Dayo Adetiloye Coaching Programme.

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I provide strategic BUSINESS ADVICE, INSIGHT , IDEA clarification and Access to grant opportunities to corporations, individuals and groups leveraging my result oriented consulting experience for organisations and individuals.

I do so under Dayo Adetiloye Coaching programme focused on Business Start-up, Business Grant opportunities, Entrepreneurship Education, Expansion strategies and other areas of specialty.

As a result of the demand on my time, I can only provide 2 hour one-on-one or group sessions booked in advance. If you will like to book Business Coaching session with me,

kindly preview the details in the categories below.


For CEOs & Directors of corporations, Conglomerates, the public sector and Multinationals.

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Executive Coaching (Retainer)

For Young Start-up

For young entrepreneurs and start-ups

Book an individual personalised session:
$50 (N10,000)

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