Body Guard Services Company Business Plan in Nigeria

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Business Description of Patilad Body Guard Services Company Business Plan in Nigeria

Business: Body Guard Services

Industry: Security  


Patilad Body Guard Company is a start-up security corporation offering an extensive line of security and personal protection services. Patilad Body Guard is a specialist security service dedicated to mitigating potential threats, regardless of type, at the earliest moment and lowest denominator possible. We have a proactive method, focusing on diligent mission planning, precise execution, and intelligent follow through. Our staffs at Patilad Body Guards are extremely astute, well educated, and trained to achieve the highest standards possible in multiple platforms. Our guards are multi-lingual, all are Emergency Medic certified, and each one has survived a tough, drilling selection phase where attrition often runs in excess of 75%.

We are well versed in positive interaction with other sub elements such as local police, family office, etc. Patilad Body Guard was established by a small number of highly skilled and experienced VIP security specialists from an impressive range of backgrounds and we are supported by a network of vetted suppliers, and a dynamic, close-knit and highly skilled workforce. Our reputation and legacy is built entirely around our attention to detail and investment in the correct human capital. Our close protection officers focus completely on safety, maintaining the clients’ corporate image and providing absolute peace of mind.

We at Patilad Bodyguard Solutions are obsessed with being the leaders in executive close protection and bodyguards and we employ only those that we have identified personally and who have not only the security skills  but also the social, emotional and physical skills to manage any clients’ risk scenario, and we are respected for this attitude.



We are currently upgrading our services to accommodate more clients and therefore we are in need of more materials and equipment, and a bigger office. We are still new in this business, only spent two years, but have carved a name for ourselves due to relentless hard work and diligence, coupled with excellent service. Our markup is about 33million naira and it’s projected to guarantee us a break even in the second year from disbursement. Our profits net at 25million by the middle of the third year.

Our Services

We offer international class Bodyguard Solutions with the help of well-trained operational officers. Our methodology involves a comprehensive assessment of the risks in the location and the development of a superior set of risk mitigation tools. By ensuring seamless, safe movement for executives, we ensure that they can focus on the purpose of their mission without worrying about potential threats in the destination country. 


Strike protection/security

Executive/Family assistance

Security Drivers

Elite guarding/protection

Celebrity Bodyguard Protection

Secure Transportation

Protective Security

Special event security

Estate Security

VIP & Dignitary protection

Concierge Protection


Objective Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

  • Increase client base by 400% in three years.
  • Establish our firm as the premier provider of security and protection services to our target market.
  • Recruit and retain the most qualified body guards in the industry.
  • Develop a service standard that will call the shots for others in the industry
  • Capture a 20% market share in Nigeria, in five years’ time
  • Maintain job costing that keeps margins above 70%.


Vision and Goal for the Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

To become the number one body guard company with international recognition and network achieved through commitment to excellence in the provision of excellent security services.

Mission for the Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

To consistently provide highly trained and trusted personnel with qualitative and professional security services.


Keys to Success for the Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

PATILADWONDER’s keys to success are:

  • To maintain client satisfaction at least 90%.
  • To keep overhead cost low.
  • To exhibit the highest professional standard in this industry and create a quality brand name.
  • Generating new business leads through a word-of mouth marketing that includes our clients, our agents, and our strategic partners.
  • To ensure professional marketing and presentation of services
  • To provide an active and functional website.


Management Team of the Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

OYEBADE Michael – Michael has been involved in the security industry for over 15years and was appointed to the Board of the association of the many security guards in Nigeria. Michael was the General Manager, Contracted Security Services Unit at Kings Guard. As a major user of security services, this role gave Michael an in-depth understanding of the security function from a client’s perspective. Michael also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in security electronic wholesaling, safe manufacturing and distribution, alarm monitoring and electronic solutions. Michael’s unique experience has given him unparalleled insight into all aspects of the security industry.




Dayo ADETILOYE – (B. Agric., MBA, and PMP): He has over 15 years’ experience in business management, business start-up dynamics, financial management of business and overall business growth and development. He is an alumnus of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan Atlantic University (PAU). He is our business development strategist and lead consultant.


Management experience gained for the Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

Oyebade Michael CEO, creates the vision and strategy of Patilad  Security Company. Oyebade Michael’s deep and resonating comprehension of the challenges confronting the affluent are a product of years spent on the inside, working hand in glove with multiple Ultra High Net Worth individuals, couples, and families both in Nigeria and oversees. Decades spent as bodyguard/Chief of Staff/Personal Assistant (along with Estate Manager/Yacht security and secret agent) enabled him to accrue sufficient wisdom to realize that the view from within is a far cry from the public’s perception of wealth, and that those in positions of power have unique needs and face challenges that none outside this exceptional circle will ever understand. Hence the creation of Patilad BodyGuard Services Solution, which was reverse engineered based upon the needs of real world clients. It is a niche provider, unique in the world.

By employing discrete, proactive, and highly flexible personnel who are cross trained on a variety of service platforms, Patilad Body Guard is able to invert the security pyramid in terms of creating a net asset versus debit in the discerning eyes of our clientele. The biggest payoff is for the CEO’s and selected individuals who consider “the world” their conference room. Accompanied by our quiet professionals, these executives are able to focus on the mission at hand, in a worry free environment where all personal services, in addition to unparalleled security, are but a few feet away.

Mr. Olawale Johnson spent over 20 years in Special Operations Command, most of it with the Secret Special Services. He has directly engaged in counter insurgency operations in the Northern part of Nigeria in a Special Operations capacity in addition to partaking in extremely high risk operations there.  Olawale carries the weighty responsibility of managing our VIP and Dignitary Protection element.

Personnel Plan

Our security guards will be a combination of full-time guards and more will be hired as sales increase. Guards will be hired either as daytime guards, or night guards, they are specially trained to handle any services we render. Guards are hired after an independent background check is completed and interviews with both managers of the business as well as checks with three references. Guards are eligible for health insurance and disability pay through the business to protect them in the case of injury on the job or other problems.

Materials and Equipment for Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

A conducive office complex, office space, equipment, furniture, LAN lines, utilities and additional technology purchases used in communicating with clients, legal tax consulting fees, insurance cost, a website, stationeries, advertising brochures, etc.



Competitor Edge for Patilad Security Guard Company Business Plan in Nigeria

People access our services because of the following reasons:


We have vast array of products and services.

We have quality products and present our clientele excellent service.

We have a team of expertise who ensures that we run with the highest standard in the industry.


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