Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 Video Replay

Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 Video replay



Norland Car Award Lagos 2021

Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Silver Medalist Celebration]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Gold Diamond Celebration]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [851 SUV Cars has been Given out to Norland Distributors]

Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Youngest Red Diamond Celebration]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Blue Diamond Celebration]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [UK Trip Qualifier Celebration]


Romeo Odey Speaks at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Part 1]

Romeo Odey Speaks at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Part 2]


22 Car Awardee Celebrated at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021[ Including the MC Lelia Patrick Akushie]


Compensation Plan Presentation at Norland Car Award lagos 2021 by Theophilus Okorie [Part 1]


Compensation Plan Presentation at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 by Theophilus Okorie [Part 2]

Compensation Plan Presentation at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 by Theophilus Okorie [Part 3]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 Dubai Trip Qualifier Celebration [Part 1]


Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 Dubai Trip Qualifier Celebration [Part 2]


Testimonial of Car Awardee at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Part 1]

Testimonial of Car Awardee at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Part 2]

Testimonial of Car Awardee at Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [Part 3]

Norland Car Award Lagos 2021 [2 Weeks Promo Explained Expires June 30 2021]

Norland Business Explanation and Review

Norland is the game changer in the Network Marketing Industry. This is my preferred Network Marketing company you can join in Nigeria and build massive wealth based on the result that the company has produced or generated in the space of 3 and half years of activities in Nigeria.

Norland has origin from both China and America

The Top 3 Network Marketing Businesses in Nigeria to Join to Build Massive Wealth.

The Top 3 Network Marketing Businesses in Nigeria to Join to Build Massive Wealth.

It came to Nigeria in 2017 and since then till date, the company has given out 851 SUV cars. Yes, that is true and I confirmed it myself before writing this article.


Norland is a product-based Health and Wellness Network Marketing Company. They have over 40 products that has solved a lot of long-standing health issues in Nigeria, ranging from Ulcer, Cataract and Glaucoma, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Infertility, Weight loss, Hepatitis, Prostate, and different forms of cancer etc.

They have other daily use and consumables products like cordyceps coffee, kuding tea, sanitary pad, pant liner, body lotion cream, shampoo/body wash, and toothpaste. They also have energy bracelet, magic fry pan, alkaline cup etc.

All their products have positive reviews.


In the space of 3 and half years they have taken over 500 members on international trip to UK and Dubai. I can see that they are talk and do company. They have the best compensation plan and they have built houses for more than 11 top members that have gotten to that position in 3 years.

My only issue with the company is that, they manufacture all the products from abroad and they have not started producing in Nigeria. This technically makes the product to be more expensive to the lower class in Nigeria. But I know that by time they are 5 or 6 years in Nigeria, according to the NAFDAC regulations, they will have to build a production centre in Nigeria.


One more thing, they pay their distributor every week and once a month – that makes 5 times a month.


When I joined this business, and I saw how robust the company compensation was and how truthful and real they are, I quickly joined as a Diamond member and since then I have been receiving payment almost every week and I was even recently recognized as a silver medalist.


This week the company is doing a promo for any new member that want to join.

Here are the packages to join with. (The money you drop is the product you will be given opportunity to select yourself).

  1. N87,000 Senior Member
  2. N167,000 Bronze Member
  3. N350,000 Silver Member (Good package)
  4. N700,000 Gold Member (Better package)
  5. N1,350,000 Diamond Member (Best package)

Let me advise you, if you want to build massive wealth in this business join with Diamond package, Gold package or Silver package. Those are designed for you to build massive wealth as a leader that is ready to work. Then think of multiple accounts as you join.


Note: You have just 60 days to upgrade your account to any level you want to take it to. e.g. you started with senior member (N87,000) you have 60 days to upgrade it to any of the upper level till the final level, after 60 days you will not be able to do so again and if you are a hard worker like me, you will start losing money.

To benefit from the promo, you will have to join my team.

Here is the benefit of joining my team.

  1. We will deliver your product to you free of charge
  2. We will give you my book titled “How to get to the top in any Network Marketing business that worth N25,000 free of charge” + other bonuses like other Network Marketing books.
  3. We will give you 5 video trainings, that will help you learn all the Norland business inside out, ranging from product presentation, compensation plan, secrets of the successful and high achiever in Norland.
  4. We will give you a downline free of charge that is hardworking to support you in the business.
  5. We will come and do 3 seminars for you in your location if you can use the company seminar letter to secure seminars with organizations in your location or outside your location.
  6. If you decide to be a stockist, we will massively patronize your stockist center for the first 3 months so that you can regain a part of your N6, million investment back and lots more.

If you want to benefit from the ongoing promo by joining our fastest growing team in Africa call or WhatsApp me now 08060779290 or use this link

Top Influencers like Bill gate, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald trump the former president of the US recommend Network Marketing.

Look at what they have to say


Former President of the USA, Businessman, and Author of Best Selling Book.


When Donald  Trump was asked what he would do if he were to start all over again, he said- “I would choose a good network marketing company and get to work”.



Business Magnate Of  USA & Philanthropist


“If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing”.



Best Selling Author & Businessman.


“Network Marketing gives people the opportunity with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset, and acquire great wealth. It has the potential to save the United States and the world because it teaches people not to be employees, but to be entrepreneurs”.


My friend, what is your fears?

It is not everything that is scam. All these people in this picture cannot be wrong. POOR means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Do you have a Job? Job means Just Over Broke. Most people, their take-home cannot take them home. I only want you to have multiple streams of income. I want you to have plan B. That is why I am taking pains to explain this business to you in detail.


Chat me now let’s start this business and build together. Just trust my mentorship.

This evidence in this business is too much to be denied. Chat me up now on 08060779290.


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