Psychology Of Selling: How To Sell Anything To Anybody

Psychology Of Selling: How To Sell Anything To Anybody

Psychology Of Selling: How To Sell Anything To Anybody

Salespeople are not the only ones selling things like most people think. They assume that you need to have knack for sales, or that selling is not for everyone, but nothing can be farther from the truth. You don’t necessarily need to have the knack for sales before knowing how to sell. No one was born knowing how to sell, you can learn it, and you have to learn it because you can’t achieve success in life if you do not know how to sell something. Selling things does not only mean offering products to people for money. As an entrepreneur, you have to sell yourself to people, convincing someone to let you use something, you’re selling yourself already.

Customers know they can get the same products of the same quality from any other brand, but what they can’t get is the same sales experience. Salespeople have more control of their business than the circumstances around them. No matter what you sell, you have to know that there are some sales hacks to help you sell just about anything to anybody. The first thing is to sell yourself. You’re the first person they’ll acknowledge before agreeing to see your products or listen to what you have to say. As a salesperson, you should make yourself likeable, because if customers don’t like you, they won’t buy from you. Make yourself someone that you’ll be willing to buy from before you sell yourself to others. Other simple ways to sell anything to anybody include:

  • Make it more about them

People do not like to listen to others who centralize conversations on themselves alone. As much as sales involves you talking about your products to make people buy, you shouldn’t go too much into it neglecting them in the process. It may be interesting to you, but to your customers, you might just be sounding annoying. Make it about them, dwell more on what the product will do for them, rather than what the product is about. When you make it about them, they feel more comfortable buying the products since they already know what it will offer them and the solution it is solving.

  • Do your research well

Social media and the internet has made everything easier for you, as you can look up anything or anyone online. You do not have any excuse of going to meet a buyer without knowing what they do or care about. You should research on your prospective buyer to know if they even have need of the product you’re offering. You can check up people on platforms like Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, company’s press release, Facebook or Google. If you know what a person cares about, it makes the conversation flow well as the person will be able to connect with you quickly. It doesn’t take time researching on people just to know little information about them.

  • Have good rapport with them

Simple greetings like “hello, how are you today?” or “what brings you in today?” can go a long way in making your buyers feel welcome. When people are respected, they can buy just about anything from you, even things they never budgeted for. You can also chip in compliments about how they look good or the clothes they’re wearing. You can even talk about their work before offering to them what you sell or why they should care about your products. Talk to your buyers like human beings who have feelings too and talk about general things that pertains to them. Talk about the weather or the current trend in your locality. These are just ways to make your buyers comfortable and free with you, it also makes it easier for you to sell to them afterwards.

Psychology Of Selling: How To Sell Anything To Anybody

  • Define your buyer

One mistake salespeople make is attempting to sell just anything to just anybody. As much as this is your goal, you cannot succeed doing that. You must know who exactly you’re selling for, you cannot be selling products of $50k and you’re trying to sell to someone who earns $2k. You should be sure that what you’re selling fits into your buyer’s budget and that it fulfils their needs. By finding the exact kind of people who need your product and can afford it, you’re saving yourself the stress of wasting time on just anybody. Get this right- it is not everybody that needs your products, so you can’t sell anything to just anybody but the right customers.



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  • Offer value first

Once you’ve defined who your buyers are, you shouldn’t just jump into offering them what you sell, you’ll be annoying them that way. Instead, offer value to them in ways you think might be helpful to them, from your research findings, of course. Ask them questions on what their pain points are, and offer solution in that area. Position yourself as someone who wants to offer help, not just as a salesperson who only wants to sell. When you’re able to connect their problems with what you’re offering, you’ll find a more receptive audience.

  • Listen more than you talk

As a good salesperson, you should be able to avoid just talking about your products without allowing your buyers to talk. You should do the asking of questions, while they do the talking. When you ask questions, be patient to listen and listen carefully to what they’re saying. be sure you understand what they’re saying, and ask again to be sure you get what they mean. Carefully listening to other people talk makes you understand them more and it makes them feel good. People always like to have others listen to them, so you should offer a listening ear to your clients when they’re talking. Ask a lot of questions and just listen to your buyers pour out their mind. However, if you have a long list of questions, but the conversation seems to be drifting to another level, then you should just follow the flow. You don’t have to be eager to ask all your questions. After all, the aim is to have your buyers do the talking.

  • Keep it simple

You’re the one selling the products and you know a lot about it but you should still try to keep it simple rather than making it complicated in order to sound more knowledgeable. The whole idea of pitching is to make your prospective buyers understand what you’re offering and how it is useful to them. Whatever method you use should be able to bring back the customer and refer your brand and products to others. Making your products sound complicated will even put the customers off thinking they don’t need such complicated products in their lives right now. But if you make it simple enough for them to understand, then you can win their trust for them to buy from you. Whatever you have to say, keep it as simple as you can, and watch your prospective buyers eager to test your products.


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