Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

All over the world, covid-19 has locked down different cities and countries and people need to work from home. Someone called it ‘Compulsory holiday’.

Many Adult have lost their lives and also young people and our health sector are at the fore front of this war against corona virus while we stay at home.

Here in Nigeria, the lockdown is just starting at the beginning of writing this article and I just decided to share with people online businesses they can do at home during this period.

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

This online business can be for “profit”, it could be “not for profit”. You can make income, impact and influence with all the ideas and strategies I will share with you.

I have been running online business corporately for the past 7 years and most of this I will share with you is what I have done or I am currently doing.

After sharing all this opportunities, information, ideas of what you can do this season, you have the decision to decide what to do, putting all the effort and make it work.

It is a business and you have to apply all the business principles of learning it, Doing it and Selling it etc.

Let’s look at the Top 25 Online Business You Can Do in Nigeria During this Covid-19 Holiday with Examples.


  1. Recharge And Get Paid:

This business is a Telecommunication online business opportunity. It is the No 1 I recommend because it is 100% online and has lowest entry level of ₦5,000.

I joined this online business about a year ago. I started with ₦5,000, to access my online VTU portal.

How I make N2000 Daily from Recharge and Get Paid Online Business and how you too can in Nigeria

How I make N2000 Daily from Recharge and Get Paid Online Business and how you too can in Nigeria

My assignment is to:

A. Use the Platform

Here are the services on the Platform

  1. Airtime (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile)
  2. Data for all the Networks.
  3. TV Subscription (GOTV, DSTV, Startimes)
  4. PHCN and other services loading…

B. The 2nd Job is to help to build the RAGP Community of Users.

You refer others to join the business. When you do that, the company have compensation plan for you. And you earn online. This business is in Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon and Ghana, but the business started from Nigeria.

Here are the 22 benefits if you register on the platform.




Aside from your daily commissions, you can still benefit some mouth watering benefits.


  1. You earn 20% of your registration fee when u register. This can be called ur welcome bonus.


  1. You earn 2% of the Airtime you recharge.


  1. You earn 10% of the Data bundle u buy


  1. You earn ₦40 from the ₦100 service fee charged when u pay for Cable TV subscriptions


  1. You earn ₦40 from the ₦100 service fee charged when u pay for Electricity Bills


  1. You earn 20% of the amount ur downlines pay to Signup.


  1. You earn 10%—1% of the amount people pay to Signup ur downlines.


  1. You earn 0.35% of the airtime ur downlines recharge.


  1. You earn 1% of the data ur downlines buy.


  1. You earn ₦10 when ur successline pay for Cable TV subscriptions.


  1. You earn ₦10 when ur successline pay for Electricity Bills.


  1. You earn monthly ₦100k if ur Monthly PV is not less than 10k.


  1. You qualify for an INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND of ₦500k when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 25k.


  1. You qualify for a CAR FUND of ₦2million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 60k.


  1. You qualify for a HOUSE FUND of ₦3million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 100k.


  1. You qualify for ANOTHER HOUSE FUND of ₦4million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 250k.


  1. You qualify for a FINAL HOUSE FUND of ₦6million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 500k.


  1. You own your personal online shop from which you distribute telecom products. 


  1. You earn residual/passive income per seconds per minutes as other Nigerians  distribute Airtime, Data and Cable TV subscriptions. 


  1. You need just a smart phone with internet to operate this business 


  1. You enjoy daily bank withdrawals in RAGP 


  1. You are not pressured by Autoships, Targets, Leg balancing and Product movements



MORE SERVICE options e.g NECO, WAEC, UTME, sending money and receiving money. Etc will be available SOON…

Recharge and Get paid How it works in Nigeria

Recharge and Get paid How it works in Nigeria

To Join me in this business,

You can also use this automatic link to do your registration, 

Then you pay with your ATM card via Paystack. you can start with 5k or 10k. But for Networkers, start with 50k or 100k. company takes 80% and give you 20% of your registration money back.

Then you call me to fund your account.

After wards, call or whatsapp me on 08060779290.

i will add you to our training whatsapp group for members

after confirming you use the link and that you are under me.

For any other enquiries on this online business, call or whatsapp me on 08060779290.

Watch the Video below:

How i Made my 1st 500k from Recharge and get Paid Business and how you too can do it


  1. Norland:


This online business is health and wellness business. You will work from home. And I tell you, after the covid-19 holiday, you will be grateful you join this business.  The company has over 40 product lines. So the minimum Registration is ₦87,000 and maximum is ₦1,350,000. You will select the product you like. You can use this product or sell to people.

Top 41 Latest Norland Product Price List with Anniversary Packs in Nigeria (2020 Updated)

Top 41 Latest Norland Product Price List with Anniversary Packs in Nigeria (2020 Updated)

With this business, you attend seminar online, you will register online, select your product and you begin to make money. Norland is the best product based online business you can join.


Over a year now, I have make over ₦1 Million from it.

30 Facts You Don't know About Norland Products and Network Marketing Business in Nigeria

30 Facts You Don’t know About Norland Products and Network Marketing Business in Nigeria

Read more here: Where I share the reason why I joined and how I made my 1st Million from it.

To join Norland today call or whatsapp me on 08060779290


  1. Online Course

You can create an online course and sell it during this period. There are many ways to go about this.


  1. You can use a whatsapp platform for it. When people pay, you send the link to them to join and you structure your course to modules.
  2. You can partner with already existing platform and load your video training course e.g, Teachable. Someone that knows how to do this online course very well is Accounting Hub, her name is Chioma Ifeayin Eze. She sells accounting online courses for people at affordable prices. Her resent sales are over N2milion for just one course.

But the Queen of Online Courses in Nigeria is stephanie obi, she created a platform called with this value proposition “Easily build an online school where you can create, host and sell online courses, receive payments and grow your revenue. No technical expertise required.”



  1. Write an E-book and sell online

This is the simplest especially if you are a creative person, you can pick a problem and package the solution in an ebook and sell. Write solutions and people will buy it. Let your writings be a solution to someone’s problem.

You can also sell it on Amazon or sell it on My 1st Million Naira online, I made it through selling a solution through an ebook.  You can create a graphics for it like flier and share it online.

Other business you can do online now, it might not give you money now but can bring money on the long run if you are consistent with it.


  1. Blogging


This is a business that you can start this period. A blog is a website that you post articles on regular basis. When you have like 100 posts in a particular niche, you can now begin to monetize the platform through Google Adsense and other various ways of making money from a blog.

Where you are ready this article on is a blog.

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

You can buy existing blog – is for sale. It is one of my blog. The asking Price is N1million naira. It is about 3 years old. If you are interested, call or whatsapp me on 08060779290. If you need to set up your blog too call me or whatsapp me also, we will be glad to work with you. We have a discount this period, Blog set up is N100,000 buy this period, you can just pay N50,000.


  1. YouTube Video Blog

YouTubers are people who create Video content and upload them on Youtube Channel. Example is my own here. You can subscribe to it. Overtime, you can monetize it through different advertising model.

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

  1. Freelancing


Here you list your services for a fee. Then, people will reach out to you for your services. Services like Graphics, Editing and Proofreading, translation services etc. can be good. Here is example of platforms you can us

  1. Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories.

B. Find & hire top freelancers, web developers & designers inexpensively online. World’s largest marketplace of 42m. Getting started is free.

C. Upwork: Upwork expertly connects professionals and agencies to businesses seeking specialized talent. It connects businesses of all sizes to freelancers, independent professionals, and agencies for all their hiring needs.



  1. Affiliate Marketing

Here, to make it simple, you help other people to sell their products and services for a commission. Most business have this e.g at you can help us sell our business plan and earn up to 50% commission.


  1. Social Media Marketing

You can help brands to sell products through facebook and other social media adulstry platform. Just learn the skill and be able to get your client results.


  1. E-Commerce

After covid, you can do E-Commerce and sell your physical products online and deliver offline. You can use Jumia or Konga or use your own Platform like website or social media.


  1. Web Design

people during this covid period want to have online representation for their business. You can help people build website if you have the skill. If you don’t have the skill, you can learn it during this period.


  1. Content writing

A lot of people need to write content for their website e.g at, we usually have minimum of ₦1M budget for the content of the platform every year. We pay ₦1,000 for Article between 1000-1500 words. If you know you can write, contact us 08060779290. Content writing is a great one to make money this period. Also social media content Creation.


  1. Virtual Assistance

You can help company and brands to pick their calls and check their emails. If you can get online SMEs, they need this service. Like us at, we have to employ people that check our emails.


  1. Start Up

You can start a startup this season. Come up with an idea and get developers to build it for you. I have 2 startups I am working on 1.  2.


  1. Graphic Design

This is great! My graphic designer delivers my Jobs online even if he is not in Nigeria. I don’t have to see him, I just send him my content and he creates the graphics and I pay him generously.

Do you know you can even learn graphics online and start earning money with it? You can also use canvas etc. Then you can do graphics for presentation using power point.


  1. Build an App

 If you have a skill, come up with an idea and build an App. Do you Know whatsapp is an Application. Zoom is an application.


  1. Start a Consulting Business Online:

Here, you need to bring your expertise to the floor. Any Knowledge you have, time to monetize it through consulting has come e.g Business plan writing consulting, resume and cover letter writing consulting, food business, fashion design, school business, etc.

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in NigeriaTop 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

  1. Instagram Sponsorship

You can help brands to sponsor their products if you have huge followers on instagram. There are a lot of people doing this in Nigeria now.


  1. Start a coaching business

It is a little bit different from consulting. Here you help people by guiding them to achieve their goal. You can take a course on it this season and start making money from it. For me I am a network marketing coach. I use coaching techniques. Examples of company doing this IMMERSE Inner Circle thrives on the powerful principle of accountability and support, because it is true that we are 100% more likely to achieve our highest. Upgrade Into Your Greater Self! What we do at Naijamarketingpro is to provide education and training that help home-based business


  1. Start an Online Counseling

During this period and post covid-19, counselors will be highly needed. If you have the skill, please come online to make money through it. There are different type of counseling ,we have marriage counseling, career counseling, teenager counseling, financial counseling e.t.c. There are a lot of mental issues now that you can position in that field. Here are examples of people doing this : Online Christian Counseling | Speak to a Christian Therapist‎ Professional, Affordable Mental Health Counseling from a Biblical Perspective. Start Now! Unlimited Counseling. Professionally Licensed. Counselors Available 24/7. Readily Accessible. Types: Depression Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling. Life Coach. Discuss Your Problems. Assessment. Psychological assessment. Online Counseling. Sessions via Skype/IMO. Concierge Therapy. On-call, In-home 


Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

Top 25 Online Businesses You Can Start During and Post Covid-19 Holiday in Nigeria

  1. Start a Private Facebook Group:

This can be very big if you engage your audience very well, then you can sell to your audience products and services that you think they need. I have examples of people doing that  e.g Headstart Africa Community w/ John Obidi


  1. Online live Teaching through Zoom:

You can get people to pay for your seminars and bring them to zoom and to do a live online seminar for them. It is different from online Cource. Course is already done but this one will be live.  You can use facebook live through your private group to do this too. Once you know you are an authority over a topic, put out your advert and let people register. You can do free one, and from their people that attended, you market the paid one to them.


  1. Sell photos online

Photographers with a lot of African photos can sell them on this platforms, , ,


  1. Project Writing Consultancy

Here, you work with people writing projects e.g final  year project, MBA project, MSC, PHD project, provide resource and proofreading services  examples of people doing in Nigeria. Example of people doing it. : Complete Project Topics and Materials for Final Year Students. Download complete project topics and research materials. All project topics and materials are written by experts in all fields of study


  1. Sell your own brand

If you have a brand name, put it on cloths and you see people order for it. Stephanie Obi does that well. Check her Instagram handle


I will like to stop here, there are many more but will like to limit it to the once that are practicable for us in Africa. For example, I would have put Drop shipping, but it is not effective here like that.


I want you to take bold step and take action, start something this covid-19 season that will make you to dominate post covid-19 era. The decision you make today will make you a leader tomorrow.


I hope you can share more on any other good business idea that we can do this covid-19 period at the comment session.


You can call or whatsapp me on 08060779290 to implement any of these ideas.



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