Network Marketing Skills: Recruiting and Marketing skills to get to the top in any Network Marketing

Network Marketing Skills: Recruiting and Marketing skills to get to the top in any Network Marketing


I will be sharing with you a procedure I learnt from Eric Worre, the top

MLM coach, I have practiced and that has worked for me.

  1. 1. Finding prospects – Here are various places you can find prospects.
  2. Online – social media and your email contact.
  3. Offline – your old school association, clubs, religious platform,

community association, all the small groups you belong to, etc.

  1. Invitation – you have to develop the various strategy to inviting

people to your opportunity and you have to screen people before you

talk to them.

Look for people that really need to change their financial stories.

  1. 3. Presenting your product or opportunity – most times, I use third

party introduction like articles, booklet, audios, videos, hand bills.

  1. Follow up with your prospects – this is very important. Most people

fail at this junction. Sometimes, some of my prospect join after 6

months. You need to come up with a system that keeps a tap on your

prospects regularly like weekly or monthly.

  1. Sign up – get your prospect to sign up. Make your sign-up process

easy. Make payment for your prospect easy and receiving their

products or registration starter pack very easy too.




This means ways in which you go about referring, recruiting, selling the

products and services of your company.

I divide them into three (3) categories

  1. Online marketing
  2. Offline marketing
  3. Attraction marketing


  1. Online Marketing: I use online marketing for the most of my MLM

activities. On the average, I recruit 70% of my team online.


Online is the tool of the 21st century to recruit new members anywhere

in the world to join your network marketing business.

I strongly recommend you start a Blog. E.g. my own blog is

So, how do I use this blog for recruiting or marketing?

You have to master what is called SEO- Search Engine Optimization.

This simply means the special way you write your articles so as to rank

topmost on Google and other famous search engine.

You can also do video and upload it on YouTube (Note: Youtube is the

no 2 most visited site in the world, next after google).

The concept behind this is, people want to learn about your company so

they go online to search for either write-up or videos that can teach

them more about your opportunity.

If they perceive what is on your write-up or video is of high quality and

value, they will call you to join your team and that suggest you should

make your contact easily available for your audience.


  1. Offline Marketing: this is what you do face to face with people. Some

people have advised that you don’t introduce your family because you

can get a NO that can demoralize you. For me, I have never introduced

my family to my network marketing. Why? Because I don’t want

discouragement that touch the heart.


Here are ways to go about offline marketing.

  1. a) Seminar
  2. b) One on one
  3. c) Religious platform, etc.



You must have a marketing plan to support your target goal. The strategy for a team with a goal to do 100 registrations will be different from that that has a goal of 1000 newbies in a month.

Ask yourself, “What is My Marketing Strategy?” What works for you might not work for me. I always reason that if so many people have gotten to the top in network marketing and have used this strategy, then it means it works and that is how I have been querying myself ever since.

Network Marketing Skills: Recruiting and Marketing skills to get to the top in any Network Marketing

Network Marketing Skills: Recruiting and Marketing skills to get to the top in any Network Marketing

Let’s dig deep.

The truth is this business is people business and we need them to join our

MLM business.

People are in two major places, Online and offline.

So, how do we get them? We need tools for both of them.

Offline tools

  1. Fliers
  2. Forms
  3. Shirts
  4. Brochures,


Online tools

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Write ups



So what platforms can we use

Offline platforms

  1. Religious platforms e.g. church, mosques
  2. Social platforms e.g. Clubs, wedding, etc.
  3. Family and friends
  4. Training platforms
  5. Seminars, etc. the list is not exhaustive

Online platform

Like I said earlier, 70% of my team are sourced online.

  1. BBM. Now I have a BBM channel for my MLM Business.
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook. Post your advert content on Facebook group you belong to
  5. Website or Blogsite. You can build a blog for it. Before I invested my

money, I research my company online, I read almost up to 20 articles call up

to 10 people I saw online before I finally become a member.



Attraction Marketing is a concept that makes people to want to join your

network marketing business without you actually doing a direct marketing.

This is what I have used online for over 2 years now and it has really worked but I am just discovering that, that is what is called attraction marketing. From my finding, I have discovered that you can do it both online and offline.

Here is the list of activities you can do to attract quality prospects through

attraction marketing.



For online Attraction Marketing

  1. You have to know a lot about your company and position yourself to

teach people about it.

  1. You can start a blog and teach people about your company product

usage, business side, matrix dynamics, latest news, etc.

  1. You can start a Facebook page or Facebook group, or even a forum.
  2. You can start a YouTube channel and teach there.
  3. Just ensure you use any online platform to teach!
  4. You can write a book and give it out for free.

organization and use it as display pictures on your online platforms.


Offline Attraction Marketing

  1. Start a seminar center.
  2. Use handbills.
  3. Give out free products or services of your MLM company.
  4. Put on your company souvenir like face cap, shirt, use the company car,


  1. Give out your company brochure and invite people for company

seminar or training.

  1. Give valuable advice to people and care for people sincerely and


  1. Tell people that you are a professional networker.


10 Reasons Why You Have Not Succeeded in The Network

Marketing Business You do.

If You Continue Like This You Might Eventually Not Succeed.

  1. You always depend on your upline to put people under you.
  2. You have not done personal training and self-development on how network Marketing works.
  3. You have not learnt and perfect the operational side of your MLM business

which includes registering new prospects, doing multiple accounts,

monitoring your downline matrix, etc.

  1. You thought if you don’t succeed, then your upline will not succeed. Many

have gotten to the top of their MLM company by just working with just 5

active members, …. So, you can be ignored.

  1. You have the mindset of abandoning your account and after six months,

you are thinking of selling it.

  1. You follow shining objects and you lose focus. You get involved in other

network marketing related businesses. You can’t get to the top like that.

  1. You thought Network Marketing is an investment that you don’t have to do anything. SORRY, if you don’t refer people to join, nothing for you. It is a business that needs team building, marketing and sales.
  2. You thought team work is putting people under you and not doing any

work. SORRY, team work is you developing your recruiting skill AND sharing resources together especially knowledge. No one-person success is dependent on other person. There is room for Overtaking in inany network marketing business. Your team is the people under you. TRAIN them and build their capacity.

  1. You thought online will just work for you by putting pictures of your

company’s incentives. SORRY, online works by you adding value through

your articles, audio, video, blogs, pictures etc. It is only when you have added value that people you don’t know we request to join your team.

Next time you want to post content online, ask yourself, what value is it going to add to readers. Adding value means teach and inform people with your content

  1. As much as you need people to join this business, DON’T beg people to join, only show them the opportunity and let them make the decision to join and let them work their success in your company with Hard work and Focus.

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