80 Things You Will Learn from 72IG Affiliate Marketing School, Digital Marketing Skill Development and Expertnaire Affiliate Implementation Programme. (Cost N65,000)

80 Things You Will Learn from 72IG Affiliate Marketing School, Digital Marketing Skill Development and Expertnaire Affiliate Implementation Programme. (Cost N62,500)

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

We are in the world of digital marketing and the internet has come to stay. We just have to step up by upgrading our Digital skill. N65,000 is the only thing you need to upgrade your digital marketing to the next level.

Mr Patrick, a young married man learnt this skill and became a very valuable employee in his place of work because of this Digital marketing skill. His revenue Increased by x5.

Your phone is your asset to take your share from the digital space. Your phone should not be a liability but an asset. With your phone, you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria if you have good digital marketing skills.

Will you like to Increase your earning power by upgrading your Digital marketing skills and use them to sell other people’s products?

 80 Things You Will learn from 72IG Digital Marketing Skill Development and Expertnaire Affiliate Implementation Programme. (Cost N65,000)

Here are the things I learnt from 72IG program.

This course It contain videos, write ups, and E-books.

1. Whatsapp Income generator – You learnt how to make money through whatsapp. There is a special way of doing this. I have made more than 250K from this whatsapp idea alone.

2. How to create a profitable sales funnel

3. Twitter money blueprint

4. Whatsapp campaigns

5. Weekly mentorship

6. Access to expertnaire affiliate platform, I have made over 300k from this.

7. Replays of 72IG coaching

8. Affiliate marketing and how to select hot products

9. Understanding the expertnaire affiliate system

10. Picking a product to promote understanding the product the potential buyer

11. Whatsapp sales funnel

12. How to promote to contact you already have

13. How to promote people who don’t know you.

14. Whatsapp status marketing

15. How to create whatsapp links

16. How to use whatsapp auto responder

17. How to use card to create webpages

18. How to sell with whatsapp broadcast

19. How to sell with whatsapp groups

20. How to create whatsapp powerful headlines

21. How to create whatsapp content calendar

22. Whatsapp sales script

23. Sample of presell articles

24. Conclusion and call to action templates

25. How to get scalable traffic

26. How to install word press to build website

27. How to install thrive architect

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

28. 4 ways to make money online

29. Where the money is right now and How to get it

30. Swipe for emails

31. Swipe for WhatsApp

32. Swape for social media post

33. What top affiliates do differently to make sales

34. How you can 10X your sales event if you are a beginner affiliate marketer

35. Ultimate organic traffic sales blueprint

36. Setting your foundation

37. Tips on how to be productive

38. How to use your expertnaire affiliate account on a desktop

39. How to use your expertnaire affiliate account on a mobile phone.

40. How to get your first 2-5 sales without spending money on adverts

41. Whatsapp sales blueprint

42. Classical music for productivity

43. How to get a virtual card on get barter

44. How to pick a promising product to market

45. How to conduct effective product & market research

46. Research worksheet

47. How to kickstart your sales process

48. Angles/ Headline formula & samples

49. Facebook opening statement formulas & samples

50. Engineering your lead magnet, option page & Thank you page

51. David ogilvy’s adverts samples

52. Ogilvy Pressell formula

53. Optin page templates

54. Getting your domain name, webhosting and page builder ready

55. How to install word press & Thrive architect

56. How to design webpages

57. How to create auto responder

58. How to use Trojan Emails to drive sales

59. Introduction to Facebook advertising

60. How to “bullet-proof” yourself against Facebook bans

61. What to do if Facebook bans your account

62. How to use Canva

63. Setting the foundation for your Facebook Campaign

64. How to use “Pixel your site” plugin for your tracking

65. Exceptional Facebook Ads Sample

66. Facebook Advert homework

67. Complete Facebook Targeting Blueprint

68. Facebook and Display Image Training

69. Setting up conversion Ads on Facebook

70. Video Animation Training

71. Blocked words for your Facebook Page

72. The 72IG math

73. How to generate a look alike audience

74. How to redirect/ shorten your affiliate link

75. How to analyze the data from your Ad Campaign

76. How to troubleshoot a 72IG Funnel

77. Instagram Ads Training

78. Buyer List

79. SWIPE 1: Email/Whatsapp/Social Media Post

80. SWIPE2 : Email/Whatsapp/Social Media Post

And lots more.

You will also get 1 year free of the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform 

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

72IG Affiliate Marketing School

Let me tell you, the price of learning all this is more than $5,000 which is above N2 million naira. Now, you get all that for just N65,000.

Click here to get it now https://app.expertnaire.com/product/6752754464/7136346037



If you buy through my link today, here are the things I will personally give you.

Here are the things you will get if you buy 72IG Income generation Expertnaire N65,000 Affiliate Marketing Programme through me.


  1. One on one training via a closed WhatsApp group


  1. Special Guide on how to access all the opportunities that are attached to the Expertnaire platform.


  1. List of top 15 fastest selling products on Expertnaire


  1. 3 Affiliate Marketing Books for Free


a. Affiliate Marketing: How to Become the Next Affiliate Marketing Supper Star! By Shane Farrell.


b. Huge profits with Affiliate marketing by Connie green


c. Affiliate Marketing Handbook: A-Z Guide for Beginners. By Harsh Agrawal.



Here is the link to buy the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator and Expertnaire Implementation program, 


call or Whatsapp 08060779290


Chat me up if you have any questions wa.me/2348060779290

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