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The main focus of the skills development at 100/5 Academy is entrepreneurship, vocation and business training. We aim to contribute to the industrialization and economic development of world nations.

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We help individuals on…….


Our coaching service offers personal, executive and business coaching by telephone, face to face and e-mail. If you want to master any new skill, whether it’s learning to become a musician, designer, ridding a car, or becoming a successful entrepreneur, you have to get the correct mix of theory and practice… strategy and tactics… research and real-world application.

Our coaching service have been designed by peak performance experts to address both aspects of these learning process in a balanced way that will help you realize your growth potential.

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Our business coaching service helps businesses to thrive and survive in this harsh economic environment of the world. We are passionate about coaching managing Directors, executives and human resources managers, and business owners.

As your business coach our job is to build upon and improve your talents as business professionals, focusing you on driving profitable business growth whilst simultaneously putting in place a balanced lifestyle.



Unleashing your entrepreneurial Boot camp for secondary school

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This is a programme that is designed for secondary school students. It is a comprehensive training seminar that teaches students how to succeed in college Emotionally, Socially, Academically, and Financially. The programme is coming up due to the urgent need to change the orientation of youths and show them how to achieve their ultimate goals in life. Driving development, effecting change, and setting exemplary standards.

Students would be trained to identify entrepreneurship qualities in themselves that would improve their knowledge and skills which could help them turn challenges to opportunities as they advance in age.

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  1. if the money is there, but lacking the managerial skills. if the buildings are ready, but lacking the core strategies. if the goods are unique/attractive but lacking the strategic area/environment to let it known, it will all appear preparing to fail.

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