How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

For those unaware, infertility occurs when a couple is unable to conceive after having regular unprotected sex. According to, it could happen because one partner may likely be unable to contribute to conception.

Or, it occurs because the woman is not able to carry a pregnancy to the complete term. Infertility is the inability to conceive after twelve months of regular sexual intercourse without using birth control.

Bear in mind that about ten percent of women ages between fifteen to forty-four years are estimated to have challenges conceiving or staying pregnant. Around the globe, eight to twelve percent of couples experience fertility issues.

Also, between forty-five and fifty percent of infertility cases are thought to result from factors that affect the man. So, according to, if you and your partner are currently struggling to have a child, do not think that you are alone.

This is because roughly ten percent to fifteen percent of couples are infertile. Remember that infertility is briefly defined as being unable to get pregnant even though you have frequent unprotected sex for a minimum of one year for most couples.

The infertility issue may occur from one of the partners, resulting from a combination of factors that prevent pregnancy. It is fortunate to say that many safe and highly effective time therapies can boost one’s chances of getting pregnant. 

Signs Of Infertility In Women

For, the common signs of infertility found in women are:

  • Irregular periods

The average cycle of a woman is twenty-eight days long. Therefore, anything that occurs within a few days from this average length is taken as normal as the cycles are consistent.

If you have a thirty-three-day cycle in one month and have a thirty-one-day cycle in the next and a thirty-five-day cycle after that one, it is still considered normal periods.

Nonetheless, when a woman’s cycles differ greatly and cannot estimate when the next period will arrive, she will go through irregular periods. It can be li led to hormone problems or PCOS, Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

These two can lead to infertility.

  • Heavy or painful periods

The majority of woken experience cramps when they have their periods. However, painful periods that have to interfere with your daily life may likely be a symptom of endometriosis.

  • No periods

It is not quite uncommon for women to have an off month. This is because there are factors such as stress or heavy workouts that can lead to your period temporarily disappearing. However, if you have not had a period in months, you should get your fertility checked.

  • Hormone fluctuation symptoms

The signs of hormone fluctuation in women can indicate prospective problems with fertility. You are to talk with your doctor if you experience things such as; skin problems, decreased sex drive, thinning hair, weight gain and facial hair growth.

  • Pain when having sex

Some women experience painful sex all through their lives, making themselves believe that it is normal. However, it is not normal. Feeling pains when having sex can be linked to hormone problems, endometriosis, or other underlying conditions that can contribute to infertility.

Signs Of Infertility In Men

The signs of infertility in men include:

  • Changes in their sexual desire

If you never knew, a man’s fertility is connected with his hormone health. So, changes in virility that are frequently governed by hormones can indicate fertility problems.

  • Testicle swelling or pain

Different diverse conditions can lead to swelling or pain in the testicles, contributing to infertility.

  • Issues maintaining an erection

The ability of a man to maintain an erection is often connected to his hormone levels. Decreased hormones may lead to trouble conceiving.

  • Problems with ejaculation

An inability to ejaculate suggests a sign that it may be time to see a doctor.

  • Firm, small testicles

For those unaware, the testes house the sperm of a man and the testicle health is highly paramount to male fertility. In addition, firm or small testicles can suggest prospective problems that a doctor must explore.

Risk Factors Of Infertility

Some of the risk factors associated with infertility include:

  • Age

If you never knew, the ability to conceive begins to fall around the age of thirty-two years.

  • Smoking

Smoking can greatly heighten the risk of infertility in men and women, and it may likely undermine the effects of fertility treatment. In addition, when one smokes during pregnancy, it heightens the chances of pregnancy loss.

Note that passive smoking has been connected to reduced fertility.

  • Alcohol

For those unaware, any amount of alcohol consumption can affect the chances of conceiving.

  • Overweight or obese

It can increase the risk of infertility in women and men.

  • Eating disorders

For an eating disorder to lead to severe weight loss, fertility issues may arise.

  • Diet

A lack of iron, vitamin b-12, zinc and folic acid can affect fertility. The women at risk, including women on a vegan diet, should meet their doctors and ask for supplements.

  • Exercise

It will amaze you to note that too much or too little exercise can cause fertility issues. 

  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

STIs such as chlamydia can damage the fallopian tubes in a woman and lead to inflammation in a man’s scrotum. There are other STIs that can lead to infertility.

Prevention Of Infertility

Some infertility issues are not preventable. However, there are diverse strategies that may increase the chances of getting pregnant. They are:

  • For couples

Couples can have regular intercourse lots of times around the ovulation period for the highest pregnancy rate. Note that intercourse begins at least five days before ovulation until the day after ovulation.

This will boost your pregnancy chances. More so, ovulation usually takes space in the middle of the cycle; this is halfway between menstrual periods for most women with cycles that are roughly twenty-eight days apart. 

  • For men

Though most of the infertility types are not preventable in men, some strategies may help. First, men should avoid tobacco and drug use. Also, drinking too much alcohol may lead to male infertility.

Furthermore, men should avoid high temperatures like those found in hot baths and hot tubs. They can affect sperm production temporarily as well as motility. Exposure to environmental or industrial toxins should be avoided as they affect sperm production.

Medications that may affect fertility, whether prescribed or non-prescribed drugs, should be limited. Converse with your doctor about any medications that you regularly take. Do not stop taking prescription medications without any medical advice.

You are to moderately exercise. Note that regular exercise may boost sperm quality and enhance the chances of attaining pregnancy.

  • For women

When it comes to women, that are some strategies that may boost the chances of getting pregnant, you are to stop smoking as tobacco has lots of negative effects on fertility, overall health and the health of the baby.

For those who smoke and want to get pregnant later on, it is time to quit. You are also to avoid street drugs as well as alcohol. Such substances will impair your capability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

Avoid drinking or using recreational drugs like marinara if you want to get pregnant. More so, caffeine intake should be limited, and you are to ask a doctor for guidance on the cautious use of caffeine.


What Is Norland Products?

The first thing to note is that Norland products have been successfully used to cure many ailments like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, infertility in both genders, HIV, hepatitis and even paralysis, to name a few.

For those unaware, Norland was established in the year 2008, and it is regarded as a large scale transnational industrial group. Thus group fully covers medical cosmetology, health, e-commerce and direct selling (MLM).

The Norland insured is integrated with diverse businesses such as medical services, health management, production, finance and international logistics.

It must be noted that this company has taken a giant lead in the health detoxification field. And it does this by adhering to its vision. Its vision states that it will create a universal ecosystem of health and detoxification in a bid for everyone to benefit from health awareness.

As it stands, this company can be found in roughly forty-eight countries and four continents, this includes Africa. It began in Africa in 2017 and has been in Nigeria for three years.


How are Norland Product sold?

Norland products are sold through Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents.

In this method, a commission is earned on both the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline). Also called multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, or by other such names, it is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that distributes practically any portable item.


How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

For Men

  1. Gi Vital softgel 3-5 softgel 2-3x daily
  2. Immune vital 1cap 2x daily
  3. Calcium iron zinc – 1 cap 2x daily
  4. B-carotene 1cap 2x daily
  5. Anion pantliner strip – Add strip to drinking water
  6. Male health pad – Wear pad for 4-6 hours

For Women

  1. Gi Vital softgel 3-5 softgel 2-3x daily

    How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

  2. Immune plus 1 cap 2x daily
  3. Calcium iron zinc – 1 cap 2x daily

    How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria

  4. B-carotene 1cap 2x daily
  5. Anion pantliner strip – Add strip to drinking water
  6. Anion pantliner – Wear frequently
  7. Female health pad – Wear pad for 4-6 hours

    How to Treat Infertility in Men and Women with Norland Products in Nigeria



Note: Norland Treatments generally is for 3 months.


To make a purchase and to find out the cost call or whatsapp 08060779290



He has not walked for five years but with Norland products he was revived and can walk on his own.




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