Why I joined Norland Health Network Marketing Business and How I made my 1st Million Naira  in 2020 and how you Can do the same.

Why I joined Norland Health Network Marketing Business and How I made my 1st Million Naira  in 2020 and how you Can do the same.

REPORT: Registration Promo: 2019 Norland International Car Award and 2nd Year Anniversary in Nigeria

REPORT: Registration Promo: 2019 Norland International Car Award and 2nd Year Anniversary in Nigeria

I thank God for bringing this business my way through my upline in Calabar.


I joined about a year ago and I started with N87,000.


When I studied the business model, I upgraded to Diamond member.


So, I invested N1.35Million.


Today, I have made my money back and I am still getting massive reward from the business.


I also re-invested my money into the business.


Norland is health and wellness business and they have results.

If you have between N500,000 to N1,000,0000 to invest into this business, call me or whatsapp me on 08060779290


When I joined, I picked a niche of products I want to sell.


I picked 100 toothpastes, 30 Gi , 17 Vision vital.


I sold them, I make my money back and good profit of up to 20% and since then business has been sweet.


I sell majorly online using all the media.


I also sell on Jumia but the platform has price war.


Some people on the Jumia platform sells very extremely below company price which is bad for business.


I have recommended these products to my family and they got results.

So, when you join this business, you have two jobs to do.


  1. Sell the Products:

This is easier if you pick a niche, don’t sell all the over 40 products of norland. Some people sell products on woman’s health. Some on men’s Health, some sell Norland Magic Frying pan, some sell Energy bracelet. I sell the product that is use to cure ulcer called Gi Vital soft gell formally called Mebo Gi. I also sell Vision Vital to cure any eye vision like glaucoma  etc.


  1. Recruit New Members:

That is it; you need to create a team of marketers or a team of users of Norland products. If you do this well, you are going to enter a new dimension of wealth. That was what happed to me. I am constantly creating users and Marketers at the same time.


You can see that, after you drop your money, you have a lot of work to do.


If you can’t do this work, please don’t invest into this business.


But let me tell you this, you can do it,

Yes, you can do this business.

Just be creative about the task and you will thank me latter.

REPORT: Registration Promo: 2019 Norland International Car Award and 2nd Year Anniversary in Nigeria

REPORT: Registration Promo: 2019 Norland International Car Award and 2nd Year Anniversary in Nigeria

Let me breakdown the benefit of this business:


How Norland platform works


✅ When you refer, you get paid

✅When your Upline refers, you get paid

✅When your down line refers,  you get paid

✅Your  team people refer, you get paid

✅When you make repeat order,  you get paid

✅Your team make a repeat order, you get paid

✅When you enter a Silver level, you get paid leadership to your 5th generation 

✅You get paid on Rankings

✅You get paid on maintenance (optional)

✅You get paid on retail order and SO ON 





✅ One time, life time international registration. 

✅ Personal data tracking centre (member website) 

✅ Portable business

✅ No flush out of points  

✅ Accumulative points. 

✅ No breakaway

✅ No SSD (Same Status Distributorship)

✅ No compulsory autoship

✅ 25% free products voucher

✅ 25% Fast Start Bonus

✅ Free Travelling Trip (Promo/incentive)

✅ Free Car (Promo incentive).

✅ Cash Bonus (from 500k – 1.2m)

✅ Electronics Promo

✅ House Award worth N24m.

✅ Scholarship

✅ Luxury Hotel Award

✅ Gobal Dividend/Profit Sharing





✅We gain Financial and Time Freedom

✅Another Source of Income

✅We get Cars and Cash incentives

✅We travel round the world or collect the Cash equivalent of the trip

✅We help Empower Others to Be Financially free & live healthy







✅ Please, seize this golden opportunity to own your business & accumulate Pvs as much as you can, target Bankers, Insurance personnels, churches, large & small business owners, partners, associates, colleagues, friends, Etc., 


✅ However, understand that your upline did you good to have introduced you to this opportunity, you’re to work the system to succeed with or without his direct or indirect help/assistance.


✅ Never discourage yourself, or conceive the fact that the business isn’t for you, accept the challenges and be consistent with your desired goals and objectives, be focus at all time.

Remain blessed

Watch My Video:

Norland Compensation Plan in Nigeria and How to Get to the Top Easily


So, let me break it down more for you on the Business History, Business Model and Business Products.



I will discuss 5 subtitles in Norland business.


  1. What is Norland ?
  2. How to join…
  3. How we get paid weekly
  4. How we get paid monthly
  5. Our incentives/ Ranks.


What is Norland Industrial Group Limited?

Founded in 2008, Norland industrial group is a large scale transnational industrial group which covers health,  medical cosmetology,  Direct selling (MLM) and e-commerce industries and is integrated with numerous businesses including health management, medical services,  production, international logistics and finance.  

The company has taken a lead in the health detoxification field by adhering to it vision of “Build a global ecosystem of health and detoxification so that all may benefit from health awareness. Currently Norland is in over 48 countries and 4 continents, including Africa which started in 2017. And in Nigeria , we just clocked 1 year last October and have created more millionaires than the averages result of other companies combined. *Fact!!*🏼


*So relax we talking about a Giant here*



1:We have 5 Entry packages to choose from..🏻🏻🏻

*#87,000 – Senior member* 

*#167,000 – Bronze member*

*#350,000 – Silver member (Good package)*

*#700,000 – Gold member (Better package)*

*#1,350,000 – Diamond member (Best Package)*

  1. Choose your preferred package , make payments to company’s account , and then pick *products of your choice worth the exact amount you paid* , And you are automatically on board *(Registration is free!!)*  You have 60days to upgrade.


3: Recruit minimum of 2 people , then teach them to do the same. *(Its a copycat , we use the pull method)*🏼






*Stock of #87,000  is140PVs* 


*Stock of #167,000  is 240PVs* 


*Stock of #350,000 560PVs* etc.


PV means *Point Value*. Every product has a point value attached to it , and the higher your PV , the higher your payout and the better and faster the business grows!. *its a business of PVs)*






Types Of Bonuses


1.fast start bonus (weekly)

  1. Group Performance bonus (weekly)
  2. Leadership bonus (monthly)
  3. Maintenance bonus (monthly)






It is the bonus Norland pay you for new members that join your network tree.


Now let’s do the calculation 🏻🏻🏻


 For example : if you’re a senior member (140pvs),  And two new members join you directly , you get 

*= N28, 000  Cash* & 

*= N40,000 Free product of your choice* 🏼🏼🏼

*Total of N68,000* (About 75% of your investment),

Apart from your initial product of #80,000 you had collected on registration !! *This is Unbelievable*


*Let me marvel u* The moment two people come into your binary (that’s one on your left and on your right, whether you are their sponsor or spill over , you get the N28,000 , 

 And the moment your 2 persons recruit 1 person each , you get another N28,000 cash..🤬 *Norland is a GOAL !*



  A  B  = 28k.(+40k free products)

  C  D  = 28k.(+40k free products)


*NOTE* The free product is paid only to people who sponsor new members and not on spill over .

*And is paid till INFINITY !* 🏼🏼🏼🏼 Anytime you sponsor new member , you get 25% of the amount on free products!!!


As a *Bronze =u get 56k, free products worth 80k*


As a *Silver u get 112k, free products worth 160k*


As a *Gold u get 224k, free products worth 320k*


As a *Diamond u get 448k, free products worth 640k* 

Why I joined Norland Health Network Marketing Business and How I made my 1st Million Naira in 2020 and how you Can do the same.

Why I joined Norland Health Network Marketing Business and How I made my 1st Million Naira in 2020 and how you Can do the same.

*NOTE*: Each level is double the former one and so is the payment pattern . Also note ,that in Norland ,there is *NO SSD* As such, you can recruit any level despite your personal entry level and still get paid .




This is the Bonus that is paid to you based on your team performance on a weekly bases , It is calculated from 10-13% depending on your entry level and is paid weekly *FOR LIFE*

Senior member 10% *( With maximum payout of 2.4m monthly)*

Bronze member 10.5% *(With maximum payout of 4.8m monthly)*

Silver member 11% *(With Maximum payout of 9.6m monthly)*

Gold member 12% *(With maximum payout of 19.2m monthly)*

Diamond member 13% *(With no maximum payout ! Open cheque)* 🏼

So think about how much you want to make from NORLAND and choose your package accordingly.Always Think of Upgrading your account when due to maximize your profit.


*NOTE*: This bonus is paid on your team A and team B point matching , and is calculated from your pay leg (weak leg). E.g. week 1


       A(generate 12000pvs)       B (generate 15000pvs)

Your pay leg is team A. and Assuming you are a Diamond member , your will earn for that week:

12000pv X 13% =156,000 ÷100 (To get dollar equivalent)

=$1560 X N400 (Norland exchange rate).

Your Group Performance Bonus for that week will be.

= *N624,000* .It can be higher if the point is higher , and vice vasa !!





This is the bonus you are paid for encouraging and helping your down line to make money And for every cash they make ,you are paid some percentage . 

*Silver member = 8% 1st generation only)*


*Gold member = 8% 1st generation & 5% 2nd generation)*


*Diamond member = 8% 1st generation , 5% 2nd  and 5% 3rd generation)* for example:

If YOU sponsor UCHE & BOLA and both of them make 10million naira each in a month , you will be paid 8% of their 10m each ,which 800k X2. your Leadership bonus for that month will be 1.6million naira.



This bonus is paid not from their 10m but from company’s purse.

It is also paid on unilevel , which means you can earn from one active leg !!🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼, no need for matching. *Provided you are from silver level & Above*



 *Now this is another game changer* Earn from the subsequent purchase of your down line after their initial registration down to *12 COMPRESSED GENERATION*

1st 8%        7th 3%

2nd 7%       8th 4%

3rd 6%        9th 5%

4th 5%        10th 6%

5th 4%        11th 7%

6th 3%        12th 8%

 *Why the game changer ?*

Notice the graduation from 7th generation , even as the generation expanded? THIS HAS NEVER BEEN HEARD OR SEEN IN THE INDUSTRY !!

*And What do Norland mean by compressed?*

Assuming in your 1st to 12th generation, some number of persons did not make purchase, but there are persons from 13th generations below that did , Norland will pull them and fill up the gap and still pay you !! *This is just too much* This bonus runs in 6-7 figure income monthly as your team grows!

*NOTE*:In Norland there is no compulsory monthly maintenance (Authorship) , However , to earn from this maintenance bonus,member must maintain a monthly purchase of *28Pv* at all levels to Qualify for this bonus  *Finally, not purchasing 28pvs doesn’t make you inactive in Norland, it DOESN’T make you lose out on other bonuses and incentives*.✅




We have the following Incentives


  1. International trips (3 per year) 2018 we have south africa (already achieved) hollyhood and china(Already achieved),Dubai UAE and 2019 has been launched as *All roads leads to Malaysia* come March , 2019.🇦🇺🇲🇾🇿🇦🇵🇷


  1. Car Incentive (4.8 million..80k pvs, 6.4 million…110k Pvs & 13million worth Range Rover @ *Gold Diamond Yearly*)


  1. Medical Scholarships abroad for a period of 4-5 years + Automatic employment At graduation (for your  Family members)


  1. House incentive (house worth 30 million)


And lots of incentives for:




*Now is the best time to join. Timing is key!*


* I Advice you immediately take a position before any questions , cos I bet you , you will have no better choice*✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼


All the best & more earnings.



If you have between N500,000 to N1,000,0000 to invest into this business, call me or whatsapp me on 08060779290


*To Join our Fastest Growing Team in Norland*


Supply your registration information below:

















Watch my Video on

Norland products presentation in Nigeria




1⃣ *Breast, Cervical & Ovarian cancer*

▪Mebo GI

▪Immune plus


▪Propolis lecithin

▪Health pad (Female)

▪Sanitary napkin

▪Panty liner


2⃣ *Prostate cancer*

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad (Male)


▪Propolis lecithin

▪Immune Vitale

▪Panty liner



3⃣ *Fibroid* / *Ovarian* *cyst* 

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad


▪Sanitary napkin

▪Panty liner

* Alkaline cup


4⃣  *Low sperm count/ Impotence* 

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad

▪Immune Vitale


▪Panty liner strips


5⃣ *Diabetes* 

▪Mebo GI

▪Hypoglycemic capsules

▪Kuding tea


▪Calcium Zinc Iron

▪Hypoglycemic herbal (associated with liver problem)

▪Vision capsules

Alkaline Cup


6⃣ *High blood pressure* / *Cardiovascular Problem* 

▪Mebo GI


▪Kuding tea

▪Magic frying pan

* Energy bracelet

* Alkaline Cup


7⃣ *Rheumatoid Arthritis* */Bone issues* 

▪Mebo GI


▪Calcium Zinc Iron


▪Panty liner

*Shoe insole

*Energy bracelet

*Alkaline Cup


8⃣ *Weight loss*

▪Mebo GI

▪Islym bar

▪Kuding tea



9⃣ *Vision problems*

▪Mebo GI

▪Vision capsules


▪B carotene


*Kidney problems*

▪Detox pack

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad

▪B carotene


▪Panty liner

* Alkaline cup



*Dental problems*

▪Mebo GI

▪Sanlit Mouth wash

▪Norland Toothpaste

▪Calcium Zinc Iron


1⃣2⃣ *Ulcer* 

▪Mebo GI

*Alkaline Cup


1⃣3⃣ *Sickle cell anaemia* 

▪Mebo GI





1⃣4⃣ *Pile*

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad

▪Propolis/ Cordycepts



1⃣5⃣ *Polycystic ovarian syndrome* *(PCOS)*

▪Mebo GI

▪Health pad

▪Oligopeptides {  *to correct abnormal lipid (dyslipidemia)*}

▪Hypoglycemic capsules *(to reduce d insulin resistance)* 

▪Immune plus

▪Panty liner


1⃣6⃣ *Stroke*

▪Mebo GI


▪Kuding tea

▪B carotene

* Shoe insole

* Energy bracelet

*Alkaline Cup

1⃣7⃣ *Hormonal imbalance*

▪Health pad


▪Sanitary napkin

▪Panty liner

*Alkaline Cup


1⃣8⃣ *Skin Rash/problem* 

▪Mebo GI

▪B carotene


1⃣9⃣ *Hepatitis*

▪Mebo GI

▪Hypoglycemic herbal

▪Immune plus



▪Panty liner


2⃣0⃣ *Vaginal discharge/Infection/ UTI*

▪Health pad

▪Mebo GI


▪Panty liner

▪Sanitary napkin

*Alkaline cup


2⃣1⃣ *Parkinson’s disease* 

▪Mebo GI

▪Immune plus


▪B carotene

▪Calcium iron zinc

* Energy bracelet

*Shoe insole 


2⃣2⃣ *Asthma* 

▪Health pad (M or F)

▪Mebo GI


*Alkaline Cup


If you have between N500,000 to N1,000,0000 to invest into this business, call or whatsapp me on 08060779290


Finally watch my Video on

How to join the Fastest growing and the Best Team in Norland in Nigeria

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