there are ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria. I am going to attempt in this article to show you 25ways I think will improve your search engine rankings, help you boost traffic for your blog, and enhance the overall user experience on your business website.
1. Add LSI keywords to your content
2. Delete older blog posts
3. Use short, keyword- rich URLs
4. Post longer content
5. Internal linking
6. Share your posts on Facebook
7. Auto- tweet new blog posts
8. Pin your images to Pinterest
9. Include links everywhere
10. Go where your audience is
11. Leave meaningful comments on relevant blogs
12. Reach out to bloggers directly
13. Respond to comments
14. Blog everyday
15. Guest blog for other sites
16. Enlist guest bloggers for your site
17. Write clear, compelling titles
18. Write something controversial
19. Interview someone in your industry
20. Consider a series
21. Tell people in your social networks about your new post
22. Pay for traffic to your site
23. Deliver killer content
24. Create a newsletter to showcase your best blog posts
25. Optimize for speed and mobile

Want to drive more traffic to your blog? Let’s go!

  1. Add LSI keywords to your content. This is known as latent semantic indexing( LSI ) Keywords. It is one of the important ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria.
    They are synonyms and closely related terms. Search engines like Google make use of the LSI keywords to evaluate a page’s relevance and quality.
    So, whenever you include LSI keywords in your content, you are basically helping search engines determine what your page is all about. To find the LSI keywords, simply give a Google search and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see ” Related searches”
    So if you’re writing an article on ” marketing tips”, the best keywords that you should include in your content are ” marketing techniques” and ” marketing tips” for startups. You can also make use of SEM rush to find even better keywords by following these steps:
    – Type your keywords in the SEM rush search bar
    – Scroll down to see ” phrase match” keywords and ” related keywords” for your search terms
    – Pick a couple of keywords from each category and include them in your content.
    You can do this for free by signing up for a free 30-day trial of SEM rush
  2. Delete older blog posts. SEO experts such as Brian Dean of Back linko and Rand Fishkin of Moz recommend that you delete older, mediocre posts which aren’t bringing you much controversial tip, And yet this trend of deleting older irrelevant posts seems to be thriving these days. These posts are majorly shorter and sweet 100-400 word blog posts which always lose out to 2000-5000 word articles with a more detailed and richer content.
    So, if your older posts aren’t bringing any organic traffic whatsoever they are pretty much useless. So just delete and let them go.
  3. Use short, keyword-rich URLs. Most search engines, especially google prefer shorter URLs over longer ones
  4. Post longer content. While some argue that a long Content is an article with 700 words or more, others argue that long form articles are more longer with over 2000 words. However, it is largely accepted among digital marketers that long form content refer to articles with around 2000 words or longer. If you want your work to rank higher in search e find results, post long form content. Research has shown that Google and other search engines show preference to longer comprehensive articles. Research by serplQ analysed top 10 results of over 20,000 keywords came to the conclusion that Google ranks content which have more than 2,000words better than those with fewer word content
  5. Internal linking. You also need to take advantage of internal linking to generate traffic for your blog. Internal linking is useful in reducing your site’s bounce rate and also makes the user stay engaged in your site longer. In addition to this, it also provides a percentage boost to your organic traffic. So blogging is all about qualitatively engaging with others and interacting online. When you link to a blog post, the blogger will likely find your blog and also come to see what you had to say. This is a sure way of generating traffic for your blog
  6. Share your posts on Social Media Facebook. How are you engaging your followers with your social media presence? Of course nobody wants to be a loudmouth on social media constantly discussing about yourself. But it still doesn’t mean you can’t share your content on social media sites like facebook. Your Facebook followers will expect you to share your links on Facebook. You can promote your content on your Facebook page.

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  7. Auto- tweet new blog posts. You can also simplify your social sharing by setting up your blog to automatically tweet every new post as it is being published. Avail yourself of any number of available apps or tools. The most popular ones are tweetify, Twitter feed and WP to Twitter
  8. Pin your images to Pinterest. Are you in the habit of enriching your blog contents with images? Do you use your own images? Not only does using your images make your content richer and more interesting, it will also provide you the freedom to share images on social media sites. So every time you publish a new blog post, you should share its images on Pinterest.
  9. Include links everywhere. Including links to your blog in your email signature is one of the ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria. On your personal Facebook profile, on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle and so on, will help drive more traffic to your blog, because you are automatically increasing the chances for your site to be found. Link out to other sites, particularly those that will help people
  10. Go where your audience is. If you are an entertainment blogger with a target audience of entertainers and celebrities. Find the places where celebrities and entertainers go online and get yourself noticed there. If you run a business blog, your target audience would be entrepreneurs, find out what they are up to online, where they mostly frequent online and get yourself in their faces! Whenever business sites host contests or ask for submissions, you should not miss the opportunity to put yourself in front of potential contacts and connections
  11. Leave meaningful comments on relevant blogs. One of the ways of  is developing the habit of commenting on other blogs. While doing this, keep in mind that these blogs have to be relevant to your niche. So, if for instance you are a fashion blogger, part of building a community of readers is habitually commenting on other fashion blogs. This should not be done in an apparently self- promotional way, but you should subtly promote your site by being an interesting, thoughtful and seasoned comments
  12. Reach out to bloggers directly. Building connections is no doubt going to help get you more traffic and recognition to your blog. Therefore it is wise to reach out to bloggers directly with the purpose of building connections. Find bloggers you can relate to and also admire, then begin to network.
  13. Respond to comments. This is an essential ingredient to building blog traffic. You should always respond to comments and be able to engage your readers. Make readers feel part of a conversation.
  14. Blog everyday. Posting rich, current daily on your blog is definitely a sure way to drive traffic. More content means more opportunities for readers to find you
  15. Guest blog for others. Find your own industry sites with decent traffic and offer to write as a guest author. This will open you to new readers and also redirect them back to your site.
  16. Enlist guest bloggers for your site. Setting out to find and enlist guest is one of the ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria. Bloggers for your own site is also beneficial and has tremendous capacity in building traffic. Guest blogging not only keep your site fresh and up to date with new content, but also the guest bloggers often tell their family, friends and fans to check out their posting, invariably driving traffic and visitors to your site.
  17. Write clear, compelling titles. This is also one of the ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria. Your content should necessarily have a compelling title so that whenever people search for content that is related to your subject area, they are compelled to check out your blog content. This is why titles clearly convey its subject matter and make them interesting enough to draw interest.
  18. Write something controversial. Writing controversial posts can be daring and thrilling at the same time. Going controversial of your postings, has the potential of getting you even more attention than you bargained for. It can skyrocket into instant fame and also generate tremendous traffic to your site.
  19. Interview someone in your industry. Every industry has a number of established bloggers. Think about your growing network, is there a possibility of having an interview with a blogger you feel is generally admired? Think about leaders in your industry or bloggers you admire. This is one of the great ways to get more traffic for your blog in Nigeria
  20. Consider a series. Preparing a series for your blog is certain to keep driving visitors to your site. You could brainstorm a series of blog posts about a specific topic and schedule of posts that fit into your series. Then start by building anticipation and a well-known researched theme that will pull attention, and also maintain readers over time.
  21. Tell people in your social network about your new posts. Another way of attracting readers is to spread the word, promote your posts across your social networks. Using WordPress.com’s publicize feature, you can automatically tell your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, as soon as you publish a new post.
  22. Pay for traffic to your site. There are web applications such as StumbleUpon. These applications solely function and charge to bring visitors to your posts, and with rates starting at $10 per visit. This is also a good way to generate traffic, paying applications such as these, particularly when you have published a special or commercial post and you want feedback and conversions from visitors.


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  23. Deliver killer content. An enthralling content is sure to drive traffic. Write content that draws readers to your site. You’ve probably heard the term “content is king”. The most successful content is one that meets a specific need. Go for statistics, beautiful info graphics, and great stories.
  24. Create a newsletter to showcase your best blog posts. The idea of driving traffic to your blog posts in the first place is for promotional purposes. You must have likely created your blog to showcase and promote your brand. Promotion should essentially be the major part of your content strategy. A very quick and handy way to start sending visitors to your site is collecting emails for a blog newsletter. Once this is done, you can then start sending weekly or monthly emails featuring your best or really special posts. This will keep bringing your conversions back to your site.
  25. Optimize for speed and mobile. What happens when you visit a site and it takes forever to load? Of course , you leave! Now, your visitors won’t wait around for your blogs to load, ok? So, if your page doesn’t come up real quick, chances are they’ll quit, and move on to the next Google listing( that’s your competitor!) Sad, but true. Also, note that Internet users spend nearly 3 hours a day on their tablets or mobiles.
    So, when putting up your site, you need to lay attention to its speed and usability. I mean its mobile readiness. Your site should work well both on PCs and mobiles, particularly mobiles.

Hope you enjoy this article?

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