How To Earn A Living By Making Money On Amazon

How To Earn A Living By Making Money On Amazon

How To Earn A Living By Making Money On Amazon

There are a lot of e-commerce companies online where you can earn money. There are companies like Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, and ClickFunnels that make selling and earnjng online easier. But one of the best ways to make money online is with Amazon. Amazon is a big alternative for people who want to earn from the world of e-commerce. It has increased over the years by 25-31%, and has overtaken Ebay, who only experience growth in single digit.

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites you can find. It sells anything it is you can think of, home gadgets, books, clothing, and many others. Many people only know Amazon as a place they can buy products, but it offers more than that. It also offers different ways to make money.

There are a lot of great methods to make money on Amazon, most of which have been proven and is working entrepreneurs. All you have to do is to be consistent, and once you can get a hold of it, it becomes easier to make money on the platform.

  1. Become an Affiliate

This is a very simple way to make money on Amazon. Becoming an affiliate entails that you recommend products from Amazon to your audience, and you get paid for the referral. If you have a blog or website, you already have an audience, and you can leverage on that. You can get up to 4 or 10% of the product’s price, depending on the product in question. You can become an affiliate on Amazon for any kind of products. All you need is the affiliate link, and once people buy through that link, you get paid for it.

For instance, if you write reviews for books on Amazon, you can include the links, so it is easier for people to go through that link to purchase the product or item. Below are three simple steps to become an Amazon affiliate:

  • Join

Register and join on the Amazon website. You only need one approval to join and you’re good to go.

  • Advertise

Choose from the million products on Amazon and advertise to your audience, whether via your blog site, or a website, or a community.

  • Earn

You can earn up to 10% of the products you advertise, and also products people buy through your affiliate links.

Once you’ve been approved as an affiliate, you can select from the items to advertise and refer to your customers. Your success depends on your ability to create great contents that catches people’s attention, and how much value you say the products will offer. No one wants to buy something that wont add value to them.

  1. Sign up for Amazon Handmade

Handmade is a blessing and an opportunity for artisans to reach a number of customers with their products. Amazon Handmade allows artisans sell their handmade goods online, which can include knitting works, jewelry, or accessories. Amazon does not charge anything to join this program and list your products online, the only fee you pay is 15% referral fee on your total sales.

To become an Amazon handmade seller, you have to fill an application form, where you describe your products, the production process, and the nature of your work. Then if you’re approved, you get a custom URL, and this will be the means through which customers can find your shop.

How To Earn A Living By Making Money On Amazon

  1. Earn through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

This is another way to make money on Amazon. This involves you publishing your digital books on the platform. You publish interesting books in a large volume, as the volume is very important and is the key to publishing on the site. You can also earn through best-sellers, but volume speaks more. You can earn up to 70% on the total sale, and you can as well print hard copies of the books through Amazon’s CreateS pace service.

Publishing your books on KDP requires that youre mentally prepared to defend the book. You should also consider the book cover, end material, and landing page of the book. Once your book is published on Amazon, you can run some Facebook and Instagram ads to give awareness on the book and what it entails. You can also leave the link at the end of your email, so more people can see it.

  1. Sell through Amazon FBA

Signing up for Amazon FBA saves you the stress of worrying about packing, shipping, and customer support. Amazon does all that for you, they care for your products and deliver it to your customers. All you need to do is to send your products to one of Amazon’s fulfilment centers. Customers won’t know if they’re buying directly from Amazon or from an Amazon FBA seller, and this is a plus for you.

You can sell any products through Amazon FBA, but you have to be sure that there’s enough demand for it. You can make use of an Amazon research keyword tool to have an idea of what products people search for the most. You should also take note of Amazon best sellers and most wished for lists, as this will help you know what people want.

Amazon charges you per unit, and this depends on the size and weight of your products. There is no charge for the packaging, shipping, and handling of the products. But you also pay a storage fee if your products are to be kept in Amazon’s fulfilment centers. If you also have products at the centers at the end of the month, you’ll be charged a monthly fee. There is an FBA calculator you can use to see how much you’ll make through Amazon FBA.


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  1. Create a Private Label Brand

What you do as a private label seller is that you order a particular product in bulk from a manufacturer, then you put your logo and brand name on it, then list it on Amazon marketplace. The reason for putting your brand is that you have a full access over your listings, and you can also apply for Amazon Brand Registey to protect your products from counterfeits.

The process is quite straightforward, but it requires a lot of research, time and dedication. You need to have a good logo, brand name, packaging, and trademark for customers to remember you and buy from you. You also have to be sure that you’re purchasing products and items that people need.

  1. Complete Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

This requires that you complete tasks like content moderation, survey participation, and the likes to make money on Amazon. It was one of the mechanisms that Amazon created to reduce time-consuming tasks, and make them into smaller gigs. This program doesn’t pay much, but most of the works can be completed quickly. It allows you to work at your own pace, and you get paid according to the number of works you can complete per time.

How To Earn A Living By Making Money On Amazon

  1. Merch by Amazon

You can make money through Merch on Amazon, if you can make designs on T-shirts and other things. This platform allows you sell your artworks as Amazon items at no cost. Amazon takes responsibility for the packaging, printing, shipping, and customer support of the products. To begin, you open an account through the Merch by Amazon webpage. Then you upload your designs, and set a price for it. You also select a suitable color and write a captivating description for the designs.

Amazon pays you a percentage on every design that is sold, and the payment depends on the total cost of the design and the tax on it, also on the services Anazon provide for you. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a pro in arts and design to earn on Merch. Once you can come up with something, especially through the use of design software like Photoshop and Canva, you can design something that will look good on shirts.

  1. Sell a Professional service on Amazon

Amazon also allows professionals to sell their products on the platform. Whatever you do, maths teacher, guitar teacher, or anything, you can leverage on Amazon to get in touch with people who require your services. There is no monthly subscription, advertising or startup fees, but you need to have a general liability insurance per occurrence.

You also have to pay a revenue share to Amazon. This, however, depends on the nature of the service you render and the price you get from it. This platform is quite easy to ran from once you can pass the business background check during application.

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