Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

This sample Supermarket Business Plan In Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.
The Supermarket Business is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.

Business Description of Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Business: Supermarket

Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

PATILAD Supermarket is a chain of physical stores and markets for consumer-goods and daily-consumed products. We will have our main operations in Victoria Island, in Lagos State and have branches in all the local governments of the state. We will also grow to become a brand with franchises all across the country.

Our uniqueness comes from the quality of our authentic products. Under the slogan “Your next-door store”, we summarize our fundamental commitment: to provide a close by, attentive and trustworthy service.

For each established branch, we have planned to constantly keep them adapted to the needs of customers, market demand, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and optimization of energy consumption.

We will continuously seek the development of continuous training programs for our employees. We want to offer our clients the most qualified professionals.

Problem Statement:

The retail landscape in Lagos State, despite its vastness and diversity, faces challenges in providing accessible, authentic, and customer-centric supermarket experiences. Many existing stores may struggle to maintain adaptability to changing customer needs, address environmental concerns such as carbon emissions, and ensure a consistently high standard of product quality. Additionally, there is a notable absence of a widely recognized and trusted supermarket brand that offers a comprehensive range of authentic products while prioritizing proximity and customer service.

Solution Statement:

In response to the identified problems, PATILAD Supermarket aims to redefine the retail sector by establishing a chain of physical stores and markets with a focus on authenticity, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to becoming the go-to “Your next-door store” emphasizes the importance of providing a close, attentive, and trustworthy service to our customers.

Key Components of the Solution:

  1. Authentic Product Quality: PATILAD Supermarket sets itself apart by prioritizing the procurement of authentic and high-quality products. This commitment ensures that customers have access to genuine and reliable goods, fostering trust in our brand. By curating a selection of products that meet stringent quality standards, we address the common concern of product authenticity in the market.
  2. Proximity and Customer-Centric Approach: With our main operations in Victoria Island and branches strategically located in all local governments of Lagos State, PATILAD Supermarket aims to be easily accessible to a wide range of customers. The “Your next-door store” concept reflects our dedication to providing convenience, attentiveness, and a reliable shopping experience. This customer-centric approach includes adapting each branch to the evolving needs of the local community, ensuring a tailored shopping experience.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: PATILAD Supermarket recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability. To address concerns related to carbon emissions and energy consumption, we have implemented plans to optimize energy usage in each branch. Additionally, our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint includes continuous efforts to assess and improve our environmental practices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable retail operation.
  4. Employee Training Programs: Ensuring that our employees are the most qualified professionals in the industry is a priority for PATILAD Supermarket. Continuous training programs will be established to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff, resulting in a team that is well-equipped to provide excellent customer service. This commitment to employee development contributes to a positive shopping experience for our clients.

Through these solutions, PATILAD Supermarket aims to address existing challenges in the retail sector, creating a trusted brand known for authentic products, proximity, environmental responsibility, and a highly qualified team dedicated to exceptional customer service. The vision extends beyond Lagos State, with plans to establish franchises nationwide, setting a new standard for the supermarket experience in Nigeria.

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Our products can be classified into the following segments:

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Home & Office Appliances
  • Fashion items
  • Health & Beauty products
  • Gaming
  • Grocery
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Gift Items
  • Food Items
  • Stationeries


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Our values include:

  • COMMITMENT: We have a firm involvement with all our stakeholders: clients, people, partners and society.
  • GOAL-GETTING: We enjoy what we do to achieve our goals on a daily basis.
  • HONESTY: We act fairly. We work fully with transparency and coherence.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: We provide quick and swift responses to customer needs and demands.
  • PROXIMITY: We will remain close to our clients.
Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

The benefits of our products and services include:

  • Listening commitment: We offer a free Customer Service via a dedicated line. Through this medium, our clients and prospective clients can make inquiries, suggestions or claims. In addition, we have a contact form on our website, coupled with a chat bot directly with our agents.
  • Environmental commitment: We will implement measures aimed at the rational use of energy and the search for more efficient alternatives to carry out our activity in an environmentally friendly way. Every of our outlets will respond to an eco-efficient store model, which minimizes the impact on enviroment. Our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as optimize energy consumption as much as possible. This model will be extended to all our franchises for implementation.
  • Total satisfaction commitment: Customers who are not satisfied with our products or services will get a refund, as long as they do not compromise the original state of the products.
  • Social commitment: We will actively collaborate with sports and cultural associations helping them to develop sports and popular events for young people. We will initiate a Corporate Social Responsibility Program through which we collaborate with foundations and non-profit associations in activities aimed at financing social projects.

Needs and demands:

  • The growing need for daily consumables as a result of a growing population.
  • Lack of trust for online supermarkets because of past failures
  • The need to have products that have the guarantee of authenticity.

Objective of PATILAD Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

  • Satisfaction: to meet quick and safe demands of customer-goods, providing a good user experience during purchase.
  • Efficiency and speed: to maintain a rapid flow of distribution, as well as an efficient process of orders and the delivery of products and goods.
  • Quality: To follow high quality standards, with top-notch products accredited by their respective regulatory bodies.
  • Connection: to establish a link with the consumer community through new technologies, integrating innovative processes and new forms of communication.
  • Trust: to foster a relationship of fidelity and trust with users, through personalized, prompt attention that responds to their concerns.

 Goals for the PATILAD Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria 

We want to be the best distribution chain for mass consumption products in our areas of influence:

  • Be everyone’s favorite supermarket.
  • A reference distributor.
  • A company our members of staff are proud to work with.
  • A sustainable organization committed to its environment.

Vision for the PATILAD Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

We have the vision of starting out in Victoria Island and consolidating our position by opening new points of sale in Lagos, as well as expansion in other nearby cities.

Mission for the PATILAD Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Our mission is to make available to our customers the best products for their daily needs, well-being, and health.

Management Team of the PATILAD Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Samson Akinpelu–Samson is a graduate of Business Management from Portsmouth University. He has an MBA from the prestigious Ibadan Business School. Samson is widely known throughout the industry for his knowledge and ability in handling retail stores, as seen in organisations he handled in the past. He will head our business development team; handling relationships with partners, vendors, and clients.

Dayo Adetiloye – (B Agric, MBA, and PMP): He has over 12 years’ experience in the consultancy industry. Dayo is an alumnus of Entreprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan African University (PAU). He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with specialization soil science with masters in business administration. Dayo is a project management professional. He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner.

Stephen Joy– “the wonder woman” as she is fondly called is a force to be reckoned with in the finance niche. She has a history of turning everything she touches into gold. Joy has taken more than ten top companies out of bankruptcy, and her advises have saved numerous companies lots of money. She is one of the members of faculty of the Lagos Business School, and sits on five company boards. Stephen Joy will be the company’s Chief Financial Controller.

Jane Peters – Jane had her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management; both from the prestigious University of Lagos. She also have an MBA from Middlesex University in London. Jane has built her career in the personnel management niche across several sectors and industries. She will head our Human Resource team.

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

We bring to the business:

  • Industry expertise and experience
  • Access to High Network Individuals for franchise opportunity
  • Proper leadership and management

My Management Experience Gathered for the Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

I have an extensive knowledge and experience in the management of supermarkets in Nigeria. I have learnt the dynamism and uniqueness of the niche in the 21st century, amidst the loud hype for online markets. From my experience, the online markets are doing well, but they cannot replace the physical stores. It is easier for a physical store to adopt technology and position on the digital space, which it is for them to adapt to ours.

I have also been able to select the best hands for the Management Team. 


The materials include:

  • Freezers for perishables
  • Slicers
  • Display cases to showcase pastries and breads
  • Carts and baskets
  • Sponge matting
  • Shelves
  • POS software,
  • Touch-screen monitors
  • Customer pole displays
  • HVAC/cooling system
  • Stock


People will buy from us because of the following reasons:

  • Transparent Commitments: Our customers appreciate the transparency and clarity with which we communicate our commitments. From the quality of products to our dedication to personalized customer service, we ensure that our promises are clearly articulated and consistently upheld. This transparency builds trust, fostering a strong and enduring relationship with our clientele.
  • Reliable Merchandise Providers: A key strength of PATILAD Supermarket lies in our network of reliable merchandise providers (merchants). We have established partnerships with trusted suppliers, ensuring a steady and diverse inventory of high-quality products. The reliability of our merchandise providers contributes to the consistency of our offerings, meeting the expectations of our customers and enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Exceptional Product Quality, Variety, and Pricing: PATILAD Supermarket takes pride in offering a combination of superior product quality, extensive variety, and competitive pricing. Our commitment to providing authentic and high-quality goods across a diverse range ensures that customers find value in their purchases. The attractive pricing further positions us as a preferred choice, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences and budgets.
  • Customized and Personalized Customer Service: One of our standout features is the personalized approach to customer service. At PATILAD Supermarket, we recognize the uniqueness of each customer, and our dedicated staff ensures that their needs are met with a tailored and individualized service. Whether it’s product recommendations, assistance in finding specific items, or addressing concerns, our customer service is designed to make each shopper feel valued and attended to with a personal touch.
Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Supermarket Business plan in Nigeria

Our major competitors are:

  1. Adiba Supermarket
  2. Oasis Supermarket
  3. 9 to 7 Supermarket

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