How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

Before we even begin to talk about how to start a tech company, we should first look at what a Tech Company is. I think that would make more sense, right? Today, it’s fashionable for companies to market themselves as ‘tech’ companies because it’s a way of implying that your company is at the forefront of innovation without it necessarily being so. According to the Tech Nation Report, a Technology (“Tech” for short) company is a company or a business that provides a digital technical service / product / platform / hardware, or heavily relies on it, as its primary revenue source. Frequently, companies that are heavy users of technology are usually labelled as technology companies. This is partly because there is immense value in defining your company this way. Some companies agree that a definition should be based on tech being the product. The product can be hardware, like the Apple iPhone or the IBM computer. It can also be software, such as Spotify’s music streaming platform or Oracle’s enterprise database software. All that being said, here is a great definition of a “Tech Company” I stumbled upon, by Alex Payne. It says”:


“You are a technology company if you are in the business of selling technology. That is to say, if your product – the thing you make money by selling – consists of applied scientific knowledge that solves concrete problems and enables other endeavors, you are a technology company.”


A tech company is a company who’s product, or more accurately “what it does”, is technology. You might think Uber is a transportation service, but it is not. People (Uber’s part subscribers) offer a transportation service, while Uber provides the technology to help those people connect with commuters and receive payment.

Google is an advertising company and a tech company (and a lot more actually). They provide advertising opportunities on their websites (, Gmail, etc). They also provide technology to help website owners sell advertising on their own websites, and to help advertisers buy ad space.


Technology companies have become a dominant driver in recent years of economic growth, consumer tastes and the financial markets. The biggest tech stocks as a group, for example, have dramatically outpaced the broader market in the past decade. That’s because technology has reshaped in a major way how people communicate, consume information, shop, socialize, and work. Broadly speaking, companies in the technology sector engage in the research, development, and manufacture of technologically based goods and services. They create software, and design and manufacture computers, mobile devices, and home appliances. They also provide products and services related to information technology.


So now, the question is, “How do you start a tech company?” Now we consider exactly what brought us here: How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection – Sounds funny? So, I will be sharing with you some Tech businesses that yu can start and actually run from home – all that you’ll require is simply a laptop and internet connection.


  1. Graphics Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. Graphic designers create visual communications to convey messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.


How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

This incorporates several tasks and responsibilities. Design web pages, brochures, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, annual reports, advertisements, and other communication materials. A full-blown company can be built entirely on a graphics design skill if you have it, or you are willing to learn. Interestingly, you can learn graphics design online entirely free! There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can take advantage of and if you take it seriously, you can learn significant stuffs within a month or two – and you can start getting design jobs and launch a company from there. 


  1. Website Design and/or Programming

Similar to desktop publishing, many DIY tools are available to make building a website extremely easy for anyone (not just techy guys alone) who cares to invest a bit of efforts into learning how things work. It is worthy of mention that there is a huge opportunity out there for web designers and programmers, especially as the number of online businesses grows. Many online entrepreneurs can set up a basic site but aren’t able to customize it to their needs. Others need more specific requirements on their websites, such as ecommerce or membership management, that can be done faster and with less potential for glitches by an experienced designer or programmer. ​ One option that’s clearly available here is to get a job with your programming and website design skill. However, you can also deploy that skill to offer programming and website design services to individuals and companies that will pay you handsome rewards for your services. Just like graphics design, there exist many free online resources and tutorials that you can take advantage of to acquire either or both of these skills and when you are ready to launch, you do not need more than a laptop and internet connection to run a full-blown company that offers programming and website design services. You can specialize in a specific platform, such as WordPress, or a programming language. However, the more variety of skills you can offer, the more marketable you’ll be. An advantage of web design and programming is that you can work with clients locally or worldwide. Further, you can offer one-time services, such as website set up, or maintenance packages in which the client pays you monthly to monitor, update, and manage the website.



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Digital Marketing

Many businesses turn to digital marketing to attract online consumers and drive sales. This is one of the timely tech business you can start now as the demand for digital marketers is quite high since startups and large businesses need to stay competitive and relevant. Here are some of the services a typical digital marketing company offer:

How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

How to start a tech company using only a laptop and internet connection

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – drives a business’ online visibility in search engines through site optimisation and keyword rankings.
  • Social Media Management – managing and monitoring all social media engagement and analytics.
  • Email Marketing – sending emails to current and potential clients for sales and leads
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – directs traffic to a site via online advertisements

Knowledge and expertise in digital marketing will make your business more credible and popular with small and large companies, and to make it happen, you do not need more than a laptop and your internet connection. Amazing, isn’t it?



Setting up an online store is now easier and less risky than before. You can sell via secure sites like eBay and Amazon, or create a store via social media like Facebook and Instagram. US online consumers are also expected to increase by 80% by 2019 based on a report by Hosting Facts. Tapping on this continuously growing market can make for a profitable business or side hustle. You can start this and it can be a major company that makes you a lot of money and a laptop and internet connection are the major requirements for getting this off the ground.


Virtual Assistance

Plenty of entrepreneurs and professionals need help with their daily task management so they hire virtual assistants. A recent study shows that virtual digital assistant (VDA) consumers will increase to 1.8 billion worldwide by 2021. You can set up a website and outline your services which can range from email management, social media management, lead generation, project management, and bookkeeping among many others. These are some of the business ideas that you can use to tap into a worldwide audience and patronage, without leaving your room, and with just your laptop and internet connection.

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