Cryptocurrency Fuels the Growth of Crime

Cryptocurrency Fuels the Growth of Crime

The cryptocurrency market has gained popularity due to a shift in features from traditional fiat currency. While this is highly beneficial for some, the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies has created a few difficulties for law enforcement agencies.

In recent times with the growth of the market, there has also been an increase in its use as funds for criminal, illegal, and illicit activities. With no way to backtrack and the source of most transactions, cryptocurrencies have become a common funding platform and law enforcement agencies cannot do much about it.

However, cryptocurrencies through their distinctive features, have also helped many investors carry out legitimate transactions for legitimate work and as assets. Therefore, in a market that is so diverse in its use and capabilities, it is always advisable for traders to invest in secure wallets and software that can keep track of their assets securely without posing a threat for hacking, theft, or fraud such as the

What Can Crypto Be Used For?

The use of cryptocurrencies has been associated with various types of criminal activities due to its decentralized nature. This makes it more difficult to trace and regulate transactions. However, while cryptocurrencies have been used for criminal purposes, the majority of cryptocurrency users are law-abiding citizens that use the crypto platform for legal transactions and as assets.

Due to its online and decentralized nature, one of the primary ways cryptocurrencies are used for criminal activities is through money laundering. Criminals can use cryptocurrencies to move illicit funds across borders without detection. Cryptocurrencies can also be used to pay for illegal goods and services, such as drugs or weapons, on the dark web.

Cryptocurrencies have also been involved in ransomware attacks, where hackers encrypt victims’ data and demand payment in cryptocurrency in exchange for the decryption key. This has become an increasingly common form of cybercrime, with high-profile attacks that have not been solved as yet.

While cryptocurrencies may be used for the growth of crime in various direct and indirect ways, here are a few common ways in which cryptocurrencies are used to fuel the growth of crime in the world. 

Money Laundering

Criminals can use cryptocurrencies to launder money by converting their illegally obtained funds into cryptocurrency, then converting it back into cash through a process called “tumbling” or “mixing”. This process allows them to carry out transactions without any trace or applied taxes. Therefore, it adds to economic instability and can aid illegal means of earning money.

Ransomware Attacks

Cryptocurrencies have become the preferred method of payment for ransomware attacks as they are difficult to trace, making it easier for criminals to receive payment without getting caught. It is also common for criminals to demand cryptocurrencies by hacking into accounts with confidential material and encrypting it to gain ransom in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Dark Web Transactions

The anonymity provided by cryptocurrencies has made them the currency of choice for transactions on the dark web, where illegal goods and services are often bought and sold.

Fraudulent Schemes

Cryptocurrencies have also been used in fraudulent schemes, where criminals promise high returns on investments in fake cryptocurrencies. With zero traces and accountability, it is impossible to trace back the accounts that conduct it.

What Can Be Done To Reduce The Use Of Crypto For Crime?

Despite these criminal activities, there are efforts to increase the transparency and regulation of cryptocurrency transactions to reduce the potential for criminal activities. Governments and financial institutions are also exploring ways to better monitor and regulate cryptocurrency transactions to prevent their use in criminal activities.

Transparency Of Transactions

To reduce criminal activity, it is increasingly important for exchange platforms to increase transparency in transaction activity. This will minimize the misuse of cryptocurrency’s decentralized and pseudonymous nature for illegal activities with higher accountability.

Better Monitoring Technology

Even though cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature does not allow a single governing body to monitor its transactions, there needs to be a monitoring system or a track of records to help users in securing their assets and transactions against scams and theft. 


In conclusion, it is important to analyze not all cryptocurrency transactions are associated with criminal activity. Many legitimate businesses and individuals use cryptocurrencies for legitimate purposes, such as cross-border transactions and investments. On an institutional level, many governments are taking steps to regulate cryptocurrencies to prevent their use in criminal activity.


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