How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever [ KNOWLEDGE RECOMMENDATIONS ]

How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever.

How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

Happy New Year!

Long Post Alert.


  1. How to make the year your best Year ever
  2. Digital Knowledge Infrastructure
  3. Traveling Knowledge Infrastructure
  4. Grants/Loan/Fund Raising Knowledge Infrastructure
  5. Traveling Knowledge Infrastructure
  6. Business Opportunity Knowledge Infrastructure
  7. Network Marketing Knowledge Infrastructure:
  8. Student Entrepreneurship Knowledge Infrastructure
  9. mentoring WhatsApp group for 1 year
  10. Tony Elumelu Foundation $5000 grant for 2021.

The year 2021 is a great yea the Lord has made. He has granted us the opportunity to be among the living. It is only the living that can praise the Lord. So, in your own way, praise your maker. The one that has not said time up for you!


Today’s focus is on how to make 2021 your best year ever.

Before we continue, how was your year 2020?

I know it is a year that was characterized by a lot of bad occurrences like the Covid-19, Lockdown, EndSars, Recession, etc. But for you personally, how has it been. Did you allow the lockdown to lockdown your destiny, or you allowed it to bring out the best in you?


From our end, we developed our bestselling product currently during the lockdown. So, I can categorically say the lockdown worked for our good. If the year 2020 has affected you badly, then 2021 will definitely be different. And that is why I am sharing with you now.


My first point of discussion is about your desire.

What do you desire?

What do you see yourself achieving in this new year, all things being equal?

Take a sheet of paper now and take 10 mins to answer this question.

  1. Write out your top ten desires for 2021
  • That can make 2021 the greatest year.
  • That defines a super successful year.
  • That represents total transformation.
  • That could place you among the top ten in your field, family, or place of work.
  • It could be a position, money, accomplishment, spirituality, trip to a distant land, marriage, etc.
  • It could be health-related, new business, educational, charity cause, relationship, etc.
  1. Out of this top 10, tick the top 5, then pick just one most important Goal. It is called the Umbrella Goal. In such a way that accomplishing that one makes the other 9 easier.
  2. Create images depicting your umbrella goals, and write why of the goals and how it feels like whey you achieve the goal.
  3. Create a vision board: It is putting your desires in the picture form and collate them and position them where you can see them. Click here to learn how to create a vision board. Or Check here to learn how to create a digital Vision Board.
  4. Write out affirmations, confessions, and declarations and use them daily.
  5. Make a list of 300 desires. Add more as you read, walk, interact, and dwell more on your desires.
  6. Work hard on yourself and keep at your goals and upgrade your goals.

Note that all the above strategies were extracted from my Billionaire Mentor, Dr. Abib Olamitoye, mentoring Session at 100/10 Academy.

Watch his presentation on how to build wealth at the Youth Empowerment Summit 2020, organized by Dayo Adetiloye Empowerment and Development Initiative (DAEDI).

What to Invest on, to Have a Wonderful and Impactful Year 2021.

  1. Digital Knowledge Infrastructure
  2. Get a functioning internet-enabled phone and a good laptop.
  3. Get access to monthly unlimited internet access.

The above two are the bedrock to new economy accessibility. For young people between 18-40 years, you must learn how to make money online by selling products and services, and I will be making some recommendations very soon. If you are unemployed or you are self-employed or just lost your job, please take all the recommendations seriously.


Most information that will transform your life this year will be in Video format. Some people use to tell me they don’t have enough data to watch them. That mindset has to change in 2021.


Recommendation 1:

If you will like to Make Money Online and you will like to Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine. I will recommend the book of Toyin Omotoso, the founder of Expertnaire.

The price is N5,000.

Click Here to use my affiliate link to buy it.

Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine

Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine


Recommendation 2:

If you will like to make money online. The easiest is to develop products yourself or sell other people’s products. To sell other people’s products, I recommend the platform called Expertnaire. We have over 40 high-value online products you can sell on the platform with great commission. To register as an affiliate is N10,000 per year.

Click my affiliate link to register and join the expertnaire now!

If you join this affiliate system through my link. Then chat me up on 0806077920 so that I can add you to my WhatsApp group to share some small coaching with you.





Importance of Digital Knowledge Infrastructure

The difference between the person you are now and the person you will become by the end of 2021 is the knowledge you have. There are mechanical engineering graduates that cannot bring down the engine of a car and fix it back. Having requisite skill in your field or anything you want to do is of utmost importance.

I will continue the recommendation of the field and the requisite knowledge you need to get.

Recommendation 3:

If you will like to learn how to make money online in 2021. Take time to watch this Free video by the CEO of Expertnaire, where he shares his insight on 72 income Generator.

“If You Lock Me In A Hut For 7 Days, And All I Have Is A Laptop, Internet And ATM Card…

This Is Exactly What I Will Do To Start Making At Least N750K A Month…Even If The Economy Went To The Dogs.”

Take time to watch this video.

At the end of the video, he introduced his award-winning Course titled: 72 Income Generator Price N40,000.

You can use my affiliate link to register for the Course.

72IG Implementation Program – New Class - Expertnaire

72IG Implementation Program – New Class – Expertnaire

  1. Grants/Loan/Fund Raising Knowledge Infrastructure

In 2020, my organization got survival grant payroll for staff. We got facebook grant, we have won quite other grants and recognitions in the past. Here are the steps I recommend to win grants in 2021. In fact, there will be a lot of new grants you can access in 2021.

  1. Have a registered business with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  2. Open a functional bank account for it.
  3. Start your business with what you have.
  4. Come up with a detailed business plan for it. You can get our already written business plan for N10,000 flat instead of N20,000. Click here to check out our over 100 business plans and place your order.
  5. Look for grant opportunities. Check the following websites for updates on grant opportunities,

Recommendation 4:

If you want to access grants in the year 2021 and you need knowledge on that. I strongly recommend my mentor’s book, Mene Blessing. Price N3,000.

Mene Blessing’s book on Fundraising and winning any grant or global opportunity. Follow the secrets inside the book, and thank me later. The title of the book is Winning Streak.

Click this link to read more and buy

You can chat me on 08060779290 to buy the book from anywhere in Nigeria, and it will be delivered to you. But you will have to pay the delivery cost, or you come to my office in Lagos to pick it up. Chat me up to get the office Address. Also, watch my video on how to access Grants; I shared some secrets from Mene blessing book in the video

Recommendation 5:

Learn how to write a business plan and make money from it and win all the grants. Here is my own course for it. You know this is my area, and I have over 7 years’ experience in it. I have shared all the secrets I have used over the years in this course. You will know how to write a bankable business plan if you take this course.

The price is N10,000.

Click here to buy now


Recommendation 6:

If you are an author or you want to write your first book in the year 2021. You need this industry knowledge put together by 30 facilitators; click this link to use my affiliate link to buy it.

The price is N50,000, but there is a promo of N20,000 ongoing.


Recommendation 7:

If you have a YouTube channel as I do and you want to monetize it in 2021. The best knowledge you can get is from Dr. Malik Haruna King. That has over 100,000 subscribers and makes a lot of money in $ dollars. The video Course he created on it is N30,000.

Click on this link, watch his free Video on it, and  to buy the course through my affiliate link


Screenshot of the sales page or side banner.


  1. Traveling Knowledge Infrastructure

In 2021, traveling to a new country should be one of your targets or goal, and you need to prepare for it. A lot of us want to relocate, and we have no clue how to achieve that.

First, go and get an international passport, that is for people that did not have one. Set it as a goal this year. That is the starting point of your traveling.


Last year, I had my 1st international traveling to the United Arab Emirates. I went to Dubai on a special MBA Executive Programme by the Metropolitan School of business in the UK.

Let me give you some recommendations.

Recommendation 8:

Canada visa guide in 3 months. How to legally relocate to Canada within 3-6 months using an untapped visa route in 2021. Price N20,000. Click my affiliate link to buy it. The product owner is Daniel Damilola. Watch the Free Video he did on it.

Recommendation 9:

3 Years UK Visa Blueprint N20,000. How to get a 5 years Uk Visa without any sponsor, finances, or job offer. By Daniel Damilola

Click my affiliate link to buy it. You can watch his free video on it here.


  1. Business Opportunity Knowledge Infrastructure

I will share with you 2 good opportunities that I have tested for 2 good years. This year 2021, will be the 3rd year. These opportunities have become a major part of my income.

  1. Recharge and get Paid:

To introduce this business to you, I have this question, how much did you make from your airtime and data expenditure in the year 2020? What about TV subscription and PHCN bill payment? Recharge and get paid gives you the opportunity to make passive income. It was a major part of my income in 2020. 2021 will even be better. To learn about this business, click the link below to study a full presentation


  1. Norland Industrial Group:

This is a business opportunity recommended for entrepreneurs and anybody that is ready to change their financial life. It is a health and wellness-based product. Click the link below to read more on how to become a Norland distributor


Recommendation 10:

Blog cash university by Joe Okoro. You will learn how to create a 7-figure blogging platform that generates sales and grows your business. Price N30,000. Click here to use my affiliate link to buy it. Watch a free video on it here.


  1. Student Entrepreneurship Knowledge Infrastructure

If you are a student and you have not read my book titled: Unleashing Your Potential for African student, then this is for you.

Now, you don’t have to graduate into unemployment!

The book is N1000; click here to buy and download immediately . It is also a good read for adults.


  1. Network Marketing Knowledge Infrastructure:

If you are into any network market business and you have not gone through my 30Days MLM Transformational Coaching programme. Set it as a target to do it this year. Price N20,000. Check details on the fliers. Or you chat me on 08060779290.


  1. Join my mentoring WhatsApp group for 1 year: Here, we share information, motivation, and one on one interaction.


To join, you order for the replay and PowerPoint presentation  of our Empowerment Summit Replay where 18 speakers shared on Building massive Impact, influence and Income post covid. Price N5,000. Once you have it, then we will add you to the Mentoring WhatsApp group.

To make payment for the replay of the empowerment Summit,

You can pay through USSD Code, Online Transfer, Mobile Transfer to

Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Account Name: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

Account Number: 1019877638

Account Type: Current.   

Send the following information:

Your name, phone no, email address, Location, Sex, Bank paid to, amount, and Empowerment Summit Replay, send via text message or WhatsApp on me on 08060779290 or reply to this email.

It Will be delivered, and you will access the link to join the WhatsApp group in less than 24hrs.

  1. Tony Elumelu Foundation $5000 grant for 2021.

The application is now opened. Similar to last year’s process of application.

Click here to read my detailed write up on how to prepare to apply and win.


Here is my comprehensive video on how to apply. Don’t apply before watching this video.


2021 will be the best year ever if you know how to translate your desire, dreams, and goals into reality. And the only way to translate is action. Action is the blood of every vision. So, what do you want to achieve?

Enroll for that course now!

Apply for that Masters or PhD programme now!

Start the business Now!

Propose to that lady now!

Start the marriage plans now!

Start that blog now!

Start whatever you plan and get going. !

Good luck!


⚠️ DISCLOSURE: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on any of the recommended product links and buy them, I’ll receive a small commission from the product owner. This helps support the work we do here and allows us to continue to sustain the Blog and make quality articles like this. Thank you for your support!


Till I hear from you,


Stay Safe,


Keep succeeding!


In 2021


‘‘What is important is not the ability to dream but how you translate the dream into reality.”



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