How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria – Full Ultimate Course

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria – Full Ultimate Course

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

19 Years Old Bitcoin Millionaire Offers Crucial Advice For Young People Looking to invest in 2022.

Here is what he says: 

“Cryptocurrency represents the largest transfer of wealth our generation has ever seen. Never before have young people been able to change economic classes so quickly. But today, I am a proof of that”

“Dear Friend”

Of course, you might have heard about the term what is CryptoCurrency before,

But  I am going to give to you what Cryptocurrency means in my own terms. 

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which increases in value and decreases in value with time.

It is a digital coin in which people use in form of exchange for services which also functions as an asset, where by makes you money with time.

Here is a typical example, I am going to use a very popular coin called #Shiba inu (shib), you might probably know this because of her popularity.

My students and I bought #shib very early in early March, 2020 when shib wasn’t known by the majority compared to now (then it was tagged a shitty coin).

We invested in shiba and was able to make lots of money from it.

My students and I were able to make some good results like turning $30 – $1800 and turning $50 – $2350.

That is, Cryptocurrency is an asset, reason why you should play in this industry.

But the paper money which we call the fiat decrease in value  with time and does not increase in value  with time.

Just for instance,

You can’t put a thousand dollar in your wardrobe or wallet and in the next two years and you expect it to increase..

But when it’s comes to crypto currencies it increases in value with time.

There are different ways in which one can make money using cryptocurrencies and the number one head of it all is TRADING AND INVESTING.

BUT, I will be exposing your ears and mind to other critical and GOLD MINE WAYS, which are hidden to the masses that you can make money from in Cryptocurrency.

In terms of:

♦️Cryptocurrency Jobs  (How to make $200 – $1000 monthly)
♦️By working as a group moderator
♦️By working as a content writer
♦️By working as a social media administrator, and many more

And many more to write about

And it’s advisable you start to learn how Cryptocurrency works now and also start to invest your money on them. 

But wait! 

Why should you even do that? 

Because Cryptocurrencies are the future money.

Many countries, companies and world have started adopting cryptocurrencies as their currency already and many are still coming on board.

So , it will be an advantage to you if you have the knowledge about how it works early.

Just like in the late 1980s where those people who have started the internet business early are the one leading the world.

Like Facebook who is now leading the other social media platforms because it started on the internet early.

You might be asking how does all this concerns you and how can you make money from cryptocurrencies? 

Follow me along that is what I am about to show very soon.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria – Full Ultimate Course

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But before I do.

am Kayode Olanipekun by name. 

Formerly an IT personnel in a furniture company earning N25,000 per month, but now the Founder of Digital Wealth World (Diwewo).

The world first open source, decentralized online platform for education on cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (deFi), block chain development, NFTs and Financial analysis.

And a successful Crypto Trader and Investor who has made over 150 financially independent people across Africa through his vast knowledge and experience in the world of cryptocurrency.

 How was I able to achieve that?

 I was able to achieve that as a result of two things.

Even though I didn’t come a rich family, I took responsibility for my life and.

Was gathering knowledge from numerous courses to further sharpen my skills.

It is these pool of knowledge I had put into practice over the years in combination with progressive experience which altogether has made me a successful Cryptocurrency trader that I am now.

Which I have also helped other people just like you to become financial independent through my cryptocurrencies knowledge and skills.

See what other people are saying about how what I taught them have changed their lives.

Now, before we get to the specifics.


There is a very important point I want to make.

This is not a get rich overnight scheme.

Yes, you can make good money but you have to be willing to put in some work and follow my instructions every day.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, please stop reading right here.

But if you are ready to create a generation wealth and financial freedom for yourself and generation.

Then get excited, because

You are about to discover a life changing opportunity that will help you a achieve the freedom and big earning capacity you need to do the things you really love.

To live life at your terms and by your rules, in control of your time, money and earning capacity leveraging on the crypto market.

Mind you, with the knowledge you can also apply it to your business or create and set up a business as:

An Investment firm, A Cryptocurrency content writer, A Cryptocurrency Account Manager.

The new program we have created is design to show exactly how you can get started today and when learning you will be earning.

You will also get some very special quick start bonuses you ‘ll only see through today’ s invitation.


And here is what you get inside 

The Complete Course

This Includes :

The Genesis of Cryptocurrency

I. Introduction and what is Cryptocurrency
II. History of Cryptocurrency

 Understanding how the blockchain technology works

  Introduction to types of Cryptocurrency

I. What is bitcoin and altcoins.
II. What are shittycoins. 

Introduction to how to make money in Cryptocurrency. (Trading bitcoin and other altcoins Including DEFI and NFTs) 

I. Cryptocurrency spot trading
II. Cryptocurrency futures trading
III. Peer to peer trading
IV. Cryptocurrency staking
V. Cryptocurrency farming
VI. Cryptocurrency savings

. What are Exchanges and Wallets

I. How to create a Cryptocurrency wallet
II. How to register a Cryptocurrency account on Exchange

Full Cryptocurrency peer to peer Trading

  1. How to transfer coins
    II. Understanding different types of network in cryptocurrency. 

Full Cryptocurrency spot trading
I. What is limit order
II. What is market order
III. What is stop limit
IV. What is order cancel order (OCO)

Full Cryptocurrency futures trading
Limit order | post only | Market order | Stop limit | Stop Market | Trailing stop.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency and How to analyze the Cryptocurrency market and be a boss on your own using TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

I. Introduction to candlesticks analysis
II. Candlestick analysis
III. Candlestick patterns

  1. Chart patterns
  2. Trendlines
  3. Trend channels

VII. Timeframe Analysis
VIII. Support and resistance

  1. Supply and demand
    X Order block
    XI. Analysis finale
  2. Psychological trading

Fundamental Analysis.

  1. Understanding tokenomics
  2. Tokenomics broad analysis
    III. How to search and get top notch news
  3. How to utilize the news

#199, 997 ($346 .5) Value

And we’re not done. Not by a long shot. Because we still have community 

You will have access to my Cryptocurrency community and channel, where you will have access to further teaching, mentorship and access to other successful traders…. 

#142, 997 (248.6) Value

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

Access to Ultimate Signals

You will have access to my ultimate signals, and you can make money with the signals.

The most interesting part is that, you can start making money with the signals while learning.

You don’t need to complete all lessons before you can start earning for yourself.

You can’t see this anywhere else.

#139,997 ($243.5) Value

With Access To Me for life

Which means you are going to get Lifetime Access to the Full Cryptocurrency Course with just one payment. (No hidden charges) 



How To Get Access To Crypto Jobs

When it comes to cryptocurrency, you can actually make tons of money  on what we call Cryptocurrency jobs (these are outside trading) and there are jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

You can be earning as much as $500, $1,000, $2,000 on a single job monthly.

Here are different types of Cryptocurrency jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

  1. Community Management
  2. Social media Management
  3. Content Writing
  4. Website Developing
  5. UI/UX designing
  6.         Graphics designing

And so on…………

This is the new economy, and I hope you get yourself into it.

In getting this course, you will be exposed to all of these things and ways you can make money with them.

Defi, NFT And Metaverse

Introduction and complete knowledge on DEFI, NFT, METAVERSE

 ♦️What is DEFI

I. Understanding different ecosystem e.g. Avax, fantom, Algo etc.

II. How to research on DEFI ECOSYSTEM

III. How to make money with DEFIs

♦️ What is NFT

I. Usefulness of NFT
II. How to mint and list NFT
III. How to make money from NFT

♦️ What is Metaverse

I. Understanding the usefulness of Metaverse

II. What are Metaverse coins

III. Where to get Metaverse coins

IV. How to invest in Metaverse and make money

#124,997 ($217. 4) Value  

Is that all?


You will also get:

BONUS #1:  Knowledge About  Abitrage

What Is Arbitrage?
Arbitrage describes the act of buying a security (can be a coin) in one market and simultaneously selling it in another market at a higher price, thereby enabling investors to profit from the temporary difference in cost per share.

In a nutshell, arbitrage is buying a particular coin at a lower price from an exchange and selling at a higher price in another exchange

And you will be learning this when you get the Course. 

#19,950 ($35) Value

BONUS #2: With How To Do Over The counter 

Crypto OTC is simply the trading of crypto assets directly between two parties. This literally paints a picture of two persons involved in a negotiation. On the one hand, there is one person available to sell assets at a given price. And on the other hand, there is the other person, willing to buy assets at a given price. Trade occurs when both parties agree on the price of the trade or exchange for which they are united.

This is also what you will be getting as a bonus when you purchase this Cryptocurrency course today. 

#17,100 ($40) Value

BONUS #3: Plus Access To Free Airdrops

Many thinks Airdrops are nothing.

But Airdrop can be something great.

An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallet addresses.

This is also what you will be getting access to when you get the Course today. 

#11,400 ($20) Value

BONUS #4: Refferals

When you are into Cryptocurrency, you have chance to make more.

Referral as you know is referring people to do something.

But, this is quite different, you don’t need to be meeting people up and down for referrals.

Will show you how in the lessons.

There was a time I just keep seeing money in my account, sometimes $10, sometimes $20 or more.

You will also learn how to do this when you register today. 


How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

#14,100 ($20) Value

So here is the recap of what you are going to get once again.

  • The Complete Course  #199, 997 ($346 .5) Value
  • · Access To My Cryptocurrency Community  #142, 997 (248.6) Value
  • · Access To Ultimate Signal #139,997 ($243.5) Value
  • · Lifetime Mentorship from me (Priceless)
  • · How To Get Access to Cryptocurrency Jobs #124,997 ($217. 4) Value  
  • · Bonus #1: Abitrage #19,950 ($35) Value
  • · Bonus #2:  Over The Counter #17,100 ($40) Value
  • · Bonus #3: Airdrops #11,400 ($20) Value
  • Bonus #3: Cryptocurrency Refferals  #14,100 ($20) Value

Total Value:#670, 538 ($1,166.15)

I can easily charge you N250, 000 for this and still wont be guilty for charging that. 


 But I won’t charge you that amount

Not even N120, 000 but just N75,000 ($133)

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria – Full Ultimate Course

Click here to buy the course

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