2020 Norland Product Code, Product name, Price and PV

2020 Norland Product Code, Product name, Price and PV

Detailed Norland Compensation / Marketing plan in Nigeria and How to Get to the Top Fast

Detailed Norland Compensation / Marketing plan in Nigeria and How to Get to the Top Fast

Product Code Product Name Price (NGN) PV ($)
6 Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin(280mm) 1400 2
11 Sunlit Toothpaste(150g) 1400 2.1
8 Nouripad Anion Sanitary Pantiliner(30 Pcs) 1600 2.4
00 Kuding Tea 3200 4.8
00 Health Way Cordyceps Coffee 4000 5
0 N5000 Health Way Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules 5000 0
0 N5000 Micro-molecule Peptide(1 Box) 5000 0
00 Health Way Immune+Capsules(Anniversary Pack/30capsules) 5600 9
00 Health Way HypoglYcemic Herbal Capsules( Anniversary Pack/30capsules) 6800 11
00 Chao Li Kang Propolis-Lecithin Capsules(60capsules) 8000 13
00 Health Way Immune+Capsules 8400 14
0 Immunity boosting package1 9000 0
00 Vita Natural β-Carotene Capsules 10000 17
00 Health Way Nutrient Calcium Powder 10000 16
16 Health Way Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules 12000 21
00 Chao Li Kang Immune Vital Capsules 12000 19.5
00 FDA Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet Candy 12000 21
15 Healthy Vision Vitale Capsules 12000 21
00 Health Way Hypogl Ycemic Capsules 12800 22
00 Health Way Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules 16000 25
00 Micro-molecule Peptide(1 Box) 16000 28
00 GI VITAL Softgel (1 Bottle*500mg) 16000 28
00 Flowspring Radlant Spray(99ml) 18000 27
0 Vital Radiant Vitality Series (Tester) 20000 32.5
00 Health Way Cup 24000 35
00 Energy Bracelet(Black) 28000 42
3 Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad(Female;1 Box) (out of stock) 29600 56

2020 Norland Product Code, Product name, Price and PV


Norland Video Presentations

Norland Compensation Plan in Nigeria and How to Get to the Top Easily

Norland products presentation in Nigeria


Norland Story of Grass to Grace by Romeo Odey the Highest Earner in Norland


About Norland


Options of Getting Norland Products

  1. Delivery through dispatch riders and pay on Delivery is available for Lagos residence

  2. You can come to my office in Lago to buy it No17, Community Avenue, Ilupeju Magboro, lagos-Ibadan express. Ensure you call 08060779290 before coming to buy it.

  3. Outside Lagos, We will sent it through public Transport

    Bottomline about Norland:

    • Norland is a chinese company.
    • Norland manufactures Health Products.
    • Norland is direct selling Company (Multi-level Marketing – MLM)
    • Norland members are sales agents who help market, promote and sell the Norland products and get paid bonuses under the Binary Compensation Plan structure.
    • Norland pays using the Binary Compensation Plan (You may google Binary Compensation Plan to understand it better).
    2020 Norland Product Code, Product name, Price and PV

    2020 Norland Product Code, Product name, Price and PV

Who is NORLAND  ?

It is an international business originating from Asia.

Do we have products in NORLAND? 

yes we have supplements,skin care, household, weight loss,cosmestic products etc.

How do I join the business?

Fill the registration form

Pay your #87k and get your welcome pack and products worth same amount, invariably making registration free 

what do I get for introducing a new member? 

you get paid in 9 ways and you get free products worth #40k till infinity and pvs which are point systems that you accumulate and move ranks within the business

Do I have to sell to get paid?

selling is not compulsory, You will use the products  with your family or sell them if you want for your pocket money.

What do I do after my Signing up?

Recruit 2 members and teach them to do the same.                                                              

What if I recruit more than 2 members?

you will register only 2 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downliners/legs. So that you help your people to earn because when they earn you also earn,thereby everyone is happy (There is no selfishness in Norland)we only have 2 legs and there is no leg balancing.

you also get pvs when people  join you directly or indirectly. What they get you also get it.


When do I get paid?

You will get paid immediately and with voucher worth #40,000  from the day you join this company wooow isn’t that amazing? if only you refer at least 2 active people under you,you start earning

You will get paid every Thursday for life once your team is active.

What do I get except daily bonus?

you will get points(PV).

You will qualify incentives through the points you have.

You will not forfeit your points.

Do we have incentives?


3 free international trips every year.

Car incentives(an suv and a Range Rover)

your earnings are  paid directly in to your bank account.

housing incentive

You need N87,000 to join this Business as a distributor and Network Marketer.

Click the link below to chat me up and join my fastest growing team in Norland.

 50% of your success in this business depend on the team you join.

After your registration, we can help you sell your products, train you on how to recruit like a professional and we guide you every step on the way.

Also, we will add you to our Leaders Training Whatsapp Group

Ensure to introduce yourself as you chat me up with Name and Location and Phone no, in case I want to call you.


Due to my Busy Schedules,

Feel Free to Join any of My team members closer to your location.

Tell them you are from president Dayo

When you join my fastest growing team and we finished training you,

We will add you to these lists of growing leaders in my team and we advertise your contact

So that others around you can join under you.

Call or Whatsapp any of them.

This business is about knowledge and not location.

Apostle Paul Oyo state 08060714372. He is king of Norland in Ibadan and all its environment. He stock our products in Ibadan

Prof Segun: Covers: South West region:  Ondo, Ekiti, Ogun, 08036030232. He is a top leader in Norland

Esan Tope: Top leader in Osun State, 8064722646. He is medical personnel in Ile-ife.

Samuel: Lagos: He is the king of Norland in Lagos for my team; 08039479877: He will register you easily and put you through the business

Maryam:  Kaduna, Kano, Zamfara, Kastina . She is our Norland Queen of the North  07036534204. She has a good heart. she will do you good. she will soon become a stockist

Mrs Ajakaye is our leader in Abeokuta. She is a pharmacist and will consult for you to use Norland products 08067448399

Pharmacist Steve is our Top Leader in Ikorodu, Lagos. He will register you to join our team and also consult for you all your health issues.


Call or whatsapp any of the above, tell them you are from

PresidentDayo and that you want to join.

Please ensure you have minimum of 87k to join. You will be given 87k worth of product.

Registration is free.



In Norland,

If you know you can’t bring people and you register under a lazy upline,

you are Finished

Secondly, if you register under a weak team that has no training and support structure,

You are Completely Finished.

We have the best team as of today, trust me.

Our team members are scattered all over Nigeria doing exploit in this business.

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