Dayo Adetiloye Special Birthday Promo + Grant is Here!

Dayo Adetiloye Special Birthday Promo + Grant is Here!

Dayo Adetiloye Special Birthday Promo + Grant is Here!

Dayo Adetiloye Special Birthday Promo + Grant is Here!

Hello {{contact.first_name}},


My Dear Millionaire Friend,


Welcome to my Birthday Month!


God has been good to me, my family, and my work.


Help me to thank God in your prayers.


To celebrate this, I will be giving us this Special Promo on all our Special products and services.


The Promo starts immediately you see this email and ends on 10th of May 2021 which is my birthday. All prices return back to Normal prices After.


1. Startup Hr Tool Kit – Over 1500 downloadable HR Templates documents. For CEOs, Managers, Hr experts, MBA students, etc

Startup HR Toolkit is Nigeria’s biggest collection of HR Documents, designed and used by Nigeria’s top HR professionals and Managers.

Normal Price N20,000

Promo N18,000

Use the coupon dh2000 to buy at N18,000

Click here to read more, Claim your birthday and but″




2. How to Become a Highly Paid Business Plan Writing Consultant Coaching programme


Normal price N250,000

Promo N50,000

Click here to pay:



3. How to Recruit and Get to the Top in any Network Marketing Business Coaching programme.


Of recent, I have done this in recharge and get paid I qualified for Dubai Trip, I have also done so in Norland Industrial group where I recently qualified as Silver Medalist.


Normal price N150,000

Promo N50,000

Click here to pay:



4. Business Plan Writing Combo: How to write a business plan without the help of a consultant. The business training on learning how to write a business plan.


Normal price N50,000

Promo N20,000

Click here to read more and buy it:


5. My Top 10 Recommended Business books writing by my Billionaire Mentor Dr Abib Olamitoye, and My fund-raising Mentor Mene Blessing.


Normal price N27,000

Promo N23,000

Click here to pay


I will deliver the books to your doorstep free of charge anywhere you are in Nigeria.



6. Website/Blog set up: For your Business, NGO, Personal website, or for your ideas. See example here


Normal price N250,000

Promo N100,000

Click here to pay


7. Join my team in Norland Industrial Group: a product-based Network Marketing. You need N87,000 to join. Pay N60,000 and I will add the 27k to it. So, you will access N60,000 products at the end of the registration and I will pick my own N27,000 product after the registration.

That is it, you have opened another stream of income for yourself in 2021.


Click here to make payment



8. Full detailed Business plan tailored made for you and for the purpose you want to use it for. And your financials will not be more than N50 million.


Normal price N250,000

Promo N50,000


Click here to pay:


This one is good for Grant purposes, especially all the available grants in Nigeria.


9. Buy Our Updated Already Written Business Plan that you can edit on your own. It has already been written for a particular location and company; you just edit it to suit your work. This option is good if you don’t have money to benefit from the N50,000 promo above.


Pick any 3 for N20,000 instead of the normal price of N60,000. Pay here

[3 Business Plan] —


Or pick one for just N10,000 instead of the normal price of N20,000

[1 Business Plan] —


Here is the list


Here are the over 115 Business Plans We have:


1. Adire/Kampala Business Plan

 2. Auto Part sales Business Plan

 3. Auto Repair Business Plan

 4. Bakery/Bread Production Business Plan

 5. Block industry Business Plan

 6. Cake Business Plan

 7. Cashew Production Business Plan

 8. Cassava Farming and Processing Business Plan

 9. Catering Business Plan

10. Catfish (Fish Farming) Business Plan

11. Cattle Beef Production Business Plan

12. Chicken Slaughter and Processing Business Plan

13. Chin-chin production Business Plan

14. Cinema House Business Plan

15. Cleaning services Business Plan

16. Cocoa Production and Processing Business Plan

17. Cooking Gas (LPG) Business Plan

18. Cosmetology Business Plan

19. Creche Business Plan

20. Day Spa Business Plan

21. Diary Production Business Plan

22. Dry Cleaning Business Plan

23. Electrical Store Business Plan

24. Event Management Business Plan

25. Electric Concrete Pole Manufacturing Business Plan

26. Fashion (Garment Making and Retail) Business Plan

27. Feed Mill Business Plan

28. Frozen Food Business Plan

29. Furniture Business Plan

30. Ginger Farming Business Plan

31. Goat Farming Business Plan

32. Grocery Business Plan

33. Groundnut Oil Processing Business Plan

34. Gym House Business Plan

35. Hair Salon/Barbershop Business Plan

36. Herbal Medicine Production and Sales Business Plan

37. Hide and Skin Business Plan

38. Honey Production Business Plan

39. Cotton production and processing Business Plan

40. Hotel Business Plan

41. Hydroponics Business Plan

42. Iced Water Production Business Plan

43. ICT Business Plan

44. Integrated Agribusiness/Farming Business Plan

45. Interior Decoration Business Plan

46. Diesel haulage Business Plan

47. Laboratory Business Plan

48. Law Practice Business Plan

49. Leather Tanning Business Plan

50. Logistics Business Plan

51. Meat Processing Business Plan

52. Medical Equipment and Supplies Business Plan

53. Mobile Kitchen Business Plan

54. Moringa Business Plan

55. Mushroom Business Plan

56. Music Equipment and Rentals Business Plan

57. Nanny Services Business Plan

58. Nylon Production Business Plan

59. NGO Business Plan

60. Oil and Gas Business Plan

61. Organic Business Plan

62. Paint Production Business Plan

63. Palm Kernel Oil Business Plan

64. Palm oil Business Plan

65. Paper Recycling Business Plan

66. Petrol Station Business Plan

67. Pharmacy Business Plan

68. Photography and Videography Business Plan

69. Piggery/ Swine Production Business Plan

70. Plantain Chips Business Plan

71. Plantain Farming Business Plan

72. Plastic Bottle PET Recycling Business Plan

73. Plastic and Rubber Production Business Plan

74. Pop Corn Production Business Plan

75. Poultry Farming Business Plan

76. Printing and Multimedia Services Business Plan

77. Private Security Business Plan

78. Quarry Business Plan

79. Raw Gold Business Plan

80. Real Estate Business Plan

81. Recreational Centre Business Plan

82. Rehabilitation Centre Business Plan

83. Restaurant Business Plan

84. Retail Shop Business Plan

85. Rice Milling Business Plan

86. Rice Retailing Business Plan

87. School Business Plan

88. School with Special needs Business Plan

89. Service Provider Platform Business Plan

90. Business Hub Business Plan

91. Shea Butter Business Plan

92. Shoe Making Business Plan

93. Snail Farming Business Plan

94. Soap Making Business Plan

95. Solar Installation and Store Business Plan

96. Sport Equipment Business Plan

97. Tea and beverages Business Plan

98. Tissue Paper and Serviette Business Plan

99. Tomato Farming and processing Business Plan

100. Transportation Business Plan

101. Travel and Tour Business Plan

102. Vegetable Farming Business Plan

103. Vocational Training Institute Business Plan

104. Water Business Plan

105. Yam Business Plan

106. Yoghurt and drink Business Plan

107. Yoghurt Production and sales Business Plan

108. Agr0 Commodity Business Plan

109. Health Insurance Company Business Plan

110. E-commerce platform Business Plan

111. Banana processing Business plan

112. Insurance Brokerage Business plan

113. Bike Delivery Courier service Business plan

114. Agency Banking POS services Business Plan

115. Health Management Organization (HMO) Business Plan

116. Media and Entertainment Business Plan

117. Truck Haulage Business Pan

118. AgroChemical business Plan




Note: Any new one that is not on the list will be prepared for you in two weeks and the price is N20,000



To Make Payment for any of the offers,

follow this Procedure

You can pay through USSD Code, Online Transfer, Mobile Transfer to our company account no, or you use the paystack link on each of the offers.


Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Account Name: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

Account Number: 1019877638

Account Type: Current.




After Payment,


Send the following information:

Your name, phone no, email address, Location, Sex, amount, and list of business plan/ services you paid for, send via text message or WhatsApp on me on 08060779290 or reply this email.


e.g Dayo Adetiloye, 08022345890,, Lagos, Male, UBA, N50,000, Business plan for grant. Send it to 08060779290

Feel free to call, text, send whatsapp message about this offer or after your payment to 08060779290 or you just reply this email.


The already written business plan will be delivered to you within 48hrs expect services request like, Tailormade Business plans, Coaching, Website set up etc.


 For any enquiries, Call or WhatsApp me on 08060779290


For birthday wishes, drop it on my facebook wall on the 10th of May





1.    All the people that patronised me in this 2021 promo will be added to 2021 mentoring platform and also will be added to my online Business development Library on Telegram where we have access to wealth and financial information books and resources.


2.    I am opening for my birthday a grant programme of N100,000 for young people of 18-30 years that want to start or needed a particular resource for their business and N100,000 will be of great impact. The no of people we pick will be dependent on the sales of this promo. So, as you buy something, you are helping some in our community here to start or scale their business to reduce unemployment in the Country.


3.    Here is how to apply: Tell us in 500 words how N100,000 can help you start or expand your small-scale business. Send your entry to Put your write up in Microsoft word and attached your means of identification that has your date of birth. Also you can attach any supporting documents that will help your application. Deadline is 10th of May.


4.    This grant is only limited to our email subscribers between ages of 18 to 30 years. Only winners will be contacted and the names will be published via this email too.


5.    If God has blessed you and you will want to support this grant programme with your cash , call or whatsapp me on 0806077929 and you will greatly be recognised and God will continue to bless you more. Here is the link to Donate:

Donate to support Dayo Adetiloye Birthday Grant For young MSMEs


6.    Winners will be announced on 24th of May and they will receive their resource support by 31st of May 2021.


7.    Note: Cash will not be given, but equipment, materials, tools, machines that N100,000 can buy will be given to you based on your proposed N100,000 Budget.



 For any enquiries, Call or WhatsApp me on 08060779290




Till I hear from you,


Stay Safe,


Keep succeeding!


In 2021

‘‘What is important is not the ability to dream but how you translate the dream into reality.’’


{{contact.first_name}}, I will like to hear from you!


Till I hear from you {{contact.first_name}}.


Keep succeeding!

For: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

Dayo Adetiloye (B.Agric, MBA)-


Helping men to discover, develop, and fulfil their business potential.

 …Raising 100 Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs in Five Years… since July 2012

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Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub is a grassroot business development service provider with a 6 year of track record of excellent service delivery for local and international clients.

As a leading business development service provider in Nigeria, Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub has been recognized and certified by Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) in Conjunction with Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) of the Lagos Business School (LBS).

Our solutions are designed for MSMEs and are supported by deep insight into various industries and extensive experience acquired from over the years by supporting our clients as partners in their business transformation.

Through our services and business activities, we help individuals/entrepreneurs transform their business ideas into a business venture, and support existing business to scale or expand their operation. We also connect startups and MSMEs with opportunities and resources for their business growth.

We have Consulted for more than 5000 MSMEs in the last 6 years in various industry including Agro-processing, Consulting, Training and Education, Financial Services, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Construction, Real Estate, FMCG, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding etc.

Our Vision:
To become the leading grassroot business Hub that provides Business
Development Services in the global online community

Mission Statement:
– Provide bespoke management and business planning consultancy
– To connect MSMEs with opportunities and resources for their business startup, growth and expansion through trainings, seminars, coaching, consulting, mentoring, and Angel investing.
– To inspire, empower and champion entrepreneurship in the global online community.

Business Goals and Objective

– Engender national prosperity by contributing to the creation of at least 100 new businesses every year
– Become a go-to brand for outstanding business development services for MSMEs
– Strategic partnership with local and international organization to empower start-ups
– Continuous innovation to serve our clients better

Core Values:
Opportunity Maximization
Personal Development (Capacity Building)
Excellent Customer Satisfaction

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