1. Fashionable items Business: People want to look good because looking commands respect. Thus, you can sell fashionable items, such as; clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, e.t.c. Doing this business can come with a low startup cost. You just start it and start getting aware of what you are into on different social media platforms. Start making wave through quality products and will always make customers remember your name any time they need the item(s) you sold. 
  2. Cupcake making: starting your own business, is very tough, you just have to be focused. Making cupcakes could be a better option for you. All you need to do is learn it, start making it and sell.
  3. Aquaponics Business: This business can be done within the space of your home. All you need is getting waste from aquatic creatures to grow plants without soil. This business requires little initial capital to start.
  4. Pizza Business: With little startup capital, you can a pizza shop. This does not require much cost, just learn it and start it, even beside your house. Many people love pizza and you can money from it.
  5. Customized Clothing: This business does not necessarily require you to know how to sew clothes, if you are good with designs and your creativity level is high in terms of graphics and making attractive inscriptions on clothes, people will patronize you. This is because people love to have their dresses customized. If you can learn this, you are sure to make your money.
  6. MC for events: Your service will always be needed if you are good and considering being a master of ceremony. Nigerians are lively and always want somebody who can really enhance their fun. You would definitely make it if considering going into this business.
  7. Auto-Repair Shop: You can try learning how to repair and fix cars. This is a lucrative business because most people that have a car(s) cannot fix it when it has an issue, so this is an area you can consider to make money.
  8. Consultancy Business: This is an act of offering service to people in exchange for money. That is offering specialist and professional knowledge and advice in any field you are good with. A few areas are; marketing, educational consults, sales, social media, e.t.c.
  9. Makeup Business: Makeup business, if you are good with it, all you need is initial capital to buy equipment. And as time goes by, you will buy the remaining and other equipment to increase your chance of getting more customers and making more profit.
  10. Shoe Manufacturing Business: Shoemaking is another lucrative business you may want to venture into because people are already considering patronizing Nigerian shoe cobblers. This may be a better option for you, all you need to do is learn it and start small, before you it, you are big already.
  11. Interior Decoration: People want their room to look nice always and this could a good option for you. All that you need it to learn and be good at it, you make money from it.
  12. Wallpaper Sale and Instalment: You can start selling wallpaper as well as installing it. This is a modern-day way of beautifying homes. People want their room to look nice. Start small and see that it is a lucrative business.
  13. A Youtuber: This is another business you can venture into. Becoming a YouTuber requires you to be social, updated, and carry people along on the latest happening in town. Within a short period of time, if you are good at it, people would always watch you more people would subscribe to your channel.
  14. Hire Purchase Services: In the hire purchase business, all that you need is to acquire a property, say, a car and you give it out to someone to be paying on installment and at the end of the day, you will get more than the amount you bought the property.
  15. Supply of Eggs: All you need to do in this business is get two or more poultry farmers who can be supplying you eggs at a wholesale price and you will, in turn, distribute it to supermarkets and shops. It will surprise you that if you persistently and consistently with it, you will start distributing eggs to big businesses and companies who need eggs as part of their production process. It is a very lucrative business.
  16. Yoga Studio: Yoga is already gaining acceptance in Nigeria. You can venture into it and make money from it.
  17. Restaurant Business: The food industry is a fast-growing industry in Nigeria, thus, it has a positive result on restaurant owners. If you can own a restaurant, there is a high tendency that you will make more money from it.
  18. Car rental Business: People need a car to carry out some urgent assignments, or to own a car for a few days for personal needs. This, you can go into the business of renting out cars.
  19. Social media marketing: you can venture into this business as it is a tool for driving the profitability of businesses.
  20. Email Marketing Business: this is a means of growing businesses through marketing via email.
  21. Dry Cleaning Business: another area you may want to consider venturing in.
  22. Uber Business: All you need is to register with the transportation company (Uber) and you will continue making your money.
  23. Small Chops Packaging: Small chops business is a good business you can venture in, for birthdays and short parties.
  24. Tailoring Business: This business requires you to have the necessary skills for the business.
  25. Sports Betting Agency: this business is becoming lucrative in Nigeria. Lots of people are betting every day. All you need is to get a space, generator, printer, computer and internet connection.
  26. Okirika Business: This business deals with the selling of second-hand goods. This business thrives in Nigeria of the economic situation.
  27. Mobile Food Business: Food is a necessity and for you to go into this business, just start small and start a food cart business.
  28. Call Card Business: Every adult owns a phone and they will surely need to buy a calling card. This business requires a small capital outlay and you will definitely make your money.
  29. Website Design and Maintenance: Businesses with an online presence need somebody to manage it for them. It is an area you can consider.
  30. Affiliate Marketing: Making money through affiliated marketing requires you to be somebody who has the capacity to promote product selling online.
  31. Information Marketing: You can make money from reports, ebooks, audio and then sell online.
  32. Mini Importation: All you need to do is get an agent online to purchase items from, and then you will sell it to make your own profit.
  33. Car Wash: This does not require much capital. Just create a good environment where your customers could stay while waiting for you to finish washing their cars.
  34. Plantain Chips Production: You can start this from your home with a little capital.
  35. Liquid Soap Production: You can consider the market for soap in Nigeria the market is large enough
  36. Ice Block Production: As a result of the epileptic power supply, the ice block business is a good business to venture into.
  37. Sales of Mobile Phone: All you need to get a space where you would be selling. You can start this business with as little as #30,000.
  38. Plantain Chips Business: This can be started right from your kitchen. It then means that you need a small amount of money to start this business.
  39. Solar Panel Repairs: You need to be trained in the area, after which you can establish your own with a small amount of money for equipment.
  40. Blogging: All you need to do is to have access to the internet and from there; you need to be able to write. This business requires you to have a laptop and time to invest.
  41. Fabrics Business: The fabric business is a very lucrative business you can go in, but you need to have a reliable supplier before going into this type of business. And you also need to decide which area of fabrics do you want to concentrate on?
  42. Pest Control Business: You can go into this business because are now aware of the dangers that harmful animals pose. Pest control has to do with the removal of harmful insects or rodents, reptiles, e.t.c.
  43. Gaming Business: Young people love games, especially, video games. You need to learn how and where to locate your shop for this.
  44. Clothing Store: All you need is to get a reliable supplier who would be supplying you with clothing and accessories.
  45. Art and Craft Business: If you are good with drawing and painting, this is one of the areas you can consider.
  46. Freelance Writing Business: This requires your writing skills and with this, you can work from home and earn your money without stress. Because you are what you like doing most.
  47. Courier Service Business: You can go into the courier service business. This deals with helping people to carry their products. This is one of the emerging businesses in Nigeria, you can start small. It requires a small amount to start.
  48. Electronic Repairs Business: doing this business will require you to have learned the work and after the necessary training, you start up your own. People will always need the services of an electrician.
  49. Shipping Company: The shipping business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria.
  50. Real Estate Investment Business: Real estate investment is a huge area where you can easily make it, but you need to understand some legal issues surrounding it so you won’t find yourself in trouble.




  1. Organic Farm Business: Organic products are in high demand by people and they prefer fertilized products due to health reasons.
  2. Fish Farming: This business requires you to have knowledge about the fish farming business and also have the initial capital to start it. It’s one of the lucrative businesses you can do.
  3. Furniture Business: In order to start a furniture business, all you need is to learn skills and carry out enough research for marketing your goods.
  4. Crop Farming: This is another area you can specialize in. Farming on the commercial scale, because food is a necessity.
  5. Tomato Farming Business: All you need is a good supply plug such as a farm. Carry out adequate research, this will enable you to know the variety of tomatoes that are in demand and will sell.
  6. Microfinance Business: if you have the capital, you can go into a microfinance business. All you need is a business guide on what to do per time.
  7. Cosmetics Business: you can go into this industry, although it requires lots of hard work if you can put in the hard work, you will see a positive result.
  8. Nursing Home Business: You can start a business that deals with taking care of elderly ones. In major cities, the nursing home business turns in lots of profit.
  9. Poultry Farm Business: Poultry farming needs lots of attention and care. You need to determine your audience and the product you want to sell to them. E.g in the poultry farm business, we have eggs, chickens.
  10. Pizza Delivery Business: You can start production of pizza and its delivery; even you can start from your home. You can be creative with it by making different types of it, and then you will see people patronizing you.
  11. Party Rental Business: Renting out parties equipment is a profitable business because Nigerians love parties.
  12. Jewelry Line Business: For this business, all you need is reliable suppliers who will give you jewelry in large quantities and at a discounted price.
  13. Transport Business: If you have your own car, you can start a transport business. It will fetch you money rather than leave your car idle.
  14. Wine Bar Business: You can look into starting a wine business. You only make sure you choose a great location for this.
  15. Graphics Design Business: If you are creative and you are good with art, you can start your graphics business. Even if you didn’t know graphics, you can learn them and be good with them.
  16. Gym Business: You can start a gym business if you are a fitness enthusiast person. You need money for gym equipment.
  17. Phone Repairs Business: Everyone has a phone, so the phone repair business is a business that is bound to thrive. All you need is to learn the skill and start with small capital for equipment.
  18. Hamper Business: The hamper business is a good business that will boom in certain seasons. E.g festive and Valentine seasons.
  19. Bakery Business: You might need to go to catering school before you can properly fit in. You can go into cake baking, bread baking.
  20. Daycare Business: Daycare centers make money because mothers still need to work after childbirth. You can go into running a daycare business.
  21. A disc jockey (DJ)
  22. Oil plantation
  23. House painting
  24. Alternative power supply
  25. Stock Photography
  26. Dating Services
  27. Day Spa
  28. Selling Fruits
  29. Selling Honey
  30. Magazine Publication
  31. Biscuit production
  32. Pet Breeding
  33. Security Gadget sales
  34. Animal feed Production
  35. Online Marketing
  36. Haulage and Logistics
  37. Cooking gas sale
  38. Food processing
  39. Cement sales and Distribution
  40. Livestock Farming
  41. Quail Bird Farming
  42. Art Gallery
  43. Travel Agency
  44. Monogramming and Branding Services
  45. Weight Loss Consultancy
  46. Nail Studio
  47. Printing and Book Production
  48. Sports collectibles shop
  49. Internet Radio Station
  50. Facility Management Service


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