Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦7000 only for the next 7 days instead of 20,000.


Hello My Dear Millionaire Friend,


Happy New Month!


I believe you are staying Safe this season.


This period is design for you by God to work on your business idea, and my organization has been position to work with you.

Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦5000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.
Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦7000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.


Here is the offer that will last  for the next 7 days.

You can get any of our already written business plans that you can edit on your own @ ₦7,000 instead of ₦20,000 we sell normally.

You can pick as many ideas as you want but they are all ₦7, 000 per one available for the next 7 days.


Here are the over 100 Business Plans We have:

  1. Adire/Kampala
  2. Auto Repair
  3. Bakery/Bread Production
  4. Block industry
  5. Cake business
  6. Cashew Processing
  7. Cassava Farming and Processing
  8. Catering
  9. Catfish (Fish Farming)
  10. Cattle Fattening
  11. Chin-chin
  12. Cleaning services
  13. Cocoa Production and Processing
  14. Cooking Gas
  15. Cosmetology
  16. Cotton Production and Processing
  17. Creche and Nursery
  18. Creche, Nursery and Primary
  19. Diesel Haulage
  20. Dry Cleaning
  21. Event Management
  22. Fashion
  23. Feed Mill
  24. Frozen Food
  25. Furniture
  26. Ginger Farming
  27. Goat Farming
  28. Grocery
  29. Groundnut Oil Processing
  30. Hair Salon/Barbershop
  31. Herbal Medicine Production and Sales
  32. Hide and Skin
  33. Honey Production
  34. Hotel
  35. Hydroponics
  36. Iced Water Production
  37. ICT
  38. Integrated Agribusiness/Farming
  39. Interior Decoration
  40. Laboratory
  41. Law Practice
  42. Leather Tanning
  43. Logistics
  44. Meat Processing
  45. Medical Equipment and Supplies
  46. Mobile Kitchen
  47. Moringa
  48. Mushroom
  49. Music Equipment and Rentals
  50. Nylon Production
  51. Oil and Gas
  52. Online TV
  53. Paint Production
  54. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction
  55. Palm oil
  56. Paper Recycling
  57. Petrol Station
  58. Pharmacy
  59. Photography and Videography
  60. Piggery/ Swine Production
  61. Plantain Farming
  62. Plantain Chips
  63. Plastic Bottle PET Recycling
  64. Pop Corn
  65. Poultry Farming
  66. Printing and Multimedia Services
  67. Quarry
  68. Raw Gold
  69. Recreational Centre
  70. Restaurant
  71. Retail
  72. Rice Milling
  73. Rice Retailing
  74. School
  75. Shea Butter
  76. Shoe Making
  77. Snail Farming
  78. Soap Making
  79. Solar
  80. Tea and beverages
  81. Tomato Farming and Processing
  82. Transportation
  83. Tissue Paper and Serviette
  84. Travel and Tour
  85. Vegetable Farming
  86. Vocational Training Institute
  87. Waste Management
  88. Water Production
  89. Yam
  90. Yoghurt and drink
  91. Yoghurt Production and sales
  92. Electric Concrete Pole


If yours is not here, let me know, it will be done for you at additional cost.

Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦5000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.
Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦7000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.


After buying, you will be given a link to join our Online library Via Telegram to access and download Business Development, Entrepreneurship, wealth creation and finance ebooks for free.  If you don’t have telegram app, you go to play store to download it on your phone.


The following ebooks will also be available at the online library



Please be serious with this offer, because it is one time offer and last for the next 7 days.


Many people will lose their job this season.

Some employers are already paying half salaries.

Some are saying No work, No pay.

It is time to work on your business and financial dream,

It is time to boost your earning capacity by reading.

This is my 10kobo advice this season.

Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦5000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.
Covid-19 Business Plan Give away @ ₦7000 only for the next 7 days instead of ₦20,000.

To Make Payment, follow this Procedure

You can pay though USSD Code, Online Transfer, Mobile Transfer or with your card through Paystack.


  1.   Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

         Account Name: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

  Account Number: 1019877638

          Account Type: Current.



  1. Bank: GT BANK

         Account Name: Adetiloye Adedayo Patrick

        Account Number: 0037218392

         Account Type: Savings


  1. Bank: ACCESS BANK

       Account Name: Adetiloye Adedayo Patrick

       Account Number: 0033807847

       Account Type: Savings


  1. Bank: FIRST BANK

       Account Name: Adetiloye Adedayo Patrick

       Account Number: 3087803393

       Account Type: Savings


After Payment,


Send the following Information:

Your name, phone no, email address, Location, Sex, Bank paid to, amount, and list of business plan, send via  text message or whatsapp on 07037079783


e.g Femi Adams, 08022345890,, Lagos, Male, UBA, N14,000, Poultry and Solar Biz pan. Send it to 07037079783

Feel free to call, text, send whatsapp message about this offer or after your payment to 07037079783 or you just reply this email.

Everything will be delivered to you within 24hrs.


Special Attention


 This Business plan will also help you to prepare for any grant opportunities or loan you want to apply for this year. e.g If you are waiting for the training part of any grant (e.g TEF) or you are applying for covid-19 CBN Loan.


Just maximize this period, don’t let this 2 weeks of stay at home be a waste.


This period is for you to Strategize and re-plan your financial live and create a business you start post Covid-19 Era.


I am currently working on articles on skills and online businesses you can do this period.


Once it is ready I will send it for you for free.


If you have challenge with anything, Call or whatsapp me on 07037079783



Till I hear from you,


Keep succeeding!


In 2020


Dare to do something different if you want different results.

Try New Things.


 I will like to hear from you!


Till I hear from you.


Keep succeeding!

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