MBA stands for master of business administration. It is a master’s degree in business administration (management) MBA Is an internationally recognized degree designed to developed the skills required for careers in business and management. The MBA however Is not streamlined to business alone. An MBA  is also useful for anyone pursuing managerial career in sectors such as engineering, government, private sectors and so on. The core curriculum of MBA include depth knowledge in economics, accounting, marketing, operations, management and so on coupled with other elective courses that encourage participates to follow their own professional interest.

The MBA has currently gained wide recognition and has become the most popular professional degree program in the world. Traditional MBA program span a period of two years in most countries. Also, part time and online programs in MBA are also widely available for professionals who are unable to meet up with the time demand in the traditional MBA programs or unwilling to attend classes within the university four walls.  Aside MBA there also exist executive master’s of business administration (EMBA) programs. (The EMBA basically concerns the part time MBA candidates). It is a part time programs targeted at professionals with more years of managerial experience than traditional MBA.

Which school offers MBA online?

Business schools are those well known for the MBA program but these days most institutions of higher education around the world now offer MBA program both within the four walls of the school and also online. There are various types of MBA available online which could be offered by business schools or nonbusiness schools. The most common type of MBA is designed for students whose professional interest is centred on traditional business functions.

These  days not  only business schools offer an MBA, most universities which are nonbusiness schools now offer MBA programs. Some of these universities are found in USA, UK, Philippine and so many other countries. These schools now offer degree programs in MBA coupled with distance learning as well. You can now learn from the comfort of your home, take examination and be certified when you meet up with the certification conditions.

Who can apply for an MBA program?

There are various types of MBAs available through online business schools and other types of school. The most common type of MBA is designed for those whose professional interests centres on traditional business school and other particular business specialization. For individuals who wants to make his or her mark in any of the above mentioned position field, the good news is that there are MBA programs available.

Applying for an MBA is not more a thing of difficulty. Once you have successfully found the school you are interested in, all you have to do is to read up the requirement needed from you. Once you meet up, then you are good to go ahead with the registration. Though, the school will still do some screening after they receive candidate’s applications. So it’s crucial for you to forward all the evidence and documents the school require.

The next step after this stage is an arrangement for interview by the school for those candidates whom have merited to be admitted for the program. You must be aware of this, that far distance online institute does this as well via Skype, telephone or other media platform. You must do your self good with earlier preparation for all this phases.  



Benefits of an MBA degree:


The goal of most business professionals is to obtain a management position and to effectively manage an organization within a particular industry. Mind you, substantial knowledge about such field of specialization or business is inevitable and highly necessary, hence the essence of MBA. Management MBAs are designed to help professionals develop their industry expertise.

The executive MBA (EMBA) is primarily designed to augment the working professionals.

There are numerous benefits of getting yourself an MBA, with one of the most significant reasons being greater employment opportunities in business administration. Not only do an MBA degree holders have better employment options, they also earn more money than people who haven’t been awarded the degree. An MBA will give you the credibility and distinction that cannot be earned in workplace alone. MBAs are recognized in most countries ( such as Nigeria) as respected business credentials, opening up a world of career opportunities for you as the degree holder .

Distance learning MBA offers great flexibilities which means that when your job needs more of your attention, you can choose to slow down or take a break and then continue your studies later. So, distance learning MBA can be completed in between 2 and 4 years


24/7 Learning window.



Resources on the learning MBA can be accessed from wherever you are at whatever time that is convenient for you via the learning website.




Interactivity: online distance learning removes geographical barrier by enabling you to participate in lectures and syndicate groups and discuss real issues with fellow MBA candidates. This enable you to draw on the wide range experience of others in solving complex problems and assignments collectively. This also offers you the opportunity to practice and strengthens your team working skills.


Good study materials: just as materials are readily available to that of the traditional MBA within the four walls of universities, also learning materials are available for online distance learning MBA program.

MBA distance learning programs are growing in popularity as more and more people wish to further their education, career and raise the bar of their income simultaneously. MBA distance learning programs allow so many individuals to earn an MBA degree at excellent universities that are half way across the world at the comfort of their homes, offices or cafes without being at the university class rooms. There are numerous programs available that provide an MBA education that is just as valuable as one received in the traditional Classroom setting.

How does MBA distance learning work? MBA distance learning program use several modalities for delivering of the planned curriculum. These include web conferencing, direct broadcast satellite, live streaming, e-mail, chat rooms etc. The amazing fact is that MBA distance learning program experience the same curriculum as in  classroom setting.

MBA online learning scholarships:




 just as the traditional MBA has scholarships opportunities so does the distance learning MBA program. The basic requirements for this scholarship application are as follows;

  1. Curriculum vitae or resume. This must include full details of previous employment, dates of employment, duties and responsibilities performed as an employe.
  2. Two employee references
  3. Copy of degree certificate ( you must have this readily available and present it where it is appropriate.)
  4. Copy of English proficiency. This document is highly required by most universities offering MBA scholarship. This proof of English proficiency could be TOEFL, IELTS etc

There are usually some specified online MBA distance learning scholarship specifically for international candidates which are mostly a times Africans. This is a great opportunity for you as you will have to access your education simultaneously with your jobs or other task you have engaged yourself with. It provides you the benefits of being an international student by residing in you own country or present location.

Some universities that offers this scholarship opportunities are as follows;

Global business school Oxford, united kingdom. This school is popularly known as GBS Oxford. The school offers a number of MBA scholarships and bursaries. This scholarship program enables MBA candidates from all over the world to pursue their studies while in employment. One of the key objectives of this scholarship is to strengthen students’ management skills to prepare them for promotion in their careers. The basic requirements are;

  1. A minimum age of 21 years
  2. Bachelor’s degree or a 2-3 year work experience at a managerial position or supervisory level
  3. Nationality: students of all nationalities can apply for this online MBA scholarship
  4. English language requirement. Other nationalities outside UK students must shown proficiency in English language and have an appropriate qualification equivalent to IELTS 5.5


UNICAF distance learning MBA scholarship at the university is South wales. This scholarship is available for students of any nationality who are in need of financial aid and shows outstanding academic performance. Once your annual income is below $20,000 and your IELTS score is 6.5 and above you are eligible for this scholarship.

Online MBA scholarship for international students at Durham university in UK. The Durham university business school invites yearly applicants far and wide for online MBA scholarships. This opportunity is usually opened to any nationality.

Entrance requirement: a minimum of three years relevant work experience since your graduation. An upper second class bachelor’s degree and an equivalent proof of English proficiency

Distance online learning MBA is  chiefly meant for people with limited time and resources. A working professional, fresh graduate, or stay-at-home mothers. Anyone interested in pursuing an MBA course can opt for it. All what you require is a bachelor’s degree, meeting the course eligibility criteria. Cost of the course is much less than regular or part-time MBA. MBA is often deemed necessary to climb the ladders of corporate success.

However, distance mode education such as online learning MBA requires dedication and disciple.

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