How to buy the book: The Stress-free Network Marketer by Ortega Ogomigo

How to buy the book: The Stress-free Network Marketer by Ortega Ogomigo

This book will show you,

How To Get A-list Downlines Without Sharing Fliers On The Street Or Running Unsucessful Campaigns… Even If You Hate Talking To People…. Even If You’re Shy… Even If You’re A TOTAL Novice

The Stress-free Network Marketer by Ortega Ogomigo

The Stress-free Network Marketer by Ortega Ogomigo



The Underground Expert Secrets For Hooking Prospects, Growing Leads, Selling Any Product, And Closing Prospects Like A Pro

Wondering What The Scripts Will Look Like…

Here’re few bites you can chew and use immediately for free…

Some HEADLINES You Could Use To Stop Any Fast-Moving Prospect Without Shouting

  • Announcing why you should never work 9-5 until you know this
  • Before I ever joined the business they laughed, but when they saw my alert.
  • Before I registered they told me it was scam, but when I showed them my weekly alerts
  • How an ex-banker started making 10times his salary every week without working 9-5
  • Can you pass this wealth test?
  • At last….(YOUR COMPANY) has agreed to share 75% of his profit to everyone interested in becoming financially free. 


On Introducing Yourself

  • Hello, my name is _______. I am a ______(title). I got started in an opportunity last year and since have been pulling me weekly ____figures without working 9-5 or leaving my passion. If you ever wanted to make ___figures passively like me, ask me how
  • I currently partner with a company that helps make over 136,600 individuals to become millionaires yearly without making them work 9-5 or leave their passion



  • Now, I can sleep, travel, dance, and start my fourth business without worrying about looking for an extra money
  • Former breadseller shows how she now earns #135,000 monthly
  • Discover why ex-accountant says he will never work 9-5 again in his life… And see how much he earns now
  • 300l student discovers an opportunity that makes her earn more than her lecturers monthly


Call To Action

  • Ever interested in making 5-7figures constantly like me… every week? Ask me How and I will show you
  • Over 37,979 millionaires are made yearly… yet, none of them work 9-5. Want to know how?
  • I have decided to let out my secrets that make me recurring 7 figures weekly to anyone really interested in being a millionaire


On Explaining To Prospects 

  • Can you make a living if you lose your job now?
  • Can you spare 5 minutes of your time to learn how to make money from your phone?
  • What if I told you that you don’t need an educational degree to become financially rich like over 56,800 illiterates…. Without working 9-5…. No insults, will you be interested?
  • If I give you my newly discovered secrets that can make you make weekly extra 6 figures like me, will you be willing be spare just 5 minutes?
  • How much will an extra weekly #100,000 look like to you?


On Handling Objections

  • The moment you hop in, you will be giving free signals from our leading experts. You can’t lose. When they win, you win. When they lose, you lose. You see, nobody will like to lose… no even those experts…. so, you’re secure.
  • The products are 100% efficient. It has been vetted and approved by over 15 countries. Nevertheless, if you feel unhappy with the products, please let me know. I will either change it for you or give you your money back in full.
  • Check this video of how a former street-sweeper started making cool 6 figures by partnering with this company…. 
  • I will not hide any secret when I explain everything to you. I promise.
  • I will closely guide you on how to grow this business.


On Filtering-Off Wrong Prospects (SUSPECTS)

  • STRICTLY for people who don’t know where to start from, if they lose their jobs now
  • STRICTLY for parents interested in making money from their phones whether they are techie or not
  • For anybody in doubt about network marketing


On Following Up

  • Hello _____. Last week, we spoke about how that you were interested in making this opportunity an extra cool stream of income monthly, getting bonuses as trips, cars, scholarships…. I wanted to check on you to know if you’re still interested
  • Hello ______. Trust you’re good. I called you for two reasons. The first is to check on you and the other is to know about your plans to start making _____ like me and others who are not different from you
  • Hello, _______. There will be a masterclass holding tomorrow that will demystify all the myth about _____. Will you be interested in attending… I bet you’d not want to miss it. XYZ will be coming around


On Closing

  • I want you to think of this differently. Now, imagine you in a new SUV driving your siblings and children to a nice resort to spend the weekend there. Well, it’s not a special day… You’re just excited and have somewhat form that as a new habit of spending the weekend. Your kids and spouse are so happy… You got to the resort. You were given a warm reception and treated specially. Well, it is no news that you just came from the Dubai last month… Now, while enjoying the cool reception and the atmosphere, then you saw me. I handed you the exact money you used in registering and wipe away all the new wealth, the looks, the cars, the warm reception given to you, the trips…. Will you like that to happen to you? I bet you won’t. So… What do you think of this opportunity? Get registered now

 Now, if you want to get the Remaining 2000+ secrets that will make you relax and get crazy results, you can click here to get the copy of the book at a ridiculous price…

Believe it or not, I am having a mixed feeling giving you these scripts…

Because I charge as high as #150,000 for a single copy and in that book, it is as though I wrote over 30 copies for you.

And interestingly, the price of the book is nothing near the 50% of what I charge per copy…

Neither is it 30%…

Not even 10%, you know.

In fact, You’ll Be Shocked To Discover That It Is Less The Price Of A Family Sized Pizza.

Less the price of monthly data or recharge card….

You see…

Instead of paying me 30 X #150,0000 (calculation result deleted), you will be getting this book for just #5,000

Now, Here Is The Sweet Part…

There are two sweet parts actually…

The first one is if you take action today, I will be adding you bonuses worth #90,000 for free

The other one, you’ll like this because it is permanent…

You’re Getting A 120 Day Money Back Warranty On The Book…

This means, if you get this book and you kick start in applying the secrets and your results remain the same after 120 days, don’t cry that you’ve wasted money…

Just  send me a text with the caption “WASTED MONEY” to 08153773538 and you’ll get a refund without any question… it’s very easy…

That sounds really good right.


Here Are What You’ll Find In This Book

  • Show-Stopping HEADLINES That Drag Your Prospects To Ask You HOW (Over 630 Scripts)
  • How To Introduce Yourself Professionally That Make Your Prospects Not Only Admire You, But Want To Hear More (Over 70 Scripts)
  • The Little Know Psychological Secrets To Silently Lead Your Prospects To A YES At The Close Of Presentation (Over 45 Scripts)
  • How To Make A Stranger Fall In Love With You (Not Sexually Of Course) (Over 69 Scripts)
  • The Simple, Yet Effective Techniques To Get Your Products Sold Under Days (Over 206 Secrets)
  • How To Handle Dogged-Head Prospects’ Objection Without Offending Them (Over 90 Scripts)
  • How To Make Your Follow-up Successful (Over 50 Scripts)
  • Explaining To Prospects Like A Father Would To A Son… And Make Them Do What You’d Like Them To Do (Over 95 Scripts)
  • The Winning Closing Secrets You Can Use At Anytime (Over 80 Scripts)
  • Powerful Quotes And Insights From Other MLM Legends (Over 400 Insights)
  • The Words That Seperate The Bad-Eggs From Your List (Over 17 Scripts)
  • The Proven Formula For Knowing Your IDEAL Prospects For You (This Is Very Important. Read This APPENDIX at least twice)
  • And Many More…



Show Stopping Headlines………………….Page 7

On Introduction/Openings………………….Page 45

On Asking Questions That Only YES Is The Answer…… Page 50

On Building Rapport………………………..Page53

On Testimonials……………………………….Page57

On Product………………………………..…….Page61

On Showing Proofs………………………..….Page 73

On Explaining To Prospects…………….….Page 76

On Handling Objections…………….……….Page 82

On Filtering Off Wrong Prospects………….Page 89

On Following Up……………………………………Page 91

On Closing/Call To Action……………………….Page 96

Deep Quotes From Top Experts That You Can Learn From To Keep You And Your Team Motivated……………….Page 104

About The Author……………………………….Page 158


Watch this Free Seminar we did on The Stress-free Network Marketer here


Here are some of the contents




  1. 22 years students shocks vice chancellor with his monthly alert
  2. 67 years old man suffering from arthritis now runs marathon every morning after taking this product.
  3. 1 reason why you should consider joining a network marketing business this year.
  4. 1 reason why you should get rid of your money problems now
  5. A 10 year old child with six-figure income?
  6. A good friend of mine asked me how I make 6 figures weekly without working 9-5, here’s what I told him.
  7. A friend of mine asked me how I became rich after leaving my high-paying jobs. Here’s what I told me.
  8. A cleaner finally lives her dream to own a duplex by the age of 27.
  9. A post that tells what it knows about your finances and fears
  10. A man who revealed this secret to how he became a millionaire under a year with just #50,000
  11. A lazy man’s way to riches
  12. A lazy man’s way to making money ethically without working 9-5
  13. A millionaire’s rag to riches story
  14. A quick and easy way to making money at home without working longer than 90 minutes per day.
  15. An ex-officer story to financial freedom
  16. A simple plan to make you financially agile
  17. An unexpected way of sharing good news and getting paid.
  18. A message from 10 billionaires to anybody interested in financially stress-free
  19. A message to financially frustrated people

To be continue in the book.



  1. Hello, my name is _______. I am a ______ (title). I got started in an opportunity last year and since then; it has been pulling me weekly ____figures without working 9-5 or leaving my passion. If you ever wanted to make ___figures passively like me, ask me how.
  2. I currently partner with a company that helps make over 100 millionaires yearly without making them work 9-5 or leave their passion.
  3. I help people make passive weekly income irrespective of their skill sets.
  4. I help people learn how to use their household products and get paid.
  5. I show single mom how to make an extra living without working 9-5.
  6. I teach people how to load recharge cards on their phones and make get paid.
  7. Are you struggling to write your life cheques?
  8. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
  9. Are you tired of working endlessly for long hours and getting stipends?
  10. As you can see, these are real pictures of my weekly payments. I will show you how I did it
  11. Did you ever dream you could make ________?
  12. Don’t you wish you could make ________ and _________? You can!
  13. I am surprised. Can 1/3rd of Billionaires be wrong?
  14. How would you like to earn 4-7 figures without stress?
  15. I am writing to this letter to tell you about ________
  16. I got started in an opportunity that makes me earn more than my boss. Listen to everything I am going to tell you here without hiding anything from you
  17. I guess the reason you’re reading this letter now is because you’re tired with what you’re currently earning
  18. I guess the reason you’re attended this training now is because you need to see how these young guys like you are making 5-7figures monthly without stress.
  19. I have a small secret that I’ve been using for quite some time now, and it is making me cool 6 figures monthly. If you read to the end, you will find out…


To be continue in the book.


Here are what you get if you buy this book today

The Stressfree Network Marketer Ebook (Value #5,000)

Bonus #1: My Audio Teleseminar On The Proven Secrets To Selling Anything To Anyone (Value #5,000)

Bonus #2: Access To My Private Broadcast List Where You Will Get Unadvertised Business Secrets For One Year FREE (Value #50,000)

Joe Sugarman Audio Programme On How To Control The Minds Of Your Prospects (Value #35,000)

Total Value:

Today’s Price: #5,000

Stressfree Network Marketer

Stressfree Network Marketer

Click here to buy the book now and download


Ortega Ogomigo is a results only direct response copywriter with experience across over 10 industries. He has trained over 5000 entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals on business, sales, marketing, copywriting… in over 47 countries.


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