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PATILAD is a Plateau state-based company. Providing innovative, convenient and safe taxi services spanning over 2 years now, We use cutting edge technology to provide our users with smart transportation and logistics within the city and all its environs, our services include but not limited to; taxi hailing and booking from the convenience of mobile phones using our PATILAD application and paying for services with our in-car credit card payment system and on the other hand providing drivers with visibility to exclusive customers, more trips and therefore more income, this will help to improve user expenditure . we expect to cover the whole of the north central geopolitical zone and onboard 15,000 more drivers in 5 states.

Transportation and logistics are a most essential activity of human Endeavor, which includes all forms of moving people and cargo from place to place, today many users of transport have expressed various needs for an enhanced experience in the way they find, book and pay for logistics services.

The global smart transportation market size is estimated to reach $285 billion by 2024 according to new study by Grandview research. Smart transportation is been used all over the world in major cities and many companies are taking over the sub urban cities with rapid growth, because it affords users convenience to book a taxi from the comfort of their homes, and the convenience of their mobile phones, ride in comfortable taxies and pay with a variety of options including in-car credits and credit card payments.

PATILAD will establish its presence in the industry by partnering with existing taxi associations to leverage on already existing taxi drivers, Jos’s taxi will provide taxi hailing and booking for users using latest technology.

Our services prove the forward-thinking approach and innovative product design to make sure we built what our customers really need, also we realize that in the highly competitive logistics and transportation industry requires continuous innovation, professionalism and customer centric flexibility to maintain market leadership.

Benefits of our Products and Services

The taxi driver is the first contact you need when you move into the city of Jos, and as such we have integrated technology for users to find standard and affordable taxis fast.

  • Innovative technology that eliminates difficulties involved in logistics
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Discount on transportation fares for returning users of taxi options, individual and shared rides.
  • Increased visibility for drivers
  • Fastest and most practical routes


Products and Services of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

PATILAD is a smart Taxi service provider, that allows users to look for, book for and pay for logistics services from a mobile phone, also we provide the driver and customer the convenience of a variety of payment options.

Our Products include;

  • Taxi hailing and booking
  • Cargo logistics

 Keys to Success for Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

  • For the smart transportation business to operate at optimal level of success it must
  • Partnership with existing taxi associations to onboard a large number of available drivers
  • Build great customer relationships and reputation to position as a suitable alternative to existing taxi services
  • Provide excellent customer service and support to improve customer success and fulfilment
  • Affordable prices and customer loyalty rewards
  • Variety of payment options

 Objectives of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

  • We plan to pursue a highly aggressive marketing campaign to penetrate and address 65% of the market size
  • To be the first point of contact when people visit Jos
  • To provide affordable comfortable and safe rides
  • To help drivers make more money by increasing visibility and management

Goals of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

To be the foremost smart transportation and logistics provider in North Central within 5 years.

Vision of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

One of the leading transportations and logistics company in Nigeria, providing unrivalled customer service and support, while impacting the lives of many drivers. 

Mission of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

Our mission is to provide convenient, comfortable, and safe taxi services by using high-end technology and innovation.


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Management Team of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

Daniel Balmun- A full stack software engineer with over 6 years demonstrated working experience in technology industries and fast growth start-up markets, as he serial founder who has succeeded at other technology companies, he will serve as the product design and engineering lead on the erstwhile team.

Dayo ADetiloye- (B. Agric, MBA, PMP) He has over 15 years of experience in business management, business startup dynamics, financial management of business and overall business growth and development, He is an alumnus of enterprise development center (EDC) of the Lagos business school (LBS) pan African university (PAU) He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner.

 We Brought to The Business

  • Practical start-up sector expertise
  • Deep technology knowledge
  • Professional business acumen

Management Experience of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

PATILAD management is highly experienced and qualified, the key members of the management team, their backgrounds, past experiences, and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Business development
  • Software engineering
  • Marketing and sales strategy

Customer Segments of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

Our target demographic covers a large spectrum of customers including credit card users and middle-class income earners working or transacting business in the Jos metropolitan area.

Customer Motivation of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

Convenience: PATILAD was developed with a main focus to easing transport and logistics activities for user and driver, this involves looking for a fast and stand ride in minutes and also the option of paying cash or credit cards, which motivates the customer to choose our service

Service delivery: Our superior service involves our high-end technology and GPS location technology which enable drivers to find and use the most practical routes to user destination.

Equipment And Personnel of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

  • Mobile application for android and IOS.
  • Office space for customer call centre.
  • Large database of Standard taxi drivers.

Competitor Analysis for Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

People use our service because;

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Convenient taxi booking from your mobile phone
  • Affordable taxi fares and discounts for return users
  • Excellent customer support
  • Standard and tidy taxis
  • Variety of payment options
  • Certified and professional drivers

Major Competitive Advantage of Transportation and Logistics Business Plan in Nigeria

  • Competitive prices and fares
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Standard and tidy taxis

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