My Birthday Business Plan Promo is Here! Closes by Friday 11th of May 2018

My Birthday Business Plan Promo is Here! Closes by Friday 11th of May 2018


Hello My Dear Millionaire Friend,

I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for making me to see another birthday. Also, for giving me the privilege to be connected to you through this platform.

The people I have come to treasure so much over time are my online millionaire friends.

I meet them anytime I go for public functions especially speaking engagements and I am always happy to see them face to face.

Friend, I know I will still see you face to face very soon.

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

Why do we do Birthday Promo Every Year!

Most times, we discovered that people want to buy some of our products and services but they don’t have disposable income to do so.

We decided to be giving out our products and services at a give a way price during Birthday Promo.

5 Things you are Doing When you Participate in this Birthday Promo

  1. You are appreciating what we do as an individual and as an organization. You are encouraging us to do more.
  2. You are helping us to sustain our system because we spend a lot of money hosting your email on Also, to maintain and renew other internet infrastructure we use to communicate value to you.

This year, we have deleted more than 3000 emails that are not active from our email list because I cost money to host them.

  1. You believe in the value we are adding to you.
  2. You are saving a whole lot of cost on your own side.
  3. You are investing into your business dream and vision.


Here is the Birthday Promo!

I am giving away the following products and services for just a TOKEN.

With one-time payment, you will receive the following into your email:

  1. Pick below any 2 out of 70 Already Written Business Plan Template that you can edit on your own and use it to access grants, loans or investor funding. Worth #40,000

We sell each one for #20,000 normally

  1. MLM E-BOOK Titled: How to recruit and get to the top in any Network Marketing Business. Worth #10,000
  2. Entrepreneurship book titled: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential. Worth #2,000
  3. Audio Business Training: How to start, grow and expand your business, Live seminar with Dayo Adetiloye Worth #45,000
  4. Special 2018 Fund-Raising Mentoring Via WhatsApp: Here I will share unique insight for 6 Month on accessing Funding through, Grants, fellowships, loans and investor funding. Good for Start-ups, NGOs, and Entrepreneur. Worth #100,000 (advert for this will come up soon)

Total Worth: #197,000

So, with all these values, how much do you think I should give everything for.

Instead of paying #197,000, you will have all of these for just a Token of.


However, for early birds

If you pay before Thursday, 10th of May my Birthday,

You will pay just N10,000

If you pay on my birthday or after it, you pay N25,000

Please let’s take note of that.

For people outside Nigeria, you pay $50 to get this package.

You can request for our PayPal account or Dollar account by replying this e-mail.

Make payment/Online Transfer to:

Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Account Name: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub
Account Number: 1019877638
Account Type: Current.




Account Name: Adetiloye Adedayo PatrickAccount Number: 0037218392

Account Type: Savings


After payment,

Send detail via SMS/WhatsApp: Mode of payment, Bank, Name, Amount, Email address, 2 Business plan Templates, phone no/WhatsApp no, sex, location to 08060779290 or send me mail to or reply this email

e.g Online transfer, GTB, Kemi Alao, N10,000,, poultry and Shoe making biz plan, 08093450909, Female, Abuja

Text/WhatsApp it to me on 08060779290

The already written business plans, E-books, Audios and other benefits will get to you in less than 24Hrs or otherwise stated


Why am I collecting this token from you, instead of giving you for free?

It is just because I want you to value it.

The Yoruba Proverb says, “The medicine you did not pay for, will sleep at the back yard.”

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

Here are the lists of over 80 already written business plan with 3 years financial plan we have, that you can edit on your own for grants, loans and investor funding.

Note: We sell each for N20,000 in case you want to buy outside this promo.

Pick Just 2 for your Promo Package

They are written by professionals and we pay a lot for our business consultants to be able to do these works.                       


  1.       Adire/Kampala


  1.     Auto Repair


  1.      Block industry


  1.     Bakery


  1.     Cake business


  1.     Cassava Farming and Processing


  1.     Cosmetology


  1.     Creche


  1.     Dry Cleaning


  1. Event Management


  1.    Fashion


  1. Feed Mill


  1.   Fish Farming


  1. Frozen Food


  1. Furniture


  1. Hide and Skin


  1. Honey Production


  1. Ice Block Production


  1. ICT Business


20.Integrated Agribusiness/Farming


  1. Leather Tanning


  1. Meat Processing


  1. Medical Equipment and Supplies


24.Music Equipment and Rentals


  1. Nylon Production


26.Paint Production


  1. Palm oil


28.Paper Recycling


29.Petrol Station


  1. Pharmacy


  1.  Piggery


  1. Plantain Chips


  1. Pop Corn Business


  1. Poultry Farming


  1. Printing and Multimedia Services


  1. Quarry


  1. Raw Gold


  1. Recreational Centre






  1. Rice Milling


  1. School


  1. Shoe Making


  1. Snail Farming


  1. Tea and beverages


  1. Vegetable Farming


  1. Water


  1. Yam


  1. Yoghurt Production and sales


  1. Interior Decoration


  1. Mobile food business 


  1. Goat Farming


  1. Vocational Business Plan


  1. Logistics Business Plan


  1. Plantain Farming Business plan


  1. Rice farming


  1. Moringa Farming


58.Cooking Gas Business Plan


  1. Fashion retail


  1. Garment Manufacturing


  1. Cocoa Production and processing


  1. Law Business Plan


  1. Medical and Diagnostics Centre


  1. Laboratory Business Plan


  1. Green House Farming


  1. Mushroom Farming


  1. Tomato Farming


  1. Cucumber Farming


  1. Printing, Designs And Multimedia Services


  1. Herbal Medicine Production & Sales


  1. Catering Service Business Plan


  1. Groundnut business Plan


  1. Maize business Plan


  1. Photography and Videography


  1. Cattle Rearing


  1. Hair Salon /Barbershop


  1. Hostel


  1. Grocery


  1. Mobile Kitchen


  1. Plastic Bottle PET Recycling


  1. Soap Making


  1. Tissue Paper and Serviette


  1. Chinchin


Friend, You can order for any of these business plans from our online Shop and download it immediately.


Click on this link to see the shop


*If yours is not here, we will write it for you within 1 Week. And it cost N20,000.


If you want us to write a tailor made one for you that will have all your business information.


We charge N100,000 for it and it will take 2-3 weeks.  

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

My Birthday Business Plan Promo

After paying the N10,000,

I will add you to my special WhatsApp group for 2018 Mentoring on Fund Raising for your business through grants, loan and investors. This opportunity is good for startups, NGO, business owners and entrepreneurs.


Friend, Click the link below to join My New Facebook group where I share Grants and Business Opportunities in Africa


Call me or WhatsApp me for any enquiries on 08060779290

Important Give away

Free 1gb MTN Data Give way for 1st 50 people to Buy this product

Give us a feedback on how we can serve you better.

The things you want us to work more on.

Also, how you have benefit from us overtime.

Then, you wish me happy birthday.

Then, you put your MTN No that you can receive data on.

Friend, GOOD LUCK!


In 2018,

“Work hard like everything depends on you,

Pray hard like everything depends on God.’’


Friend, I will like to hear from you!

You can put your comment below this article

Till I hear from you,


Keep succeeding!

For: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

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…Raising 100 Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs in Five Years… since July 2012

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