Training: How To Write Business Plan and Make Money from it.

Training: How To Write Business Plan and Make Money from it.
Training: How To Write Business Plan and Make Money from it.


For the last 5 years or so, business plan writing for others has been my main source of income in my company, Check here

 Today, I have at least two (2) full time staff, several free-lance staff, volunteers and content writers and I can confidently tell you, there is no waking day I don’t make money, I mean good money from business plan writing.

 Over the year, from my interactions with my numerous clients, I’ve come to observe that there is a constantly expanding market for business plan writing.

 Moreover, I get client who even though they want quality job can’t afford my fee and sometimes, though it’s hard, I have to turn them down.

 And now, I want to dissipate this knowledge to you. Mind you, beyond the experience and practice I have gained over the years in business plan writing, I have consistently updated my knowledge in this area. Read my profile here

I attended a training with International Financial Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group on “How to write business Plan”. See more here  

 Now, to cut this long story short, I am not just teaching you how to write the business, I’ll give you some of my own business plans too and most of all, teach you how to make money from it!

Guaranteed, you will be getting my over 5 years’ experience in just one day at little or no cost. This training comes highly subsidized.


Here are five 5 ways to make Money writing business plan for others

  1. Write a professional business plan write up for your customers and charge them big on it. They can use it for Grants, loans or Investors
  2. Write a Business Plan they can edit. Some people don’t have a lot of money to pay for a business plan. But they need samples they can edit on their own
  3. You Can make money from business plan when you apply for grants opportunities or you help others to apply

… Get the remaining from the training


Ensure you contact me IMMEDIATELY you read this on 08060779290.

I’ve got even better package for the first 20 persons that contact me before the end of today

My Billionaire Mentor use to say, ‘‘Wisdom is a universal commodity, wise men reach out to wherever they can find it’’. Buy the Truth.


2 Days Face to face Training at my Office in Lagos Along Mowe – Ibafo Axis.

Time: 10am – 4pm

COST: N 70,000



Online Training

We send you PDFs, Videos, Call you and so mentor you on Whatsapp

COST: N 50,000



  1. How to write a comprehensive business plan for Bank loan, investors and grant opportunities with free samples and templates.
  2. Starting and Building a business around Business Plan writing.
  3. How to get your first client.
  4. 3 free samples of Business plan from hot sectors.
  5. How to secure partnership and relationship with other consultants.
  6. How to use internet to market your business plan writing services.
  7. How to position for business grant writing opportunities.
  8. 2 recommended books for a business plan writing consultant.
  9. How to recruit other business plan writers.
  10. Financial Model, Business Canvass and / financial planning template.
  11. Legal aspect of business plan writing.
  12. How to profile businesses for traction to access funding opportunities for start-ups.
  13. How to arrange and sign business contracts with clients.



Face-to-Face Training: Certificate, Workshop Materials, Lunch, and Tea Break

Online Training: Certificate, Workshop Materials


You can charge as high as N150,000- N500,000 for a business plan writing Job.


Make Payment to:

    Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

 Account Name: Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

 Account Number: 1019877638

 Account Type: Current 


For your registration and enquiries please call/WhatsApp me on 08060779290