Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria

Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria

Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria

Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria

You can’t go wrong with these lists of the top investment platforms in Nigeria for 2022 if you’re seeking reputable platforms in Nigeria that can make you money and handle all the hard work for you. Since most of them have government licenses and insurance from recognized organizations, they are tried, true, and a guaranteed safe way to develop your money without risk.

Although many investment platforms are online, they also have physical places where you may work and, if you’d want, make inquiries. Many of them provide other investing alternatives in addition to automated savings. Though it typically ranges between less than and more than 13% annually, each company promises a varied ROI to its investors.

What is an Investment Platform?

The majority of investment platforms are online businesses that let customers invest their money and perhaps earn income. These investment platforms demand that users make investments through their website or mobile app. This is not to argue that these websites don’t have physical offices or locations. You are invited to stop by any of their offices if necessary. If you want to invest, you must first register on the company’s website. In other words, most investment platforms have an online presence.


Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria


  1. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is the top digital “Savings & Investment” platform in West Africa. They were only intended to be a savings tool when they first launched as “” in 2016. They only gave loyal clients discounts for three years. The company’s name was changed to “PiggyVest” in April 2021, and it began offering consumers direct investing alternatives in addition to savings options. After 5 years, they have maintained their great service, helping their 1,000,000+ users manage their funds confidently and easily. Their consumers jointly save and invest billions of Naira each month that they would have otherwise spent. The mission of PiggyVest is to “empower everyone to successfully manage and grow their finances.”

  1. Investment One

Investment One is a multifaceted business in Nigeria that provides various financial and investment options. Before that, it was GTB Asset Management Limited. Since its establishment in 2007, Investment One has offered and will continue to offer new investment options along with value-added services in Nigeria’s financial sector.

Their industry-leading solutions are something they are quite proud of. They have a solid awareness of customer needs and can match them with a wide range of high-quality products, giving us a sizable market share advantage. They have a group of investment managers prepared to offer their clients high-quality services based on their in-depth market knowledge, creativity, and service standards.

  1. Kuda Bank

Formerly known as KudiMoney, Kuda Bank is a ground-breaking financial platform that supports innovation in Nigeria and elsewhere. By giving its members a range of free services, it capitalizes on the phrase “bank of the free.” Like a few of its rivals, KudaBank offers a 10% interest rate on savings. It additionally provides low-interest loans to its clients.

  1. Carbon

Carbon is one of Nigeria’s most well-known investing platforms with various online funding choices. They started out in the digital financial space as a loan app but now offer various services like investing money transfers and savings.

You can start investing in carbon with as low as 100 Naira and earn up to 16% annually. Additionally, you can choose a time term for your investment, ranging from three to twelve months. To invest with Carbon, select a plan (Cash Vault, Goals, or Flexsure), enter your desired investment amount and time frame, and then finance with a bank account or credit card.

With Carbon, your money is secure. All of the funds are managed by One Finance and Investment Ltd, a business that is licensed and governed by the CBN. You can choose to make an investment for 3, 6, or 12 months at a rate of up to 16 per cent.

  1. Bamboo

If Bamboo is excluded from the list of top online investing platforms in Nigeria list, it would be lacking. Over 3,000 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange are freely accessible through Bamboo, a respected investment company, from the comfort of your smartphone. You can start investing right away by automatically loading your Bamboo Naira or Dollar wallet. Adding an ETF to your portfolio is another way to diversify it (exchange-traded fund).

You need at least twenty dollars, or the equivalent in Naira, to begin investing in bamboo. If you invest in Naira, you can only withdraw to a Naira account, and if you invest in USD, you can only withdraw to a USD account. A valid ID, an electricity bill, and your BVN will all be required when you sign up for a Bamboo account. They allow bank transfers in addition to Master and Visa credit cards as payment methods.

The Bamboo app has a straightforward design with integrated technology that enables you to see a realistic perspective of the performance of your portfolio over time, so you may alter your approach and pick up new skills as you go. The tool can be used to track investment buy returns as well.

All Bamboo investments are monitored by Securities Investment Protection, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures all accounts up to a maximum of $500,000. (FDIC).


Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria

Top 10 websites to invest in Nigeria


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  1. RiseVest

Investing in assets with various global currencies is made simple with RiseVest. With a guaranteed return of up to 14% and a possible return of up to 41% annually, you can invest in any of the well-managed assets. Their most valued possessions include stock, bonds, and real estate. With RiseVest, you can rely on astute wealth management. Your money is secure with RiseVest as it is monitored and controlled by ARM Trustee Ltd.

The site has an intuitive user interface and a built-in tracker that lets you keep track of your investments and check your progress in real-time. Using their app, you can also define investment objectives.

With RiseVest, you must first deposit at least $10 before choosing a plan and a duration for your investment. Banks use the same technology to encrypt data to protect all RiseVest accounts. RiseVest is exceptional in that it offers free, expert financial planning for your investment.

  1. Trove

You can use your smartphone to invest in American, Asian, and Nigerian stocks, treasuries, ETFs, and other securities using Trove, one of Nigeria’s most well-liked online investment platforms. With just $10, you can start your investment endeavour. With Trove, you can use a credit card or a bank transfer to make a one-time investment in any publicly traded stock, bond, or international commodity. You can use Naira or Dollars to invest in Trove. Dollar wallets are made for investing in foreign stocks, whereas Naira wallets are made for investing in Nigerian businesses.

You’ll need your BVN, a valid driver’s license, and an energy bill to begin using Trove. Thanks to Trove’s more than 4,000 stocks, you may start investing as soon as you open a brokerage account. Your money is secure with Trove since all of its assets are held and managed by Sigma Securities Ltd and ARM Securities Ltd, two SEC-licensed, regulated brokerage businesses. A trending stock indicator is available on Trove to help you find investing choices based on your profile.

  1. Wealth NG

This is another top-notch investing website that lets you buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and rental properties. On their user-friendly website, you can instantly track and manage your investments and see how much return you’ll get as they increase.

You can get help from qualified financial experts if you’re a member. Through Wealth NG, you can invest in long-term assets like stocks and real estate holdings and short-term assets like 30-day government bonds.

You’ll need your BVN and next of kin to verify your identity before proceeding. Wealth NG uses an interactive chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The chatbot’s role is to answer queries and offer customized investing recommendations. You can start saving with as little as 1,000 Naira at Wealth, which also offers savings accounts with interest rates as high as 7% annually.

You can get Wealth NG for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. They offer various services through their app, including the ability to send gifts, monitor your portfolio, make investments, and determine your net worth.

  1. Payday Investor

By investing in the ARM Money Market Fund, you can use this investment strategy to conserve money while also increasing your income. ARM Investment Managers, a division of Asset & Resource Management Holdings Limited, which is authorized and subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, offers Payday Investor as a service.

They provide a user-friendly app that is accessible through the Apple and Google Play Stores. You can use the app to track your regular hobbies as well. A 15% return on your investment is possible. Investors have the choice to automate savings in the way that works best for them, whether that be weekly or monthly. You’ll need at least 1,000 Naira to get started; then, you’ll need to open an account, decide on an investment strategy, and figure out your funding alternatives. The ARM Money Fund, which invests all your savings, allows you to retrieve your funds whenever possible. Payday Investor is an ARM product; therefore, in a crisis, you can contact licensed financial advisors.

  1. Cowrywise

A fintech startup called Cowrywise is reshaping the African investment management industry and revolutionizing how young people and the continent’s expanding middle class may access savings and investment options. With more than 350,000 customers, they are developing online savings and investing lifestyles for the upcoming generation of wealthy Africans. The first Nigerian firm to be accepted into the Catalyst Fund initiative, which JP Morgan and UKAID support, is Cowrywise, a Y Combinator company. With CowryWise, you can invest in low-, medium-, and high-risk products. Most of these investments are made in agricultural commodities, mutual fund schemes, and other third-party money market commodities. It prospers on a 10% savings rate, with varying investment rates.


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