How to start up a canned food business in Nigeria Canning saves ordinary consumers a lot of money on food costs and allows them to have access to healthy fruits, vegetables and more year-round. If you’re serious about getting a food-canning enterprise off the ground, there are a few things you need to know. So, here’s a quick overview of the best way to proceed.


Prepare your business plan

First things first, you must have a food processing business plan in place,you’ll need to decide on the size and scope of your would-be canning outfit before you get started. Unless you plan on running a small-scale operation from your home, you’ll probabl need to rent some commercial space. The specific licenses and certifications you’ll need to operate your canning business should all be specified in the plan. If you need a small business loan, or any funding; having a business plan will increase your chances of accessing it.

You can contract a professional business consultant in Nigeria like Dayo Adetiloye to get it prepared for you. Send a direct mail to or call 08105636015.


Setting up your factory

Once you have a solid plan in place, you should set up your shop before you contact any safety or health inspectors. Obviously, you’ll need bulk quantities of cans, jars and lids as well as cleaning supplies to sanitize your work environment on a regular basis. Furthermore, you’ll need to source the appropriate pressure canners and steam canners to meet your needs. Once you’v narrowed down your equipment requirements, you can find the best deal online through comparison engines like Google Shopping.


Settling for a niche?

Do you want to focus on just a particular sector, or would you like to diversify? Try to find out which of these options best suits your business goals; and work with it. However, I would recommend that you diversify. Regardless of the industry in which you compete, the only way to ensure your long-term viability is to be flexible and adapt to changing market realities. In tha spirit, you must constantly be on the lookout for new niche opportunities to capitalize upon. Diversify your revenue sources and don’t allow your canning business to become overly dependent o a limited number of clients. If you’ve got the drive to see things through to the en a canning business can ultimately be quite lucrative over the long haul.


Machines and equipments required

1.Tank Sinks with Undertop

The sinks are divided for size and configuration according to their use, in order to optimize the producing’s process increasing the quality of Yours raw material.

  1. Sorting and Draining Table

This tables are ideal for the selection and/or the lavoration of the product after the cleaning. Thanks to his powerfull UV-A waterproofing light, attracts and electrocutes insects with the help of an appropriate elecrtified grill.

  1. Wall or Central Aspiring Hood

Aspiring hoods available in different sizes, are ideal for cooking zone, or processing laboratory

  1. Professional Food Dehydrator

The dehydrator has the potential of a professional food dehydrator plant but with reduced dimensions. The dehydrator is built in plastic food and stainless steel. It has an horizontal air flow system that allows a natural dehydration.

  1. Fruits Peeler Durfo Strip

Durfo Strip can peel electrically all kind of spherical or oval fruit that are max 100 mm. Peeling and coring machine for big size fruits with regular orbits spherical, cylindrical, ellypsical. We can peel: pineapples, melons, watermelons, etc.

  1. Fruits Peeler Apple Strip

The Apple strip is the best solution for peeling big quantities of apples and pears. The great advantage that the D200 offers with its production, is that the result obtained after the working doesn’t denote any perishing

  1. Automatic washing basin for vegetable

Automatic washing basin for vegetable / salad (and fruits) supplied in different sizes : mod. D2 150 Liters, mod. D3 225 Liters and mod. D4 300 Liters. Washing tank with grumbling effect suitable to the working of fruit and greens. Completely built in stainless steel AISI 304

  1. Destoner Machine – DR500

The destoner is used for the processing of fresh fruit in pulps and mash tun, juices and nectars, jams and marmalades. Vertical Cutter Mixers – stainless steel construction – with removable bowl capacity from 23 to 60 Lt.

  1. Electric Mill for Flour

The grinding of oat, soy, legumes and others oleaginous seeds has to be done carefully. The machines separate the ground product into three parts: two parts go into the collecting drawer and the third (bran) goes through the discharge

  1. Manual Hydraulic Presses

Manuel Hydraulic Presses Built with removable cart, stainless steel reservoir  Powered Hydraulic Presses Built with removable cart, stainless steel reservoir

  1. Automatic Linear Blower for Jars

Automatic machine designed for the internal cleaning of empty containers of possible foreign bodies or dust by blowing 180° tilted jars.


There are a whole world of equipments for food canning and processing; you just need to buy them according to your factory’s production needs.


Licences and permits

As you’re probably already aware, any business that handles food preparation or preservation will have to abide by a fair amount of safety regulations. Since the rules vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction it’s best to contact your state’s Ministry of Health to find out what you’ll need to do to comply with the local laws. Next, you have to be registered with the national food and drug regulations agencies in the country; and in this NAFDAC, to avoid any embarrassments.


Start Your Canning Business Small

Instead of jumping full-force into your start-up canning businessand investing in equipment and committing to multiple farmers’ markets , start small and harvest learning along the way.


Manufacturing Practices

Finding ways to properly process fruits and vegetables starts with establishing safe manufacturing processes. Include washing, sorting and trimming raw fruit and vegetables. You must also clean and sterilize the canning containers. Heating processes that destroy pathogens and eliminate spoilage are also necessary when it comes to cooking the raw ingredients. Post-heat processing to make sure each jar is sealed properly is also key. Finally, setting up shelving to properly cool the canned goods before distribution needs to be part of your manufacturing process.


Getting your supplies

You can source for your raw food supplies from local farmers around you. Buy all of your canning containers, such as Mason jars, from businesses that sell wholesale. Look online to find companies that sell various sized jars with seals and lids. Processing equipment, such as pressure canning cookers and a steam system to sanitize your jars, are also required. You also need a way to create and print package labels for each jar.


Did this help?


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