About Igbara-oke Youth Empowerment Summit

 Igbara-oke Youth Empowerment Summit is the largest youth gathering in Igbara-oke addressing major issues of development through new thinking and paradigm shifting in Academics, Career, Business, Destiny, Relationship, Leadership, Personal Discovery / Development, Global Alignment/Networking.

Igbara-Oke Youth Empowerment Summit is a platform geared towards helping youths to create opportunities and develop their potentials. I-YES is geared towards stimulating and challenging our thought process so that we can recognize the opportunities available to us and know the steps we ought to take in utilizing them.

The thought behind I-YES was borne out of a desire to create an avenue through which young people can access information and knowledge that will make them enterprising, self dependent, expert thinkers and visionary leaders.

The world is changing and it is therefore necessary to renew the minds of the young people and awaken them to the new possibilities that are emerging.

And also show them how to build systems and structures to make the society better, and unleashing their entrepreneurial spirits.

The focus of the Igbara-Oke Youth Empowerment Summit is therefore educational and we intend from this edition to propel it to greater heights, creating additional channels to express our intent.

Igbara-oke Youth Empowerment Summit is not just an event; it is a movement, a radical opposition to Ignorance, backwardness and mediocrity, a movement against poverty and bad governance, a solutions platform, where everyone’s voice will count.

The sessions are always thought provoking and action-oriented; we have selected speakers from all walks of life equipped and ready to deliver key insights. True change in this country must begin in the minds of the people.

The greatest investment we can make is investing in our thinking level.

Welcome to Igbara-Oke Youth Empowerment Summit (I-YES)

Igbara-oke is located in: Ifedore Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria, West Africa.
Geographical coordinates: 7° 24′ 0″ North, 5° 3′ 0″ East

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