State. Fundara foods and fisheries farms offer a wide range of catfish products from fries, fingerlings, table sizes to brooders. They also process food crops and livestock products for human and animal consumption.


9. Zartech Ltd – Benin

It is located at No 191, Sapele Road, Ogolode Industrial Area, New Road Sapele, Benin City, Edo State. It was established in 1983 and headquartered in Ibadan with several production, distribution, sales, and retail units spread across Nigeria.



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10. Kyassou Animal Satisfaction Nigeria Limited

It is located at No. 101, Lagos road, opposite Ilorin international airport’s main gate, Ilorin Kwara state. The company deals in importing and marketing highly potent veterinary drugs with good quality feed additives such as 72% fish meal, methionine, lysine and choline chloride.


11. Boar Feeds

It is located at No 55, Arigbanla Street, Iyana Ipaja, Agege, Lagos State. Boar Feeds is the leading producer of feeds for livestock and poultry in Nigeria.


12. Top Feeds Ltd Nigeria

Plot 354, Ogorode Industrial Estate, Sapele, Delta State. Top Feeds is The No 1 Undisputed, and Largest Producer of Animal Feeds in West Africa. The company has branches in all the major regions of Nigeria and other private Jetties.


13. Amisy Machinery Co., Ltd

It is located at SOKEYUFA Building, NO.26 Jingliu Road, Lagos State. Amisy is one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters of Fish Feed Machines and Turnkey Fish Food Production Lines.


14. Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Co Plc – BAGCO

The company is located at 34 Eric Moore Road, Surulere Lagos, Lagos State. Bagco was established in Lagos in 1972 to produce bags for her parent company (Flour Mill Nigeria, Plc), but today, it has diversified its productions.


15. Thrive Agric

The company is located at No 31, 441 Crescent, CITEC Villas, Gwarimpa Abuja, Abuja. The company is a technology-driven agribusiness startup passionate about ensuring global food security and democratizing agricultural participation.

Animal Feeds Companies in Nigeria

16. Capsfeed Limited

CAPSFEED LIMITED is located at Olaogun B/Stop, Old Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo state. Capsfeed Limited is the foremost animal feed production equipment sales company in Nigeria. It specializes in the sales, installation, and servicing of feed equipment for poultry, fish and other animals.


17. Franss O. Ventures Nig. Ent.

The company is located at No 10, Osasogie Street, Off Old Road Ekiadolor Ovia North East of Edo state Nigeria, Benin City, Edo State. Frans O. Ventures Nig. Ent. is one of the leading agribusiness houses in the country. Incorporated in 11, August, 2008, under CAC with registration No 04184.


18. Novum Agric Industries Ltd.

It is located at No 38, Abuja-Keffi Rd, Karu, Keffi, Nasarawa. Novum Agric Industries Ltd, also known as Supreme Feeds, is integrated agriculture and agric-processing company.


19. Osajosy Natural Agro-Feed Resources

AGRO-FEED produced at the company is hygienic, and the product is healthy enough for animal consumption. It is located at No 3, OFURE street, behind sinaprojetti road, Ogiso quarters, off m way, Benin City, Edo State.


20. Storehouse Integrated Investment Limited

The company is located at No 4, wonwu cresent, off odilli road ph, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Storehouse Integrated Investment Ltd is one of Nigeria’s foremost agricultural product supply companies with corporate affair commission registration number RC1398457.



It is important for animals to be given proper, nutritionally balanced and adequate quantity of food. Without proper food, animals cannot grow well, cannot keep good health, or produce products and young ones properly. Hence, animal feed companies in Nigeria aim to feed livestock scientifically according to their body needs.


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