With the advent of the global pandemic in 2020, the ideologies of many persons seemed to have changed. In times past, people were more concerned about “physical jobs and Salary”. But currently, the premium is now placed on multiple sources of income and remote jobs.

In this digital era, although there are many ways to achieve multiple sources of income, Network marketing is among the top ways. It is a slow but steady earning means at the initial stage. For this reason, many persons who are impatient with the process resort to Ponzi schemes, where they eventually get scammed.

As such, this article is built to explain the network marketing process, the fastest growing network marketing companies operating in Nigeria, and the pros and cons of network marketing.



Network Marketing is a strategy to grow a business by building a network of business partners; who may become clients or generate income through sales or affiliation with new members.

Network marketing operation is based on levels. Usually, it starts with a single level, and multilevel could set in due to business expansion.

To explain the working of network marketing, consider the following example

John starts a company that deals with medical supplies. At the initial stage of his company, he employs 5 persons to carry out sales. He also encourages them to recruit more sales representatives. With commitment and dedication, John will attain his financial stability through his sales and commissions in the long run.

The first 5 persons who were employed (which constitutes the single level operation) would now be described as chief or founding marketers. This would still be the case for the second-level operators recruited by the first-level operators. Interestingly, this trend will continue to many multi-levels as long as the company is operational.

In essence, network marketing works on the principles of sales, affiliating, and commissions. Affiliate marketing is, therefore, an opportunity in which both the owner and marketers have the opportunity to build their income. Network Marketing is otherwise referred to as affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing, referral marketing, consumer-direct marketing, cellular marketing, etc.

Operational Marketing Networks in Nigeria

  1. Longrich

This is a company producing over 1000 products cutting across various utilities. Longrich is a very long-standing network marketing company in Nigeria, which has empowered and raised millions of persons above the poverty level; since its inception in Nigeria around 2012.

Becoming a Longrich partner is very easy, but like other affiliate companies requires hard work, patience, and commitment. To get started, you select your entry-level (entry levels include: platinum, gold, silver, Q-silver, and the student’s package).

The difference in entry levels is accounted for by the amount of money you’re willing to commit to the purchase of products, as well as the commission you get from your teammates.

 For instance, John purchases the Gold entry-level; this means that John would pay N130,000 for the Longrich products (starter pack). Once your evidence of payment is verified, you would be registered and directed to your closest Longrich outlet to receive your supplies.

By virtue of John’s entry-level, he would also be receiving a commission of 12% from Team sales.


  1. AimGlobal

AimGlobal is the short form for Alliance in Motion Global. This is an affiliate marketing company that has been in operation for close to 15years.

The products of this company range from food supplies to other consumables obtained from Natural combinations; which are very efficacious in the treatment of certain health challenges.

To get started with AimGlobal, you pay N38,000 for your starter pack. Once you get your starter pack, your journey to developing your team has started. You could use the starter pack yourself or give it out to others to try it out.

On the platform, income is generated from

  • Match Sales Bonus

Here your team’s organogram follows a tree format. As the tree progresses, any pair of persons joining the business attracts a matching fee.

  • Referrals

Outside the matching bonus, you get paid for every new member that joins the business.

  • Buying of products (Retailing)

Although this method is completely optional, there are benefits to it. The major benefit is solving the health challenges of others and getting paid for it.




  1. Norland

Norland is another Network Marketing Company operating in Nigeria. This company is owned by Dr. Rongxiang Xu He, a medical scientist. Norland offers a number of products including skin care products, medical supplements, energy products, etc.

Like other Networking companies, they have packages that vary in price value and earnings percentages. These entry levels are entry members, senior members, bronze members, silver members, Gold members, and Diamond members.


  1. Trevo

Trevo is a fast-growing company that produces a health-benefiting drink; made from 174 natural ingredients. It has been operational in Nigeria for quite some time. It is also a marketing company offering numerous benefits to its affiliates. Trevo packages currently range from the 48-bottle package to the 2-bottle package. Interestingly, Trevo pays you up to the 8th generation of your down lines. Other programs include; group volume commission and a 15% global pool bonus.


Pros and Cons of Network Marketing.


  1. There are many opportunities and rewards for committed affiliates. E.g. Scholarships travel/holiday trips.
  2. The capital is relatively low
  3. One could decide whether or not to work remotely.
  4. In the long run, it becomes a passive source of income.


  1. The process of convincing new affiliates could be very demanding.
  2. The risk of being registered with fraudulent companies. Therefore, as a check, intending affiliates to ensure that the company they intend to join has a wide variety of products in high demand.



There are many network marketing companies in Nigeria, but the ones listed in this article are those whose products and services I’ve utilized.

Also, irrespective of the number of these companies, it is important always to research whether a particular company is viable for business. This will reduce getting scammed or not being paid after so much effort.


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