How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria


It must be noted that people with both cataracts and Glaucoma demand special consideration. If you never knew, cataracts can coexist naturally with Glaucoma, and it may have a causative effect on Glaucoma and even occur as a result of glaucoma surgery.

A cataract is regarded as a clouding of the lens inside the eye, leading to a reduction in vision.

Herbal Solution to Eye Problems including GLAUCOMA, CATARACT and MYOPIA

Herbal Solution to Eye Problems including GLAUCOMA, CATARACT and MYOPIA

According to,  when a patient with Glaucoma requires an operation, there may likely be a special chance to eliminate or remove the coexisting cataract without having to increase the risk of glaucoma surgery.

Furthermore, when a patient has cataracts affecting his or her vision alongside Glaucoma, removing the cataract will offer a chance to simultaneously carry out a glaucoma surgery.

This will reduce the patient’s need for improving eye pressure control or even Glaucoma eye drops.

What Is Glaucoma?

For, Glaucoma is caused as a result of too much fluid pressure within the eye. Understand that your eyes are filled with a fluid that is known as aqueous humour.

Each day, your body tends to refresh this fluid. The older fluid leaves the eye via a meshwork drainage field plus a small opening. The new fluid replaces the old one, thus maintaining a stable pressure gradient within the eyeball.

Now, if something should block either of the drainage mechanisms, pressure can begin to build up within the eye. If the fluid pressure is not relieved on time, the fibres in the optic nerve can get damaged permanently or even cause loss of vision.

Bear in mind that there are two types of Glaucoma. They are open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma. The majority of glaucoma cases are open-angle. Here, the pressure tends to build up slowly, and loss of vision happens gradually.

Cases of closed-angle Glaucoma are about ten percent. Here, the blockage occurs suddenly. Its symptoms are crucial and swift. Closed-angle Glaucoma is a highly dangerous health condition that demands swift medical attention.

Symptoms Of Glaucoma

Though Glaucoma may not present any symptoms initially, especially when it is building slowly, its first symptom is loss of peripheral vision. This means that you may likely not see things well that are outside of your field of vision.

Note that the closed-angle Glaucoma will more than likely present swift symptoms such as intense eye pain. The eyes may feel hard to the touch, and they may appear red. In addition, the person affected will feel nauseated.

With the closed-angle Glaucoma, the vision is blurry, and one may see halos of light glowing around almost everything. Therefore, it is vital to get medical help ad swiftly as possible if you have symptoms of closed-angle Glaucoma.

Risk Factors Of Glaucoma

On a general note, those over the age of sixty are at a higher risk for Glaucoma. Furthermore, those with Latino heritage or African-American heritage are most likely to have open-angle Glaucoma.

The women and people of Alaska Native heritage or Southeast Asia are at a very high risk of getting closed-angle Glaucoma. In addition, those with immediate family members that have Glaucoma are more likely to have this condition.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Glaucoma

If you never knew, Glaucoma can be diagnosed during the usual routine eye exam. To diagnose Glaucoma, the doctor will most likely give you eye drops that open the pupil. Next, the doctor will carry out a test on the pressure in the eye. The procedure is painless.

If necessary, the eye doctor will scan your eye to check for any indicators of Glaucoma.

As for the treatment, its first treatment is the medicated eye drops that will assist in decreasing the pressure in the eye. However, if the eye drops are not ideal for a person or are not working effectively, the ophthalmologist will have to carry out laser surgery.

The laser survey will assist the eye fluid to properly drain. However, there are cases wherein microsurgical or surgical techniques may be needed to create small openings to enable drainage.

Or, in some cases, small tubes or stents will be inserted into the eye to make it possible for the fluid to flow out. Though you will be awake during the procedure, you will be sedated and numbed to keep you calm.

What Are Cataracts?

According to, cataracts are usually characterised by a clouding of the lens of the eyes directly located behind the pupil.

For those unaware, the lens of our eyes works in diverse ways to make vision possible. It is responsible for focusing light on the retina to create a clear and vivid picture. Intetestingly, the picture is transferred to the brain via the optic nerve.

The lens is also responsible for enabling the eye to switch focus; this makes it possible to see close and distant objects. Note that the eyes lenses are made of water and protein that is strategically placed.

This enables light to filter through. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the protein begins to gather into little clumps and clouds the lens. The little clumps are known as cataracts.

If the clumps are left unaddressed, cataracts will keep worsening and build up into the larger yet thicker cloud. Eventually, it will lead to blurred vision that cannot be corrected with contact lenses or glasses.

Glaucoma And Cataracts

Cataracts and Glaucoma often occur in older adults, and they both impair visions. But, unfortunately, this is where their similarities end. They are regarded as the two primary causes of blindness, but they affect the eyes in different ways.

The main difference between both of them include:

  1. For Glaucoma

The symptoms here will not be experienced until one loses vision, and the condition tends to progress swiftly once the loss of vision starts. It affects the optic nerve and eye pressure.

Note that the damage or vision loss is permanent and can never be returned. However, an early diagnosis and treatment will help to prevent permanent vision loss.

Glaucoma surgery will decrease eye pressure by allowing the fluid that is constantly generated inside the eye to drain from the eye easily.

  1. For Cataracts

Its early symptoms entail hazy or blurry vision as well as glare. The condition slowly progresses, and it affects the crystalline lens of the eyes. Cataract surgery will restore lost vision.

Immediate treatment is not demanded. The surgery for cataract involves removing the cloudy lens from the eyes and replacing it with an IOL, intraocular lens.

According to, people who have Glaucoma and use adrenergic agonist medicines like propine or epinephrine may notice an increase in their glare, especially if they cataract.

This is because the eye drops will make the pupil bigger, and it will expose the cataract to more light.

Those who make use of miotic eye drops like carbachol or pilocarpine for IOP; intraocular pressure control may realise that the glaucoma medicines lower their vision.

Note that these medicines usually shrink the pupil, reducing the amount of light that enters the eyes. Since the cataract may be clouding vision already, it will make the vision worse.

If you have any of these problems, it is best to talk to your doctor about treatment options like laser treatment, surgery or other medicines.

What Is Norland Products?

The first thing to note is that Norland products have been successfully used to cure many ailments like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, infertility in both genders, HIV, hepatitis and even paralysis, to name a few.

For those unaware, Norland was established in the year 2008, and it is regarded as a large scale transnational industrial group. Thus group fully covers medical cosmetology, health, e-commerce and direct selling (MLM).

The Norland insured is integrated with diverse businesses such as medical services, health management, production, finance and international logistics.

It must be noted that this company has taken a giant lead in the health detoxification field. And it does this by adhering to its vision. Its vision states that it will create a universal ecosystem of health and detoxification in a bid for everyone to benefit from health awareness.

As it stands, this company can be found in roughly forty-eight countries and four continents, this includes Africa. It began in Africa in 2017 and has been in Nigeria for three years.


How are Norland Product sold?

Norland products are sold through Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents.

In this method, a commission is earned on both the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline). Also called multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, or by other such names, it is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that distributes practically any portable item.


How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria


1.Gi Vital softgel 3-5 softgel 2-3x daily

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

2.Oligopeptide 1 sachet 2-3x daily

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

3.B-carotene 1cap 2x daily

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

4.Vision Vital 1cap 2x daily

How to Treat Cataracts and Glaucoma with Norland Products in Nigeria

Herbal Solution to Eye Problems including GLAUCOMA, CATARACT and MYOPIA

Note: Norland Treatments generally is for 3 months.


To make a purchase and to find out the cost call or whatsapp 08060779290



He has not walked for five years but with Norland products he was revived and can walk on his own.

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