Hundred and Five Academy

Hundred and Five Academy

HUNDRED AND FIVE ACADEMY (100/5 Academy) is an Human Capacity Development firm and a social enterprise that started in 2012 with focus on Vocational Training Services, broad consulting, implementation and design of customized/outreach training courses to governments, small businesses, civil society organizations, aid agencies, and individuals around the world seeking to improve their effectiveness and productivity.

Our idea is to become a one-stop Business Resource Centre where people develop their capacity.


Our Vision- To be foremost grassroots people empowerment institute across Africa

Our Mission- To inspire, empower and promote a new generation of entrepreneurs by providing the skills, knowledge and recourses needed for business and individual development, there by contributing to national development.

Our Goal-

To raise 100 Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs in Five Years


Our Core Values-

Possibility Mentality






Capacity building (Personal Development)

Opportunity maximization

Job creation (Wealth creation)


Our services include:

1. Vocational Training

2. Printing and publishing

3. Bookshop and online store

4. Business Development Library services.

5. Training Centre facilities

6. E-learning services.

7. HR Support Programme that helps our clients with recruitment and provides internship opportunities.

8. Enterprise Development Support Programmes that provides Business trainings and project management certification.


Our Community Based Youth Development Centres

Ile Ife- Suite 17, Yakubu Shopping Complex, Modakeke, Ile Ife, Osun state- 08174584556

Abeokuta- Belbew Cottage, c/15, Mulas Crescent, Asero, Abeokuta- 07062223158

Igbara-oke- No 1, Oluwatoaye Street, Molete Quatres, Igbara-oke, Ondo State.- 08060779290

Ibadan- Abayomi Estate, behind fountain of Grace Church, Off Onipepeye, Ibadan, Oyo state. 08095585436

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