Where to find the best Ofada rice in Nigeria

Where to find the best Ofada rice in Nigeria

Where to find the best Ofada rice in Nigeria

Where to find the best Ofada rice in Nigeria

Ofada rice, a variety of rice grown and produced in Nigeria, is distinguished by its unique flavor and texture. It is sometimes served with a hot stew known as “ofada sauce” and is traditionally grown in the Ogun state of Nigeria.

If you love ofada rice and have been wondering where to get the best ofada rice in Nigeria, look no further because you have come to the right page to discover where to get the best ofada rice in Nigeria.

I did my research and compiled the places in this article where you may find the finest ofada rice in Nigeria.

There are several places in Nigeria where you may find ofada rice, but it might be difficult to pinpoint which sources provide the best quality. Some of the places in Nigeria where you might be able to find high-quality Ofada rice are as follows:

1.  Local farmers or rice mills in Ogun state

The majority of Nigeria’s ofada rice is produced in Ogun State, so sourcing your ofada rice from a local farmer or rice mill in this area can be a good way to guarantee that it is genuine and of a high standard. You might also be able to learn more about the production process and the particular variety of ofada rice grown in Ogun state by speaking with nearby farmers and rice mills. To buy from a local farmer or rice mill, keep in mind that you might need to travel to Ogun state in person.

It is important to keep in mind that not all ofada rice is made in Ogun state. Some brands of ofada rice could be imported from abroad or produced in various areas of the country. To ensure that you are getting authentic ofada rice, check for brands that are known for their quality and are supplied from Ogun state. To learn more about the origin of the rice, you can also speak with the seller.

2.  Local markets

Ofada rice can be found in many small markets around Nigeria, particularly in Ogun state. These marketplaces often provide a large variety of Ofada rice brands to pick from, and the rice is usually sold in bulk, allowing you to buy however much or little you need. Aside from ofada rice, you can also purchase meats, vegetables, and seasonings to make ofada stew or ayamase. Local markets are also a great location to sample some of the other delicacies that are popular in the area and get a sense of the local culture.

Buying ofada rice from a local market is also a good way to support local small businesses and farmers.

3.  Specialty food stores

Ofada rice can also be found in Nigerian specialty food stores. These stores often sell high-quality products, such as ofada rice, and may provide a broader variety of different brands and types to choose from. Furthermore, the employees at these stores may be more knowledgeable about the many kinds and types of ofada rice available and can provide further information to assist you to make an informed purchase. Specialty food stores may also have a more controlled atmosphere for food storage and sales, which can help to ensure the ofada rice’s quality and freshness.

4.  Online retailers

Another place to find ofada rice in Nigeria is online. Numerous online stores in Nigeria sell Ofada rice. Jumia, Konga, and Nkataa are just a few of the popular online stores that sell Ofada rice. A large variety of ofada rice brands and varieties are available from numerous online retailers, and the rice usually comes with discount coupons. Shopping online is also convenient because you can order rice from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered directly to you. Just make sure to conduct your research and pick a reputable online seller to guarantee that you are getting ofada rice of the finest quality.

5.  The Ofada Rice Farmers Association (ORFA)

The Ofada Rice Farmers Association (ORFA) is a Nigerian organization that represents the interests of Ofada rice farmers. As a result, they might be able to offer information on where to find the best Ofada rice in Nigeria. You can try contacting the ORFA to see if they can give you more information on where to find the best Ofada rice in the country. As an alternative, you might try asking the Ofada rice farmers directly whether they have any for sale.

6.  Local restaurants

Local Nigerian restaurants may serve dishes cooked with Ofada rice and may be willing to sell relatively small amounts of the rice to customers. However, keep in mind that the price of Ofada rice at a restaurant may be higher than the amount you would pay at a market or store, as restaurants must often mark up the price of their items to cover their costs and earn a profit. Additionally, the availability of Ofada rice in restaurants may be limited, as they are largely focused on serving meals to their customers rather than selling individual items. It could be more economical to buy Ofada rice from a market, specialty store, or online retailer if you want to purchase a larger quantity of it.

7.  Supermarkets

Ofada rice is easy to find in supermarkets because they often have a large variety of products and are generally simple to access. Rice, including ofada rice, is usually found in the store’s rice section. Ofada rice is often sold in bags, though depending on the business, it may also be offered in smaller or bulk quantities. It is a good idea to look at the package to make sure you are purchasing a high-quality item and to look at the expiration date to make sure the rice is still fresh.


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Factors to consider when seeking the best Ofada rice

There are a few factors you should take into account when seeking the best ofada rice:

  • Quality

Look for ofada rice brands that have a reputation for being of a good standard and having a consistent flavor. Reading reviews and asking around for advice from folks who have used various products are also wise moves.

  • Packaging

Ensure that the rice is properly packaged to keep moisture, insects, and other contaminants away. This will ensure that the rice maintains its quality and flavor while staying fresh.

  • Price

The cost of ofada rice varies based on the retailer and brand. To find the best price, compare prices offered by several sellers.

  • Availability

Consider the availability of the ofada rice you are interested in. Some brands may not be readily available in your area, so you may need to search for them at specialty stores or online.



Ofada rice is available in many Nigerian markets and supermarkets, as well as in specialty stores that sell Nigerian food items.

It’s also important to remember that Ofada rice quality might vary significantly depending on the brand and how it’s harvested and prepared. Look for brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality rice if you want to make sure you are getting the best product available.


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