Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

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Business Description of Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Business: Transport service

Industry: Transportation Industry

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

 We are a transportation company that operates both intra and inter states in Nigeria. We specialize in the transportation of both humans and goods. At PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES, the most important thing to us is the safety and security of our clients’ lives and properties.

At PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES, we will constantly incorporate and develop new technologies to improve our services and offer our clients real solutions for their businesses, whether large or small. We have a technological development team to integrate our systems and our clients’.  Offering adaptable systems of fleet control, passenger control, user control, ticket system, access control, ERP systems, and much more to ensure consistency in our services to them.

We are committed to providing excellent transportation service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our professional teams constantly deploy advanced operating models and innovative logistics solutions. We work closely with them in formulating flexible plans, designed to fully meet all your needs.

Problem Statement:

In the dynamic landscape of transportation services, especially in the context of Nigeria where intra and inter-state operations are crucial, several challenges can impede the seamless functioning of a transportation company like PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES. Identifying and addressing these challenges is essential to ensure the safety, security, and overall satisfaction of clients. The key problems faced by PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES can be categorized into operational, technological, and safety concerns.

1. Operational Challenges:

a. Inefficiencies in Fleet Management: Managing a diverse fleet for both human and goods transportation poses challenges in terms of coordination, maintenance, and optimization.

b. Inconsistent Service Delivery: The lack of standardized systems can lead to inconsistencies in service delivery, affecting both the quality and reliability of transportation services.

c. Limited Visibility and Control: Without robust systems for tracking and control, there is a risk of inadequate monitoring of vehicles, passengers, and goods, leading to potential operational disruptions.

2. Technological Challenges:

a. Outdated Systems: The use of outdated technology hampers efficiency and limits the ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of transportation services.

b. Integration Issues: The absence of seamless integration between various systems such as fleet control, passenger control, and access control can result in data silos and hinder real-time decision-making.

c. Lack of Data Security: With the increasing reliance on technology, ensuring the security of sensitive client and operational data becomes paramount to maintaining trust.

3. Safety and Security Concerns:

a. Risk of Accidents: In the transportation industry, the risk of accidents is inherent. Implementing measures to mitigate these risks is crucial for both the safety of passengers and the protection of goods.

b. Security Threats: The transportation of goods and people comes with the risk of theft or unauthorized access. Robust security measures are essential to safeguard lives and properties.

Solution Statement:

To address the challenges outlined above, PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES aims to implement comprehensive solutions that revolve around operational efficiency, technological advancements, and ensuring the safety and security of clients’ lives and properties.

1. Operational Excellence:

a. Fleet Management System: Introduce a modern fleet management system that includes GPS tracking, predictive maintenance, and real-time monitoring to optimize vehicle utilization and reduce downtime.

b. Standardized Service Protocols: Implement standardized operating procedures to ensure consistent service delivery across all routes and locations, enhancing the overall customer experience.

c. Quality Assurance Measures: Introduce regular audits and performance assessments to identify and rectify operational inefficiencies, ensuring a high level of service quality.

2. Technological Advancements:

a. Upgraded Technology Infrastructure: Invest in the latest technology infrastructure to replace outdated systems, ensuring compatibility, scalability, and enhanced performance.

b. Integrated Systems: Develop and implement an integrated system that connects fleet control, passenger control, user control, ticketing, access control, and ERP systems. This integration facilitates seamless data flow, improving decision-making processes.

c. Cybersecurity Measures: Implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect client data, operational information, and other sensitive data from potential threats, ensuring the trust and confidence of clients.

3. Safety and Security Measures:

a. Driver Training Programs: Introduce comprehensive driver training programs focusing on defensive driving, safety protocols, and emergency response to minimize the risk of accidents.

b. Surveillance and Security Protocols: Deploy advanced surveillance systems in vehicles and at terminals to deter theft and unauthorized access. Implement stringent security protocols to safeguard clients’ lives and properties.

c. Emergency Response Systems: Develop and implement efficient emergency response systems that include real-time communication channels, geolocation tracking, and coordination with local authorities to ensure a swift and effective response to any unforeseen events.

4. Client Engagement and Satisfaction:

a. Customer Feedback Mechanism: Establish a robust mechanism for collecting customer feedback to continuously improve services based on client preferences and expectations.

b. Technology-driven Customer Support: Integrate technology for efficient and responsive customer support, including chatbots, online ticketing systems, and dedicated helplines.

c. Customized Solutions for Businesses: Work closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and offer customized technological solutions that add value to their operations.

In conclusion, PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES envisions a future where operational excellence, technological innovation, and unwavering commitment to safety and security converge to create a transportation service that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clients. Through a holistic approach encompassing updated systems, rigorous safety measures, and client-centric solutions, PATILAD TRANSPORT SERVICES aims to solidify its position as a leader in the Nigerian transportation industry, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of its clients.

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The values ​​that inspire us are:


We will identify and monitor our processes and quality of service delivery, to ensure that we maintain our commitment to deliver top-notch services at all times.


We will consistently encourage everyone’s participation to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.


We are committed to continuous improvement, looking for creative and efficient solutions that guarantee the sustainability of the company.


We will show empathy by always putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes.


We will be committed to the social development of our society, giving back to where we have received it.


We offer our services with the highest level of integrity, fairness, and transparency; in professional and personal relationships.


SERVICES of Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria


We will offer our services to commuters (both individuals and corporates), with mastery in care and service, providing comfort and security.


We will offer technological solutions and implementation of customized systems, which help optimize our services to small and large companies.


We will also offer the transportation of goods within and outside cities, becoming a go-to logistics solution for our clients. We have team members who have extensive experience in the area of ​​cargo transportation, as well as vehicles and systems to ensure fast and safe delivery.


We will also offer our services to providers of local tours, and make partnership deals with tour companies, making us the go-to company for rides and transportation. We have the personnel and vehicles that will make each trip an unforgettable moment for tourists.

The benefits of our products and services include:

  • Our system automates the dispatcher’s tasks and controls the movement of cargo.
  • The automation of our transport logistics provides our clients with access to information in real time, being first hand monitors to all movements that are taking place at any given time.
  • Small and medium business do not have to spend so much time and resources in planning deliverables and goods.
  • Commuters can enjoy smooth rides with air conditions and cushion-like chairs within and out of cities.

The business meets a need and demand for:

  • Fast delivery of goods and parcels.
  • Convenient and safe commuting
  • Real-time tracking of commuters and parcels
  • Transportation management system that simplifies the complexity for business owners.

This business started as a response to the growing demand of transportation in the county, this, as a result of a fast population growth. PATILAD Transport Services is not limited to the conventional transport services, we are integrating tech solutions for more efficiency.

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Objective of PATILAD Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

  • To provide excellent and quality care parcel and goods’ transport services that fully meet the needs of our customers, generating trust and guaranteeing security, speed and coverage throughout the entire nation.
  • To receive, collect, send and / or distribute parcels both intra-city and inter-city.
  • To plan, organize, distribute and control, through the different offices and concessionaires, the deliveries of the goods from the issuing entities to the receiving entities.
  • To establish control policies for our transportation services based on the traffic and transportation laws that enables us to fully comply with the government’s safety regulations.
  • To constantly train our staff on services improvement, as well as keeping them abreast of latest trends in the industry.
  • To design, apply and keep updated the procedures and resources in order to generate maximum efficiency, speed and transparency to the different services offered by the company.
  • To provide customer service attention to our clients, providing timely and accurate answers about possible eventualities and claims that may arise in the cause of their commuting and distribution of their merchandise.

 Goal for the PATILAD Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria 

– To offer smooth and safe transportation to commuters within and outside cities in Nigeria.

– To offer secured and affordable freight services to small and medium businesses, helping them achieve more efficiency and higher turnover.

Vision for the PATILAD Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Our vision is to be leaders and recognized in the industry as a company that transports people and cargo, and leasing of vehicles nationwide.

Mission for the PATILAD Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Our mission is to provide and guarantee a safe and excellent Transport Service to our customers, based on a state-of-the-art fleet management and control system in the service of local transport, tourism, cargo transportation, and vehicle rentals.

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

Management Team of the PATILAD Transport Service Business Plan in Nigeria

ChidiOkafor–He is a graduate of Operations Management from a top European university. Also went further in obtaining his master’s degree in transportation management systems. With more than eight (8) years of experience in the industry, He will be the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

DayoAdetiloye – (B Agric, MBA, and PMP): He has over 12 years’ of experience in the consultancy industry. Also an alumnus of Entreprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan African University (PAU). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with specialization soil science with masters in business administration, and a project management professional. He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner.

Mohammed Gabar– He has over half a decade of experience in web and app development. He will contribute his knowledge, expertise, and experience to the company through the position of Chief Technical Officer.

Ubong Item – Has broad experience in finance and marketing services through his work as a consultant for more than 5 years. Responsible for the financial department while paying close attention to meeting financial milestones.

We bring to the business:

  • Tech solutions in transport management
  • Our knowledge of the local market
  • Experience and dynamism

My Management Experience Gathered for the Transport Service Business plan in Nigeria

My work experience, education, and knowledge of the industry inspired me to add some spices to the transportation industry in Nigeria. The last position I held in my previous company was the thatof the regional manager for the entire South East of the country. The work was tedious, but it also exposed me to the high level of commuting that happens in that region. The major element I saw that was lacking in various transport companies was their poor integration of tech solutions. As well known, it is more difficult for big companies to adopt changes than for small startups who are more likely to be agile.

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Buses/Coaches: Depending on the scale of your transport service, you may need buses or coaches. Consider factors such as passenger capacity, fuel efficiency, and maintenance costs.

Mini-buses/Minivans: For smaller routes or more personalized services, minivans can be a suitable option.

Cars/Taxis: If you plan to offer point-to-point services or airport transfers, having a fleet of cars or taxis might be essential.

(Electrical systems, Fittings and equipment (including mirrors, safety belts etc), Braking system, Wheels (including tyre condition), Suspension and undercarriage, The engine, Exhaust system),  Computers: laptops, printers, Computer Software, tracking devices Motorcycles.

Office: furniture, Telephone Systems, Internet Connection, Stationery, Office Waste and Recycling Tools.



People buy from us because of the following reasons:

  • Our easy-to-use and well-designed platform
  • Our automated management system
  • Real-time customer service


Our major competitive advantages are:

  • Automation
  • Quality of Vehicles
  • Quality of Drivers

Our Competitors Are

  1. God is Good (GIG).
  2. Cross country
  3. ABC Transport.


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