Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

It is one thing to start a business and another thing to keep it afloat. The sole purpose of setting up a business is to actualize profit which won’t be possible without generating a good customer base.

One of the proven ways to ensure a business grows and produces maximum output is by taking the business online.

If you are looking for ways to promote your business online for free, this guide will help.

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

1. Local Listing Services

One way to put your business on the faces of people in various places at the same time in order to grow the business is by registering it on a google platform called “Google Places”.

This enables your business name and details to pop up on google maps and among the list of businesses whenever a search is made on the search engine.

It is quite easy to set up with its less complex registration process. The process includes filling out a form required and then getting the business verified using the confirmation process by choosing either an email or mobile number to get a verification code.

The benefit of using this method is the wide range of publicity in the sense that a countless number of people who use the google search engine would easily get conversant with the business besides the fact that the process is free.

2. Social Media

Besides the various fun benefits of social media like chatting, video calling, and meeting new people, social media can also be a very useful tool to promote your business online free of charge.

The high number of social media users and the traffic it generates on a daily basis makes it a viable tool for taking a business to a higher level in terms of growing a customer base.

Facebook for instance is a platform that one can set up a page for the business, link it to other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of them.

Build a fan base or customer base by creating posts about the business and getting the attention of viewers on the various social media platforms linked to the business.

By doing so, the business would be made known to a lot of people on those social media platforms and that is a great way to promote the business.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another viable means of promoting your business online free. When a business is promoted through blogging, it not only publicizes the name of the company and what it is about but it also creates an avenue for the business to connect with its customers better.

Having a business blog is great in the sense that it keeps the customers engaged regularly on the blog thereby making them aware of any product or services available in stock.

As long as the blog is updated with new posts or items regularly, it would keep the business active online which would help save it from getting dormant or inactive.

If you wish to start a blog, here is a detailed guide on how to start a blog.

4. Youtube

Having a Youtube channel is another creative way to promote your business online for free. The rate of active participation of people all over the world on Youtube cannot be overemphasized because it has gone way above expectations and that makes it a very good platform to promote any business.

Creating promotional videos about the business and putting them up on Youtube is the best way to get your business known and build a customer base that cuts across a large population.

The most important key to actually making this work is putting up creative promotional videos that would capture the attention of viewers and also making sure that posts are made regularly to keep the channel active.

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

5. Website

Creating a great business website is also useful to promote your business online because it enables you to connect with your customers and also keeps them updated on the latest happenings in regards to your products and services.

It is also important to implement the search engine optimization function. This enables your web site to join the listings on search engines such that when people search on google or any search engine, your business website pops up along with details of your business and how it can be contacted.

This singular act makes your business appear more legitimate and well organized thereby promoting your business name.

6. Press Release

Just as rumors or breaking news get the attention of the public, so also a good statement or release about your business would capture the attention of people.

This is a very strong tool and can put your business on the minds and lips of a huge number of people.

Creating publications about giveaways, promos, etc would capture the minds of people and make your business known which would promote the image of the business.

Websites like 24/7 Press Release and a host of others can make this possible for the business owner.

7. Forum or Community

Joining a community or forum like Nairaland, Quora, etc, is also another way to promote your business especially on social media platforms.

A lot of groups, forums, and communities are set up every day on social media platforms and they have a good number of active participants on them.

Joining these platforms is one thing but actually participating actively is what makes it useful. Contributing to such groups and also staying active would make it easier for members to respond to whatever posts you make on them.

Your business can be talked about on such platforms and this would help promote your business because the members have the ability to talk about it to other people outside the forum, besides the fact that the huge number of people in the forum is already a plus.

8. Free Email Marketing Services

There are websites that give out free emails when you sign up with them. This is a very useful means of reaching a huge number of people about your business on a large scale.

Companies like MailChimp give up to 12,000 free emails for a month meaning if you sign up with them, you can actually get such free email benefits and reach up to 12,000 people about your business. That’s a huge step and a good number of people to reach.

9. Online Community Calendars

Submitting your business information about upcoming events or promos to as many free online community calendars as possible is a great way to make your business known.

This enables you to reach and capture the attention of various people that you won’t have reached on ground.

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Best 10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

10.  Free Text Messaging Services

Free text messaging is also useful because several websites offer such and it can be a very good means to reach a good number of people.

A good number of websites offer certain amounts of free text messages to their subscribers and this window can be exploited to full capacity in promoting your business by composing attractive text messages about your business and sending it to a large number of people.

In conclusion, the importance of promoting a business online cannot be overemphasized because it enables the business owner to reach a wider range of people which guarantees growth in the business.

For business owners who cannot afford the expensive business promotion methods, the above methods would be useful.

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